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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a day full of Gods blessings.

I desided I had been in the house too long.I also needed to clean off the snow on my I called Anna and said I think I will take a ride to warm up the van,and cheer me up.
so I dressed warm and headed out to the parking lot.the poor van was a big snow drift.its white already, so it looks worse with snow on top.but soon all the snow was off and I was on my way.
it was a lovely mild day.there were clouds left over from the snow storm we had had.the front hadnt moved far enough away to take the clouds with it.
I stopped frist to get some gas.the price is going down 2.09 thats not bad but still little high for my taste.see Im one of those who can remember driving into the gas pump and putting 75 cents in my trail bike and driving all day.but thats a diffirent time and place.
with my tank almost filled I headed out to the west.I called Anna again and asked if she had eaten yet?she said no ,so I said hang on Ill pick up something.I stopping at micky de,s and ordered some double cheese burgers and frys and two chocolate shakes.the smell of the food was making me hungery.I almost had to take a fry.but I was a good girl and waited to eat with Anna.
I enjoy the ride to Anna,s takes me through the hills and wilderness area west of my place.there are always deer and wild life to be seen.every time I go for a ride out there I see something.I drove along enjoying the day and the songs on the cd player.the warmth from the heater and the music was calming away the cabin fever I had felt at the apartment.
As I drove along I had this feeling I was very blessed.I had been down for over a year,but the last few months had been matter what I tryed to do I wasnt able to pull my self out of the feelings.
But today the feelings changed to hope and a new begining.I felt the hope raise up inside of me.I felt the Lord was giving me a fresh new spirit seemed to raise above the feelings that had held me down for months.
Some times you dont know what is the matter,or why you feel like you do.I had all kinds of reasons to feel like crap!!Lord knows I been through the wringer for the last few yeas.but I had been able to lift above the junk before.but this time was diffrent.
If it had to do with mom or the mess with hubby,or the problems with the other part of the family I didnt know!it was just too much for me what ever the problem.I had just carryed too much.
Today that was going to change.I was feeling light at heart and for the frist time in a long there was life after heart ache.
I looked over the beauty of the country side as I thought about the last few years.and to my delight there close to the road was two big eagles and two crows eating from a deer carcas.
I hurryed and turned around just in time to take some nice you know I love to have eagle sitings. they flew up and I thought Id miss getting good shots but as you see the Lord blessed me by keeping them close.
They flew up and came back and landed in the trees.they didnt want to fly too far from their lunch.the crows would not be as scared of a van as the eagles seemed to be.they were big ones.most likey a mother and father.I didnt see any young ones from this year around them.but they dont hang around for long after leaving the nest.
they sat in the trees for a while so I could get the shots I wanted.and I felt very you know how many years I had gone without seeing eagles?well lets just say most of my the last 20 years the sitings have been over 200 by now or more.its as if the Lord is blessing me as never before.on our honeymoon the hubby and I seen so many we lost count.he had never seen a eagle in the wild before him and I got was as if the Lord was saying when you trust me I will give you the desires of your heart.
I sat there looking as the last eagle flew off some where to the east.and I closed the windows and headed to Anna,s just up the road.she and the boys see the eagles fly over their place now and then.
We eat and talked about the sadness in the world.about the poor kids who are taken by waco,s.and about the poor girls who have been killled makes both of us mad.she feels as I do.that the ones doing this stuff should recieve the death cant reform waco,s.only the Lord can.but lock them up and hope before they get fryed that the Lord saves them.but keep them off the streets!!!
then we talked about the eagles and soon it was time for me to go.if I waited tell the boys got home they would want me to stay,and I cant say no to them.I needed to go now before they got home.I hugged Anna and said I love you and she did the same.she said call when you get home.I said I would.
I drove back to the east where the eagles had been, hopeing for another siteing but they were gone.not even the crows were near the dead I just drove along thinking about the day.
there was a semi truck going up the hill way ahead of me.he was going very I just drove long looking for the eagles.soon the truck was right in front of me.and it wasnt just sat there with its lights on.I disided he most not be able to get up the I backed down and took another I looked back he was backing down the if it had been me I would have freaked in that big truck.backing down a big hill with that thing would have given me stress and most likely a good number of new gray hairs!!!
I wondered why in the heck he was backing down?but I figured he most have his reasons.and besides I had never been on this road before. and soon I seen why I was on it.when I had been talking to Anna about those eagles I had thought "Id like to know where they rost! well to my right as I came over a small hill near a farm.there on the top of a small hill on the top of a big dead tree. sat the two eagles rosting for the night.they were all comfey on their own branch.and they had a birds eye view of every thing around them.I wanted to take a picture but knew it wouldnt show up,cause they were too far I just took a mentel picture and thanked the Lord for showing me. the drive home was nice and peaceful.the shadows were laying the way I liked to see them.that time of evening is always so was cloudy yet so there was no sunset pictures to take.I got my stuff out of the van and headed in for the night.
Called Anna and said I was home and told her about where the eagles maybe they can go see was a nice day for a ride.God bless you and thanks for reading.


Blogger Blondie said...

Nice story and I am glad you are feeling better. Take care of yourself and God Bless you and yours!

8:28 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

love you girl thanks for the comments.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

I enjoyed our visit and the lunch you brought to, it was a productive day, I got all my house work done and was even able to have lunch and visit with my mom, couldn't ask for a better day.
This is a true testament to how God blesses you every day, you only need to look, he knows you love your eagles so he showed you several. You do have a new start mom and I beleive this year is going to be a great one.
By the way your blog is doing awesome, keep up the good work..
Love ya

11:14 AM  

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