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Monday, February 12, 2007

a Thomas Kinkade painting.

this painting by Thomas Kinkade reminds me of my home on the was shaped some thing like didnt have the gingerbread on the porch or the big window on the left .but it was shaped just like it.
to the right behind all the bushs there was a basement stairway.there was a steps that went down from the out side.Dad use to use it to drive his cars on to work under.there was cement sides and the steps down ,worked good to sit on as he worked.there was a wooden door at the bottom.and right inside it was the pump was a smaller room.almost like a long nearrow hall then a room.the pump was at the very back of the room to the left as you came had a sand floor.then there was another door way into a bigger room.this door way had a door to.

this room had a sand floor to.for years it was called the dirt celler.that is where all the veggies were stored for the long cold winters.there had been clean sand and the root crops where layed there to stay cool and fresh.they would put carrots and onions,sqaush ,punpkins,potatoes,cabbage,beets and what ever granny and mom didnt can or get time to do tell we could eat it.the room was used for that use for a long time.

it also was used to hang Dads hides he was drying.he hung them up on the celling to dry tell the time came to sell them to the guy who payed him for the pelts.there would be mink,beaver,muskrats,what ever they were paying for that year.Dad ran a trap line in the swamp on our land.he had traps set all the way through it .he would trap in the winter when the weather wasnt to bad.he would take his sled and walk the trap lines.I never liked the fact he killed animals for a living.but wasnt much I could do.I always felt sorry for the animals.I didnt like to go into the sand room cause Id see their pretty fir hanging and it made me feel bad.and I didnt care for the smell.there was always a funny smell.

the hides are cleaned of any meat and skraped.but still the drying causes a smell not unlike death.but not as bad as if it were let to lay in the Dad would wash them in something that would tan them.but dont remember what.

the next room was the wood stove room.we owned a big "old oak"wood was a massive thing.potbellyed and able to heat the big house with no problems at all.every room toasety warm.right to the you walked out of the sand room the big old oak sat there almost smiling at you.its big pot belly with its grates and door looked like a metal santa.I loved that old stove.the stove pipe went out of its left side and hooked into the chimney that went all the way up through the house to the roof.we had two in the kichen for the little wood stove.and the one in the livingroom for the old oak.there was holes in some of the upstairs rooms for places to put a stove pipe in and another wood stove if needed.but we had them with covers over them cause we never needed to use them.
I liked the covers they had cool pictures on had the picture of a pretty old time home stead.I had that one in my room for a while.I slepted in the brides room.people who stayed there who just got married would sleep in that room.guess you would call it the guest room now.

there where five rooms upstairs.a big stairway coming up and a big hall would turn left at the top of the stairs and go to the briddle was a lovely sunny south facing room with two windows to the south.and along the west wall close to the floor were smaller windows that let in light,but didnt open.they ran along the whole wall.I think there is five.
that room had a secretry in it.that is a dresser like that had rounded glass and shelves and a desk you pull out.I loved it and kept my drawings and journal and keepsakes inside.
the bed was high backed with designs on it,both foot and head.there was a old rocker covered with pretty clothe that sat by the windows.Id rock and look out side and day dreamed.
the wall the wood stove would have been on. was unuseal because it wasnt square it was rounded.there was no corner so it gave the room a femmine look.there were very old pictures on the was a cottage in the woods with flowers and rose arbors and lovely paths of was of three horses that had big scared eyes because to their backs you could see a storm coming,with lighting was a cool picture only I felt sorry for the poor horses for them being so scared.

the little room next to the briddle room was a big closet.there was one small window near the floor for light.but it did little to help cause that room was stocked floor to celling with you name it.over a 100 years of cast offs and treasures no one wanted sitting out but didnt want to through away.picture frames of long gone of lovely unknown places.odd and ends of shelves and things I dont even know what the heck they were.and couldnt see well enough to even guess.I use to hide in that room when kids would come.but no one would find one liked the room cause it was so dark.and just looking in it for a kid would scare didnt me of corse.cause I knew it was safe.but the other kids I would always win cause they couldnt or wouldnt find me.

the next room to it.was another guest room.smaller and plainer.not much in it but a bed and dresser and one window to the north.and two small near the floor for more light.the bed was old and not to ornate.and the dresser small and to this room was the loading room.another big closet tipe room Dad used for his reloading room.he louded his own bullets.and worked on his guns and had his black powder and shot gun shells and other things in and my brother were told to stay out of that room or we could get we stayed clear of it.besides it was locked most of the time.and when it wasnt Dad was in it.

next to that room was the entery to the other side of the house and my mom and Dads bedroom.the door to that room was always shut.cause my room was in the one next to theirs while I was little.moms room was big as the kichen down stairs under it.the room had two big windows one to the south and one to the north.on the picture of the house it is the room above the porch.the briddle room is the one to the left of the porch upstaires.the one next to the porch to the left was grannys bedroom.

my bedroom is small and near the small stairs to the window and the chimney for the down stairs wood stove.the hall is next to my room.and it had a small window.and a sewing michine sat in front of the Dad did leather work.and used the sewing michine.I think at one time it was used by a cobbler,or shoe maker.never did find out who it was.if you look on the picture you will see one window up above where the celler stairs is that is my bedroom.only there should be two room and the hall window.

the stair way was there to.and lead down the kichen.the kichen was big.had to be cause it had many doors in it.the stair door the pantry door as you came down the stairs to your left.and to the right the out side door to the north.and to the right of that door.the livingroom door.there was the sink between those two doors.then to the right of the livingroom door is the door to the basement.then to the right of that door the south door to the out side porch that you see on the picture above.the kichen also has alot of windows.two to the south and two to the north.but they closed one in when they put more shelves only one is left to the north.on the other side of the kichen is the door to a small bathroom that faces east.the only one in the house for had been a bedroom before.very small big window.

to the west was the livingroom and grannys bedroom off that.the livingroom is very big.and has two large windows to the north and two large ones to the west.and the chimeny for the woodstove and a huge garate in the floor for the heat to come up.I use to lay on it and day dream in the winter.grannys room is to the south of the livingroom.its a big room and sunny.with its two big windows to the south and two to the west.the other stair way to the briddle room is in her room.her room had a big spoll bed and it was so comfy.I use to sneek down at night across the dark house to sleep with her after grandpa passed away.cause I knew she didnt like to sleep alone.her room had all kinds of kneck nacks and cool stuff from my greartgrandmas,and aunts and uncles.and a big oval picture of my granny that I loved cause it was of her as a child.Ill put it here one day. well I said all this to say this.

the sand room is where Dad put the turtles.snapping turtles to be persice.and if you know anything about snapping stay as far away form them as you can.they are contankerous to say the lest.and the aint very cute or anything else for that matter!!!.

well this one year times were hard and Dad needed he hear about and new thing people were into.turtle soup and eating turtles. they have 7 kinds of teasting meat on them.they are good to eat.if you know how to clean them.granny made one by frying it once and let me tell you it was darn fine!!only at the time I didnt know it was snapper!!
well one thing we had alot of was swamp land , creeks and little streams on our land.
well unknown to me or my brother {or later Id find out my granny}. my Dad was trapping turtles and putting them in the sand if we had known I wouldnt have done what my father told me to.
one day he felt he should have some fun at my expence.and so he said smokie go down stairs and get me the axe from the pump room.
now I would have to go through the sand room to get to the pump being a good child I went down the stairs to the sand room and wondered why the door was shut.well I opened the door a crack and figured I should turn on the was so dark in there.

I couldnt figure why the other door was
shut out I kicked open the door so I could see to turn on the light and heard a kind of grawl.I looked down instead of reaching in for the light and there in the darkness were eyes and the uglest things I had seen.
I let out a scream and was up those stairs in record time to the sound of halereous Dad was almost rollong on the floor.trying to say did you see them big turtles down there.and where is my axe?I didnt stop to answer I ran to granny in her garden and told her Dad had monsters in the basement. she hadnt known about his last little endiver.she came in to the house and his name was screamed and his turtles were out by the next week.and never came back.

now my father could never figure why I didnt trust him.yah I wonder why!!!he did things all the time.he thought he was being funny and his friends thought it was funny, but not me.some things are funny but some arent.if I hadnt seen those snappers before I walked into that room I could have gotten hurt bad.they latch onto you and its hard to get them to let have to pry their mouth open.and some times you have to kill them to do it. but Dad thought it was funny to send his little girl down to get scared by snapping turtles.

well I have memories of good snapping turtle storys.I would be driving along and see a poor snapper going across the road.and Id stop and get him by the tail and get him off the he wouldnt get run over.I dont know how many I have saved in my life turtles and leather backs,and painted turtles to.I cant stand to come along and see one of them run over and smashed on the road.but the other turtles you can pick up by the shell.the snappers you stay away from their you pick them up by the tail fast and hold them out way way from you and put them down fast and get the heck out of there.cause they dont know your saving them.and they may not thank you if you get my drift?Ill share another story about a turtle later when I get time.

hope you enjoyed this memorie from my past.God bless you and thanks for reading.

all rights resevered for this story and all the others to do with my life.feb 12,2007 PLS.

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Blogger Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for tour of your childhood home. It was delightful. I think it was so nice that your grandma lived with you, and I agree, the snapping turtles should be left in the creeks!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Loved your story, Leann, even though it was really sad. Dads are supposed to protect us from things like that... not throw us into the middle of them and then laugh at our fear. I'm sorry that your dad didn't take care of you like he should have. I'm glad you have a real Father now and that He'll NEVER let you down...

I hope you'll write more stories about your childhood. You remember so much detail! And the way you write... well, it's like sitting down in your kitchen and listening to you over afternoon tea... Delightful. Thanks. Susan.

4:06 AM  

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