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Sunday, July 02, 2006


PSALM 136;1 ('O GIVE THANKS UNTO THE LORD;FOR HE IS GOOD;FOR HIS MERCY ENDURETH FOR EVER.'')this great lady the USA will again be one nation under God and be proud to say it.their are a few voices now who are riseing up out of the shadows where God was teaching them.and together the believers will do and pray Gods perfect will upon the face of this whole says in the word of God when the enemy comes in.the lord will raise up like a flood against him.( this IS my way of saying it.)THIS COUNTRY IS IN HER FINEST HOUR.SHE HAS A TRUE MAN OF GOD IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND HE PRAYS PLUS HE HAS ALL OF THE CHILDERN OF GOD PRAYING FOR HIM.YOU SAY HOW DO I KNOW PRESIDENT BUSH IS GODS MAN FOR THE HOUR?because all you need to do is see all the slack he has been you think the man would get slack if he were not working for God.just look at the last one in office the medea almost cannised him and made him a saint.bush walks in saying he is a christain they almost tar and feather him.I rest my case.the devil helps his own.clinton was a dirty smog on the USA.but it wasnt long before his sin found him out.Iam not saying bush is perfect only saved.and he may do some things I would not saying some other religans are peaseful.but he is a man and men make mistakes trying to do what is right.people who do not believe in God do not want His rules.that way they can do their own thing.that is how you vote.if a man or woman votes Gods way then you vote for him or her.but if they dont you dont give them your you can be sure this voting season there will be some flat face liers running for office and she will try to use faith and what they think we want to hear.dont vote unless you know for sure.God will tell who to vote for if you pray and ask him.he did it for me.he had me vote for reagin and I had wanted to vote for the other one.but the one needed got the job if you need help ask God he knows who will bring this country to where he wants it.he needed to show the world the differance between a Godly man and one who wasnt.bush told the truth about his booz problem but clinton lied about by their fruits you will know them.why is this world in war?so that it can spead the gospal of Jesus so that all men are free to deside if they believe or not .we dont have to kill off those who dont believe in Jesus.we tell them and let them deside for themselves.what moslem country does that?they were going to put a man to death not long ago cause he had become a you may ask way are they so scared of Jesus and the word of God?they aint the devil you see who is behind this.we arent killing off those who believe in mohanid.they live here and are free to believe in what and who they want.some people still believe the world is flat to but its not true.cliton still believes what he did wasnt sex .so you see people believe here what they want.they are free one comes storming down their door saying you cant believe this or that.but they have the right to hear the truth.that is if it is the truth.there are liers out there.we are coming to a time even in the USA that if you say the truth about Jesus you will get in deep I speak now while the light is able to be seen.this is still the home of the free and home of the brave.the 10 forty window is the devils last stand.its the nations where you can live your whole lives with out hearing the name of Jesus.if you look on a glob and check the perales you while see where I mean.there is only one more peoples to reach with the gospal before Jesus returns.Jesus said 2000 years ago.THIS GOSPAL WILL BE PREACHED TO THE WHOLE WORLD AND THEN THE END WILL COME.rightnow the good news is going almost all over the world .and souls are coming in by the millions.this is the greatest havest this world has ever seen. it will only be small looking to the ones coming in ,in the teribulation you are looking down the barral of the last days.I could go on and prove it more but I will let this sink in do I know any of this? I read the bible.I liston and I pray.I ask the Lord to show me.and in the years I been walking with Him he has shown me.HE IS COMING TO GET US AND IT AINT LONG.SO BE READY.DONT BE LEFT BEHIND.DONT BE LIKE THE bIG BIRD WHO STICKS HIS HEAD IN A HOLE CAUSE he DONT WANT TO FACE LIFE.BE REPONCABLE FOR YOUR SOUL.DONT LET YOUR SOUL BE LOST CAUSE YOUR NOT SURE.SEEK OUT THE TRUTH.) are just a few web sites that can help if you need help.some will even send you books to help you find the truth in your own home in your own bible.oh and so you are not confused the bible is the word of God.any christain bible book store in the country will have bibles.if your not in the USA then get in touch with one of the web sites I just gave you and you will be able to get info on how to get one.and some places even send you a free please do not be misinformed check it out for your self.Gods love to you on this 4th of july.leann..


Blogger Anna said...

Well put, couldn't have said it better if I tried...

8:01 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for the comment.short and sweet thats the way to go.leann

5:24 PM  

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