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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Em and sarbears new kittys.can,t remember their names.but aren,t they cute?they weren,t scared of us when we sat on the porch and talked to the girls.we when to visit the family on wednesday and stayed over.nice to see them and be able to see the fall colors.the girls were busy with their school work.and we had fun just being with them.winter will be coming soon so I wanted to go and visit before the snow flys.thanks kruze and girls for the nice time.we would like to come you all.we tired to see Luzy to but she was busy.maybe some other time she will find the time.kruze lit the wood stove and it was so comfy.almost fell asleep sitting there. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Leann said...


1:26 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

AWWWW, nice cute kitties and sounds like a nice time for all.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Lucy Kruze said...

I have had enough I do not care to speak to you stay off my website and out of my life.I have made mistakes in my life and made descisions and choices that I am not proud of but one thing that I can always hold on to is that I have never made my children feel like they are nothing to me, I have never made them feel completely alone and isolated , congratulations to you for your winning round of Tough Love I have nothing left for you you've toughened me up very well ...

9:42 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

luzy this is what you been waiting for all along.I tryed to get in touch with you for a long time and when we were down there you wouldnt talk when I asked to talk with you.we were going to stop at your place.but you were too busy.the truth is your conscience is what is getting you.and thats ok then you will care what the right one sees.cause it don,t matter what I think or what anyone else sees.but it is very important what God sees.the truth is you have done things to your kids and you don,t even see it yet.see I listened to them cry and feel you see none of us is perfect.your old enough to make mistakes and you are old enough to stop acting like your the one who is inocent.the phone works both ways and the answering machine to.lets just hope your toughness doesnt tough you right into hell!!you have your fan club now but that has a way of going fast.this world is a funny place.when your up and interesting all are there to watch but when you are down and wondering what the heck is going on you are alone.we are in a time now when we need to be ready.but since you care little about that I will still pray for you and hope that does matter to you before its too late.hope this was worth the mess that has been caused by it.cause if it isn,t that is real sad.but the full extent of the harm will not be seen for along time.Ill stay off your blog its little too fony for me anyway.if I hadnt seen the pic of you I would never have known it was you.if the rest knew it, would they see you so interesting?and men are pretty much alike you will learn that sooner or took me years but I have finely learned.and they all have their own problems.some more then is short and I for one live it as best I can with the Lords help.yes I make big mistakes.and I need the Lords help every day.some place along the line I didn,t do something right and ended up with a daughter who figured it was ok to cheat on the person she had no reason to cheat on.that will be my down fall for a long time.and yes I did try every thing to stop you from doing something so cheap and unfair.but you are one who if you want something you will do what ever you can to get it.and that may be my fault to cause I didn,t see it in you and do something about for that Iam sorry.I may have saved you all this mess.but I didn,t think you would do something you hated in others and said you would never do!!but some times we see the junk in others cause we have the potiental in our own for failing you where I did Iam sorry but I did try.Ill keep your wishes.your free to do as you please and Ill let it go.but you didn,t win anything nore did I.hope you are smart enough to know that.sorry I don,t know how to get across to you what you needed to make wise chooses.but now you have the chance with your kids.time will tell if you did any better.hope you do better then me cause it does matter.and no dam man is worth loseing your kids or your family.the only one I know who is worth losing all for is Jesus.and he works to get things back where they belong.the truth is I wonder if the good people in that area would use a construction company who has a wife stealer working with them?don,t know too many men who would trust him in their homes.and to think about it would I trust my heart to a man who did it?no do not think so cause if he did it once he may just do it again.guess this is the one who needs to see the truth to.he is pretty naive and you arent the only one who needs to wake up and smell the roses.and no things will not be all don,t welcome someone who ripped your family apart.dream on turkey.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

hi blondie yes they are cute little was a nice time but its hard to see a family going though things they didn,t have to.just because of selfishness and self centeredness.

7:48 AM  

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