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Thursday, February 01, 2007

we are in for coooold weather.

the weather man says cold air is on the way.I headed out early to Anna,s.her hubby was going to help me with my homestead I fired up the van and took off.stopped and picked up some breakfast for us. and I enjoyed the drive .the snow cover sparkled in the bright looked like dimonds laying on the snow.the sky was clear for once, and it was a nice day for a I came closer to Anna,s I seen a new deer kill.and on it were some crows and one big eagle.he sat there eating and ripping meat off.I sat back to watch him a while.he was taller then I would have thought.when you see them fly they look big.but when you see them standing on the ground you can see how big they really are.but I had to go or the food would get I moved ahead slowly.he finely flew off over me ,and over by the tree,s.there were two more waiting to eat.they made their sound they was only the third time I have heard it in the wild.wish I had more time to take pictures . I hoped Id have more on the way home.when I got to Anna,s we had our food.Eric did the taxes and we talked. I wasnt able to stay long cause Jake had a game later.his rist is better and the cast is was funny when he got the cast off.he said it sinks grandma.but it didnt stop him from keeping it.I dont think it was the cast so much as the girls names written on thinks there is a girl on there he likes,what about you?well all too soon it was time to go.I needed to stop at the store before I went home.desided to get some food before the real cold stuff pulls in.that way Ill be nice and warm insided when it shows up.
as I pulled over the hill and came down in the little valley the eagle was back eating again.I pulled up slow and took pic,s.
he sat there not paying any attention to me.but the pic,s were pretty far so hope they turn out.he was srounded with crows.but he didnt pay them any mind.the other eagles were no where to be seen.I moved slowly closer but he flew I followed and he landed in a tree down the road alittle.
I pulled up as close as I was able not to scare him out slowly and took his picture.but he was spooked and off he went back to the lunch he had been I turned back to get in the car I seen one other one off by the woods.he was making his little giggle sound as the crows were hounding him.
crows are so dumb,they bug the eagles and dive bomb them and follow them.its funny to watch.its like little kids after a big guy.they act like they can do harm to the guy .but if he wanted he could yell and they would all run off giggling.
The eagle just
pays them no attention as he flys.I took some more pic,s and watched for a while.but it was cold so I figured I better get moving.Id get the food and head home.
I picked up some roses for myself.they were so pretty.and smell soooo good.I love roses and sence I have no one to get them for me anymore.I figure Ill do it myself.
I sat them on the table and their fragance fills the whole apartment.Ill leave them like they are for a few days then hang them to dry.
I checked the messages and hubby had I didnt know why and wondered if I should call him back.there was no message just the number on the I desided I better call and find out if it was some thing inportant.
I got him on the phone and asked what he wanted.but wasnt too long and I wished I had let it go.the more I talk to him the more I see its not going to work.
the other night as I watched christain TV and prayed with them.I lifted everyone in prayer.and my heart goes out to hubby.cause I know he is having a hard time.but when I told him about the word of knowlage for healing he just brushes it off.he is hard to talk to.he gets mean about it and acts like he is the only one who knows all the answers.I dont know all the answers.I only know what the Lord has helped me with and how!
I finely just got off the phone it gets too hard to deal with.I care for him but when someone will not liston its best to just let it be.he was complaining about having to pay the bills off.I said if you had done as they wanted you to.and sign up for SSI you would have had help! but he now he cant get the help he really needs.and who knows what will happen.
Please keep him in your prayes.his family to cause he will be going home to live with them.and his mom is scared.and rightfully so.all I know is I believe some how the Lord will help him to get back on his feet.
see he will not addmit he has a problem.he says if he does, its like saying he is mentally its saying I need help.we dont deny we have problems,we deny their right to be there.
In Isaiah 53,5 it says we were healed 2000 years we are already healed cause the word says so.but some times we have to go throught the steps to get healed.
Hubby says there isnt anything wrong with its like me finding out I had cancer and saying. I dont have cancer!! see I knew there was some thing wrong just didnt know what.I went in and they said I had fibroyed if I had said "I dont have tumers" and stayed home.I would never have found out they were cancer.and I would have died at home not knowing.
that is what Hubby is doing.he is cuting off the safe grad the Lord put there to help people.the doctors and people who can tell you what the problem is.but hubby says well the Lord has to heal me this other words "hubbys way and time ."well the Lord dont take orders from anyone.He hears prayers but He also has a plan that we cant see.
the Lord could have healed me without going to the doc in the first place if He had choose to.but he didnt.He sent me to the doc.and those doctors learned how God works.the nurces who cared for me learned how God heals.the cleaning staff learned about Jesus.the year I had to deal with them they heard about Jesus.they will remember the lady who trusted in Jesus and doctor had two of us Jesus followers that year.his first! now do you see Gods plan?
He didnt send the cancer on me ,the enemy did! but God used what the enemy ment for evil,God turned it to good by touching others.
No I sure didnt enjoy cancer!!! it was no fun.but praise the Lord He used it to reach out to others through my testimomy.and I prayed every day that God would touch others through me.and he did.
It breaks my heart when people lie about my Jesus.they say things that arent true.becuase He is my best friend.He died for me and went through all He did on that mean treeto save me.He is more real to me then some people I know.
a few days ago I ran across one of those blogs that just make me wish you could pray and a little flash of lighting would hit and it would disapear forever! but it doesnt happen that way.
this blog is full of waco,s.ex pasters and people who never met Jesus at all and just want to blow hot air and point blake lie!mostly I just push the botten and move on.but the Lord wouldnt let me! so I stopped and left what the Lord layed on my never know if you will save a fool from hell with some thing the Lord says through you.
well a day or so later I desided Id stop back to see if they commmented .yes they did and it was as I figured.who ever it was said they had checked my blog and cause I put down some movies I liked and some music I use to liston to they didnt think they would liston to me that I needed help.I laughted out loud.I knew then that the Lord had alot of work on this waco banana.the Lord said you let me deal with did as you were told.
but its hard to know someone may end in a place with a very hoooot climit if some thing isnt done.but as the Lord says you cant force people to believe.and if you tell them and they refuse its not on your neck anymore.Ill pray for them but its not my job to save them.that belongs to the Holy Spirit.and let me tell you if you have the hound of heaven on your tail.then baby you may just as well give up now.cause He will not let up tell you eather recieve Him or die in your sins.I know cause He was on my trail and I felt His breath on my neck for 19 years.
He always gets His man or woman.
well have a nice day.and hope everyone is well and all is good at your home.God bless you and reveal Himself more and more to you.thanks for reading. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ I loved all your photos,
thanks for sharing them with us.
Some people need help, but are too
proud to take it. You did your best.
Thank you for your comments and good wishes. I am Ok again, just a small hiccup. I had breast cancer 28 years
ago had had a mastectomy. I didn't know that you had also had cancer. It
makes you appreciate the gifts in life. Take care, Love, Merle.

4:46 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

Great Post! I am with Merle I loved all your photos and I definitely have some reading to catch up on... I know you are trying your best with your hubby and all the other people you reach out to help. God will richly bless you and already has in many ways. Take care. I put a few things on my blog finally.

7:30 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stoping dear merle and blondie.thanks for your kind words.God bless you you both.

10:50 AM  

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