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Sunday, September 24, 2006

did you know that some of Gods creatures mate for life with just one mate?did you know that they stay alone sometimes if they lose that mate?life is never easy but it can be alot better with the one God put you with.he knows the kind of person that is right for days people just go with anyone.but God has one person just for you.but he will wait for you to ask him to show who.and one thing to know is he will not send you someone if you are already married.God doesn,t work that way.some people act like God isn,t following his own rules.well he does!!he loves us and will not hurt anyone else to make you happy.I know a person who was unhapppy in their relationship.and someone payed them a little attention and soon the person left the one they were with and went off with the there were kids invalved and it messed up a whole the two who went off together figure everyone else has to just get over it.well it doesn,t work that way.there are hurts and pain and problems that will go on for a long time from this.and like most things that start out wrong it will not be a happyly ever after.when you add sin to the mix you soon have a bigger problem.a year went by and the two felt so much gilt for their stuid act that their relationship soon ended.and they were alone wondering what the heck happened.but then there were more problems.they were alone and the people they had loved moved on and the kids were doing their own thing and making the same mistakes.but the worst was the person finely realized they had really loved the one they had left and that person had really loved can be so sad when people don,t listen to God and not fall into lies and sin.Gods plan is for familys to be together.and he will help you build a strong love and strong family {if} you will let him.but if you choose to go the way of sin you will have a big it or not that is true.if animals and birds have enough brains to mate for life, then don,t you think we should be wise enough to do the same?and no I do not believe you should stay with a abusive person or drunk.but if you have a good mate stick with them and ask God to bring the love back that was there to begin with.marrage isn,t easy but it can be better with Gods is fulled with object leasons all around us.we would be wise to learn by them. Posted by Picasa


Blogger cheated are the clouds said...

Very wise Leann, as God has given me a women who has been my wife for 28 years this year,we have had so many ups and downs and I lost her for two years but God never let either one of us want to move on, and soon we realized we were meant to be as one and we are, I love her so much as we have forgiven each other and we are so happy now, not perfect but we can work with that, so sad when families break up, I left you a comment on your previous blog, thank you so much, and every day we need to learn to lean on God to guide us. Hard lessons in life are endured when we don't.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

glad clouds you ran across my blog.I will keep you in my glad you and your wife are together,may God bless you leaan.

11:43 AM  

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