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Friday, February 23, 2007

the old Indain

{this woods is near a spot I love }

There once was this old Indain who lived way out in the wilderness at the end of this long dirt road.
He had lived there most of his life and wanted to keep it that way.
the wilderness was his only home.his people had long since gone into town and citys far from him and his family was gone.but he loved the guiet and the peacefullness of this place.
He didnt have anyone living near him for miles.and he was hopeing it would not change.

well one day he heard a funny sound in the woods.he listoned and watched.soon a big car drove down to a small clearing just a mile from his tepee.
he had made his way down the way and was peeking from behind a big tree to see who the intruder was.
a man stepped out and put a sign by the clearing.and jumped back in his big car and drove off again.
the old Indian made his way through the woods heading home.he had taken the sign and hid it in the woods.he wasnt able to he hadnt known what it said.but he knew if a white man came it wasnt too to pertect his life and home he did what only he knew to do.
as he walked along he heard the birds over head in the trees.their songs always cheered him.they seemed to follow him as he walked along.the sound of the river he could hear from just he walked over and watched a deer and her fawn drink.they didnt hear him or see he watched as they made their way up the hill and out of site.

He sat down and lay back on the grassy bank of the river and looked up at the sky.the clouds were big and fluffy.and he loved to see what kind of animals he could see in the shapes of the clouds.he saw a eagle,deer,rabbit.skunk,a dog,and bear.he fell asleep and dreamed of days gone by.

He was a young man again and strong.a mighty warrior and the son of a chiff.he had a lovely Indian priness for his wife.and he had a small baby son.his dream was of times he missed and longed for again.a time when the world was still at peace.
where one could walk for days and not see another human unless you wanted to.but those days were gone.

He woke up when a gray squirrel jump into the tree he was laying under.and a shower of bark rained down on him.he looked around to late to see the squirrel bound off into the next tree and into his hole.the old Indian got slowly to his feet and headed home.
as he neared his tepee he could see a fox running across the road and up the bank of the river. and disapear out of site into the woods.

the old Indian sat down in front of his tepee and smoked his pipe.he thought of how wonderful it was to have this place and he thanked his creator.
the night wind was picking up and he desided he needed to go to his larder to get some food.
so he put out his pipe and headed to see what he could eat.
he had dryed fish and some berrys and some meat he had to he took only what he needed.
and went to his tepee to eat.he fixed his food and sat out in the last remaining rays of the sun going down to eat his meal.
the night was warm and the air sweet with the smell of moss and leaves.the flowers that were in bloom sent their fragrance on the beeze.
a deer was just coming out of the woods across the river to drink.he watched her and soon her fawn came to.the fox he had seen earllyer ran across his road .and off to the under brush where he had his den.
he cubbled up way back inside and fell asleep. he had found a rat and a wood chuck to eat so he was he would dream peacefully for the night.and not have to run in the night to find food.

the old Indian could hear the night birds off in the deeper part of the woods where the shadows make it night earlly.and in the distance he heard a church bell faintly he has to strain to hear what it was funny he almost never heard it but tonight the wind was just right.and it drifted ever so lightly on the beeze.

some times if it was very still he could hear the train as it crossed the big bridge, way many miles over the mountain.he lay up against his tepee wall and enjoyed the evening.he was just ready to go in for the night.when he seen a bear on the ridge line in the forrest.

she had a cubb no two!he watched her come down the hill and drink and her cubbs drank ,and played in the water near her.she would lift her head as she drank to be sure they were ok. and that there were no male bears near.the cubbs jumped and rolled, and had just started to have fun. when mom gave them a grawl it was time to go.they followed her still trying to play.but as they went they had to keep her in site so they followed instead of played.

the old Indian was sleepy so he desided he should turn in for the night.he put out his fire and cleaned his pan with sand .and put it up side down near the fire pit on a rock. so when he needed to fry his breakfast it was ready.he took the fish bones and buryed them.he didnt want momma bear coming around from the smell of fish.

He lay down on his hides and blankets and reached over to close the tepee was dark and warm inside.the sun had hit the sides and it would stay safe and warm most of the night.if it got cool he had his many blankets to keep him warm.or the little fire pit in the middle of the sleeping area of his tepee.but tonight would be mild so he would be fine.

He drifted off to sleep and dreamed of his wife and family who had long since passed on to the creator.he could see their smiling faces and their lovely home. in his sleep he reached out to them.

As he slept the night birds sang far off in the forrest.a hoot owl said "who who"?as if to say who is snoring in my quiet home.the little foxes in the den down the road. were restless and were busy keeping their mother busy trying to get them tosleep.soon she nipped one and the others were fast to settle down.

the night wind began to blow and the sounds of the forrest were muffled by its sound.the old Indain slept on.

But as things that are good always seem to come to a end too the world far from him. minds thinking of ways to make money were about to end his guiet life of wonder and peacefullness.a man sold land to another. and soon the old Indain had problems he knew nothing about.his days of peace and wonder were coming to a end.but for tonight he slept in peace and his dreams were happy and free.


Blogger Lois said...

wonderful story. I enjoyed read that a lot!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stopping Lois.glad you liked the story.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Wonderful story, though very sad what so called progress gives to some it takes away from others, some things that are beyond rubies.
Cheers Margaret

5:08 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ Wonderful story and sad to think things will change for tha old Indian. You write great stories
and I loved all the photos you have posted. You hae been busy Leann.
Thank you for the comments and today has been a little cooler, which was great as I needed a break as I guess
did many others. Take care, my friend
Love, Merle.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks everyone for coming and reading the story of the old Indain.I may do more storys later.God bless.

8:50 AM  

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