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Monday, February 26, 2007

fun monday

the pink and blue chair is where I blog. its the one at the far left bottom can just see the dark blue showing under the cover I keep over it.

I can sit and view the window and see the eagles fly over.the storm clouds roll in.the spider lighting flash across the sky.I can see the beauty of fall days on the hills to the west.
watch the sunsets many colors,as the sun goes slowly down.
I have wanted to change the room around many times.but I would lose my window to the I figure I have the best of both worlds here.SO THIS IS WHERE I BLOG.this is my entery for fun monday.

The snow storm moved in and left a fresh 6 inches of the new white cover.all the snow had melted the days we had 40,s and near the new snow covered over the dirty brown grass.the snow is pretty its true.but I would have loved it if the dirty brown grass would have stayed.I hate being in side and not getting out for poor van looks like a big snow bank.its white already so the snow makes it blend right in.
Anna and her hubby are coming to dig it out for me.I thank God for them.I was worryed I wouldnt be able to do it.Im short and the van is thank God for them coming.she is a sweet girl.she offered to do it.but Im sure her hubby will do it with her.they both have helped me so much.dont know what Id do with out them.

lately I been not as strong as I use to be.oh I can still do for my self,but Iam not the pack mule I use to be when younger.guess Iam winding down.but I can still take care of my self.and with the Lords help Ill be able to keep on know what they say the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.well I have the spirit of a 37 years old but the body of a 50 some year I aint as young as I use to be.

I talked to the hubby the other day.we talked about how the family was and how he was.I prayed with him and it was nice to hear he is doing better.o he still has problems with some of the thoughts.but he seems to be getting back on his feet.but then Iam not there so I dont know for sure.Id have to see for know for sure.I prayed the other night for him.just felt I should just spend some time in prayer for him.
what do you do when you dont know what to think or do about something?YOU PRAY!!!
I dont know how this all will play out.I know I care for him and want the best for him.but dont know what else to do but what Iam doing.
we are no longer the two people who were back there in time.we have come along way from there.the feelings are diffrent and the things that once seemed to fit together so well dont anymore.he is busy trying to find his way in his new life.

and me ,Iam trying to go back to being alone again.its not easy to pick up and go on. when you thought you would be with someone forever.only to find your going to have to move on alone.Iam not complaning just stating a fact.

I have good wishs for him.hope he finds what he is looking for.I feel some of his problem was he wasnt happy here.he has his own Idia of how to do things and it didnt fit with what Iam able to do.he is a nice man and he needs some one who is able to be what I cant be.he is skinny and in better shape then me.and he is younger.we had alot in common and enjoyed alot together.our interests were the same.only things that need to be there to hold two people together just arent there.

the last few days I have had alot of eagle or two times one flew over with some thing in its talens.and one flew soo close to the window it surprised me.I wish I had had my camera would have been a great picture.

the snow days were pretty.I sat and watched it snow as I did some reading and cleaned house.I thought we would get more then we did.but its still alot for one storm.there is one place that set a record for 21 inches in one thats alot of snow.I will be glad to get out and take some pictures of the snow cover.maybe tomorow when I get done from the dentist.

well Ill close for today.not much to write today.maybe Ill have some new and interesting things to write tomorow.God bless.

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Blogger it's the little things... said...

I love this post, Leann. You seem to be such a sweet lady, and handle life with such grace.
Things don't seem to turn out the way we think they should.
The beauty is in the way we handle the differences, and you seem to do a fine job.

7:30 PM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful blogging spot with us. Your view looks fantastic!
New snow cover makes everything look so pristine. We got a bunch the past few days too. I am glad to hear you had a chance to talk and pray with hubby. Just keep on keeping on. Prayer alwasy helps.
Good luck with your dental appointment.

7:31 PM  
Blogger The very nice man said...

Well, thank you so much for taking thate beautiful picture! So next time you write, I can envisage you sitting there!
Who are those beautiful people in the pictures on the wall behind the sofa?
Oooh, and I like the eagles and the butterflies on the wall!
God bless!!

2:39 AM  
Blogger Gene Bach said...

Hey there. Found your place via a comment you left on the Cariboo Ponderer's blog. Nice blog. I think part of your post could be a poem:

I can sit and view the window,
And see the eagles fly over.
The storm clouds roll in.
The spider lighting flashes across the sky.
I can see the beauty of fall days,
On the hills to the west,
Watch the sunsets many colors,
As the sun goes slowly down.
I have wanted to change the room around many times,
But I would lose my window to the world.

What do you think? Take care.


9:37 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

Nice post. Now I can envision where you sit to do your blogging. You and your girls have such a way with decorating and making everything look homey. I agree with it's the little things about how you always seem to find the silver lining in your life and situations and always pray for everyone. How wonderful of you. Take care and know that you are blessed and we all love you.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thank you all for your wonderful comments.your all so has made my day to know I have some great friends.
God has truely blessed me with the ones He sends to my blog.
hugs and kisses to you all.

Thank you so much Gene for that cool poem.Man you have the talents.

Love ya all have a great week.

to the very nice man,the pictures are my daugthers and big one on the left is Lucy under her em and sar bear.way to the right big one is Anna and under the grandkids Tj Jake em and sar bear.and next to them Me and my girls.God bless.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Gene Bach said...

I didn't write it did. I just "tweaked" it around a little.

11:30 AM  
Blogger audrey` said...


You've a very warm and cosy corner for blogging.
Thank you for sharing it with us, Leann =)

3:07 AM  

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