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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hubby and I want to get a RV or camper so we can go away on the costs so much to go to would be nice to just have something to hitch to the back of something and go.we found this camp site on an addventure.just on the other side of the trees is the water.I use to go all the time to cabins or just go to a motel or some place to get away and get refreshed but its been a while sence I could go for a long time and stay.with two of us now its harder to do.takes more money and food.I went up to my mom,s little camper about 11 years ago and just stayed for a week.I only had very little money and took only a little food.dryed soup mix and lunch meat and oreo cookies for snack.I went out to eat only once and once more when my mom and our friend came up to see me.this trip was a God send.I seen geese and deer.and a bear visited me late one night and sniffed though the open camper window,it woke me out of a sound sleep and made me deside to shut the window alittle more!!! it was a time alone with the Lord.I spent alot of time asking the Lord for wisdom and found out alot of things in the word.every day was a blessing.early one morning I heard the canadian geese and I ran out to see a V of them fly over the camp early morning a little red squirrel woke me up.he desided it was soooo much fun to climb up the tree next to the camper and just down and hear the loud sound it he did it three times.well I desided I didn,t like the loud sound,so I waited tell he came up on the camper and I hit the camper as hard as I could.and he did one of those running in 10 directions at once before he lite out across the woods at a high rit of speed never to be heard form again.I lay there and Laughed to my self.then I felt bad cause I thought what if he was a old squirrel and he had a heart attack?I felt sorry all day.but he did try it once more the next day,and I wasn,t sorry when I scared him off again.4;oo in the morning is too early for the early evening a quail would come along the camper and look in the window to see if I was watching for her.she wasn,t at all afraid. she would eat the bugs and scratch the leaves and eat what she found.she came every night but the last night,but I may have missed her cause I had taken a ride and came back late.I sat along the lake and drew pic,s of the place ,s I sat in my journal.and I just enjoyed my self sooo much.wish I could do that again some,s camper isn,t much good any more so can,t do that.and we are trying to sell the land its on.its not by the water and althow its pretty there its not the same without mom and Dad to go there with we would like to get some land by the lake or river some place.Lord willing that will come to pass some day soon while we can all enjoy it yet.when Dad was still here we all would go up there.but when he went home to be with Jesus we all lost the feel to go up ther much.we never went all together after that.but my last trip up there will stay with me was only a short time before I got cancer.and the memories of that time got me through to be able to travel again when the Lord healed me.then He sent hubby along and we traveled all over for a while.tell the mess with his mind started.and money got we wait on the Lord cause He promised we would travel again.well I could use it.hope this story of my trip in the fall to the little hen {that is what I call mom,s little camper} fills you with the wonder of being able to get away and get refreshed.hope you take the time to enjoy some thing you don,t normally will give you a new out look.God bless you all and pray the Lord will give me and hubby a way to get away for a few days.we both need a refreshing and time alone with the Lord. Posted by Picasa


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