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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jesus is the light house for the soul in search of peace

lately I have heard of so much sadness and pain in peoples lives.people are looking for love.they look to other people.they turn to booz or sex or any number of things to fill that empy hole in their heart.but you know only one thing will fill that spot.see it was put there by God in the frist we would look for his plan.He says in his word "for God soooo loved the world He sent His only begotten son,that who so ever believes in Him would have ever lasting life."that empty hole is the shape of Jesus.nothing else will do I know you may ask.well cause I tryed it all and the only thing that fit was didnt, booz didnt, money didnt ,a new man didnt.nothing but Jesus worked.He is the only one who loved me like I wanted to be loved.He is my best friend,my comforter,my councler,my guide,my life and hope my every one can love me like He does.I feel so sorry for people who are out in the dating world and looking for a good man or woman in this genration.with all the free sex and perverted stuff going on now.there is no thought of faithfulness.or sticking to vows or even just going on a normal date.guess I better clear up normal for all the dumb butts out there.A normal date is one man and one woman who want to date and enjoy each other with out getting down and dirty on the first date.or even the second date or even the 25th date.some one who still respects them selves enough to wait for marriage to have sex.that is normal!now I know everyone is saying is this chic nuts or what?!! every one is having sex!!no every one is NOT!!!that is a lie.there are more out there who arent then them that are.the truth is those who have fallen for the lie and did go hog wild soon learned the truth.GILT is no fun.and men do not respect woman who give them what they want right cant have a good relationship with some one you stoled some thing who have sex with a woman before he marrys her ends up the under dog.ya Guys thats stole some thing that wasnt yours to have tell your name was on the line.and the woman shows men say if you love me you will!!I say bull if you loved her you would wait even if she was willing.I know you wont believe me but its true.How do I know ?well I have done it both ways and I know if you wait its better.what is better ?the SEX!!! all this hopping in to bed with every tom dick and herry is foolish and down right stupid. if not darn right lethel.if you are doing every one and they are doing every one sooner or later you get aids.Oh I am smart I use a condum you say.well honey it only takes one little hole to get PG.dont you think the aids bug cant get through to?and honey alot of people get PG using condoms!!there is a plan out there and its this.God has a plan for your life for good and to give you a future and a hope.but there is someone else out there who has a plan for you to and he hates you.and he wants to kill all the good God plans for you.his name is the devil!!!now come on lady are you telling me there is a real devil??you have to be joking!!! no Iam not joking!!!how do I know there is a devil?well cause Jesus said there is and because I use to be one of his best sinners.when Jesus saved me the devil cryed.he lost one of his best hell you can think Iam nuts I dont care.but there is God and there is the a devil.and who do you want on your side?me Ill take Jesus every time!!!like my friend Jesse says "what in hell do you what?the answer nothing!!!hell aint got nothing I want.but Jesus does!!I have a guestion to ask you.if there was a real bad thing coming and it would put you in harms way and you would never get out of it.what would you think of me if I didnt tell?you would say well Id be real mad at you and wonder why you didnt tell me.well there is some thing coming and I will tell you.Jesus is coming ck for his people.its called the rapture.{now there will be some who say that is not true.}well it is and it will happen says in the word that the genration that sees Ieasrl become a nation will see Jesus Ill let you figure it out.Ieasrl became a nation in year before I was I believe I will be alive to see Jesus come to get us.He said to his followers before he left,"I will come again as I have left.I go to get things ready for my fathers house are many homes or manions,if it were not so I would tell I know some will say oh there is no Jesus.but it doesnt matter what they say.every one thought that the earth was flat for years too but it didnt stop it from being round!!and besides it tells you in the bible its round. 1st and second thessaloneons tells you about the doesnt say rapture it says chatching away.but means the you need to be do you get do it Gods way.He sent Jesus to die for your sins.and we all have sinned! yes all of us.says so in the word."all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.what that means is we dont fit up to His standerds.He is a Holy God and cant look on sin.but He loves you and wants you with Him when you leave here .so He sent Jesus to die and pay te price for your sins.cause God knew you couldnt do it for your self.that is what he showed us in the old He made a {new} one .testement or covent.with out the sheding of blood there is no redemtion of its Jesus sinless blood that was shed to pay the price for your animals blood could do only worked for one year and then the people had to go do it again.but when Jesus shed His it was finished.once and for all.that is why the you can have the garden back and walk and talk to God through what Jesus did.its like you were guity of killing and stealing and all kinds of stuff.and you are in court and the judge is just about to say your guilty and sentince you to death.when in walks this stranger and talks to the judge.the judge looks over at you and says your cant believe your know darn well you should be frying for this cause your guitly.but here they take this stranger in cuffs and set you say to some one what the heck just happened?they say Jesus took the rap for you!! well thats as best as I can tell you.the time is short and you need to think about what I have need to make a choice.Heaven or Hell,Jesus or the even if you dont deside you still have made a choice.cause you are eather with the Lord or the devil.there is only two sheep folds.{those who belong to Jesus and those who dont yet.get in the right sheep fold.{Jesus forgive me a sinner,come into my life and be my savoir and the Lord of my me live for you and serve you all the days of my life and take me home to heaven with you when I leave here.amen.}that is a prayer you can say and He will hear you and do the rest.get a bible and read it.John is a good book to begin in .its Gods love letters to us.if you need Peace He is the only one who has it.God bless you and thanks for reading.hope it helps you to deside,we only have a short time.some will die before morning.some may not see next dont put this off.your soul is at will live forever some place make it the right place tonight.tell me if you said this prayer Id love to hear and be able to rejoyce with all of heaven that another soul made it. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Blondie said...

AMEN! I read this when you posted, but forgot to tell you that you are an inspiration to us all. Take care and God Bless!

2:52 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks blondie always good to hear from you

11:16 AM  

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