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Saturday, January 27, 2007

as I was checking some old pics for something a friend asked me to do. I ran across this picture of my I desided to put it on here so you could see it.we had only started it and I cant remember who took the had to have been some one out side the family.cause my family didnt take pictures unless there was a good reason.and Im sure this wasnt may have been my great uncel Bernums daughter who did.she was a sweet lady and liked to make kids feel important.anyway my other uncle Arnold on my grannys side helped us do the tree house.he helped lift the planks and the canvess for the roof and then we did the rest.we nailed the planks and hung the canvess and before long we had a nice treehouse.even had a can see the plank above my head where it would be once we got it all done.Im the one with the mushmouse hair cut.and the little boy is my cousin herold,and to my side laughing is my cousin sue.they were alittle hard to take.say maybe it was my uncle len who took the picture.any way this picture was taken the day my uncle Arney had helped me get the planks and canvess up in to the I remember Lenurd and his kids had come to visit.and we were just about to eat so he took the picture and we went to eat.wish I had one of the finished tree house but I dont.any way there was a plank floor upstairs,and canvess roof.and a small first floor were you could set and not be seen.Id sit there and dream for one could see me from the ground.and the birds counldnt see me from the I would watch them.they would feel something was there and look but they couldnt see was great.Id get up in the upstairs and watch the yard.I could see my mom hanging clothes on the clothes line.or granny going out to feed the chickens in the old pig barn.or my Dad getting ready to go cut hay.Id watch the driveway to see if someone was coming.or Id lay and just day dream alot about day dreams were far better then what really went on in my life.any way the treehouse was my place.I remember before we got the canvess up.I could lay on the upstairs floor and look out at the sky.Id lay there looking at the clouds.I would see what shapes or animals I could see in them.I loved that old maple tree.and at the time I felt it loved me to.I know that sounds dumb.but you know I believe that tree grow for the little girl who would play there.see my great grandpa planted those trees and Im sure he thought some day one of his grandkids would love that old tree.and you know she did.those days on the farm when times were still good, were the best times of my life.I had a wonderful time running the meadows and fields,down by the creek or little lake.climbing trees or just walking down to get the cows ,with the dogs by my side.the dogs would go all by them selves if told to.but I liked to be alone and we would go together alot.they would get the cows going to the barn and then we would just follow.the sunsets were always so pretty.the field was to the east and heading back we would face west.the big barn would look dark with the sun going down behind it.I would strain my eyes to see the sun with out looking right in to it.soon it would go down behind the wind break of trees behind the old pig barn.and the cool evening air would sweep could smell the swamp,and the pines.the flowers that were in bloom would be more fragrent in the evening.I would climb up into the hay loaft and lay by the big window and look out across the swamp it was heaven.I would hear the doves cooing high in the rafters.and the cows lowing downstairs.Id hear the calves outside crying for their milk.once in a while one of the farm cats would come and find me and lay down by me on the hay.I would pet her and the purring would almost put me to sleep.more then once I did fall to night my Dad came to find me.and I had fallen tosleep.I remember him yelling are you up there?I said yes I fell to sleep.he said well supper is ready and you better get before the woman put it away.I said Id be right down.I stayed a minute longer to watch the moon come up over the swamp.the fog would raise along the ponds and soon all would be covered up by a blanket of fog.I remember thinking alot of times how blessed I was.and thinking about was a good life there till the hell started.some how the enemy stepped in and riped away the good that God had blessed us with.but the enemy cant steal my memories of the good times.and its these times Ill keep in my heart forever.sin will leave doors open that will give entry to the enemy.I thank God Im learning how to shut doors so he cant!I remember how sweet the swamp smelled in the had a mossy flower smell mixed with beromgrass and clover.and the fog or swamp mist as my Dad called it intencified the smell.the fresh cut hay mingled with the clover and the night air.I just couldnt get enough of the smell.Id breath in and try to save the memorie.guess I knew some how Id need that memorie.the night sky had so many stars.and without 100s of light shineing I could see them so clear.I would sit out on the top of the old truck Dad used to haul the milk to the house.those stars were so bright.but now your real blessed if you can get far enough out in the country to go star many dad blame yard lights now.its almost like being down town.but anyway I remember when a little girl was blessed with the newness of life on a farm way out in Gods country.and those memories are a blessing to me. {I thank you Jesus for the good memories in my me bless others with them.}well everyone thanks for stoping.and I hope you enjoy my ramblings through the past.


Blogger Anna said...

I bet life on the farm was great..I remember when we lived there those coulpe of years in the trailerhouse with Mike. Lucy,James and I always had things to do, build forts, play at the little lake, race through the pines. That place most have been really awesome in its day, back with Granny and when your Grandpa was still alive...
Love you

10:09 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

yes it was a lovely place.wish you could have seen it before the enemy was able to come in and rip it apart.sin can reck more then lives.but glad you were at lest able to see it and enjoy it for your self.I always wished I couild have made better choices so you could have had a real that was there all the you Anna mom.

12:41 PM  

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