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Sunday, February 18, 2007

to walk in the garden in the cool of the day.

this is my mother in laws lovely garden.and its early one morning.the fog was just begining to lift off and move to the west as the sun burned it off.It was I amagined just as the garden may have looked to Adam and Eve as they walked and talked with God before all hell broke lose.
The grass would be cool on the feet, and the air clean and fresh.
the birds would be singing, and the little animals would be busy getting their morning snack.
the flowers would be at their freshest and their small would be every where.the deer would be with their fawns in the thickets nurcing them.the rabbits would be just done with their sleep and would be coming out of their dens to meet the day.

The beauty all around would have mostly done to Adam and Eve what it did to me.
I stood there and thought of home.I thought how wonderful heaven would be able to be near Jesus and see his face as we know that I had made it home and would be with him forever.
but then I also thought of how heart broken Adam and Eve most of felt the day their would came crashing down around them.

the snake who decieved them caused them to lose the only home they had ever known.yes it was their fault that they listoned to the snake.and yes both of them did.for it says Adam wasnt decieveed he just went along with his wife and sinned to.
So no girls the men cant blame us for the was both of them.Adam knew full well what God had told tact it was Adam who had to tell Eve.
So good old Adam knew what a mess would come if they didnt obey.but they did it anyway.they wanted to be like God.they figured they were missing out on something!! yup they were {sin} but it was too late .they eat them selves out of garden and home and the hell began.
The really sad part is they had always been like God.they were created in his image. so they gave up something they already had.
and when they were taken out of the garden it was to pertect them from doing something that would realy mess over every thing.they were taken away from the tree of {Life}.if they had eaten of that tree in their sinful state. they would have lived in sin forever.
but God in his mercy took them out, so down the line when Jesus came all could be set right again.

See God knew even then what He would do to get his family back.He knew it before the foundtion of the world was made what He would have to fact it says He knew us before it was layed.yup it says in the word He knew us all back then before it was even other words.
The mighty God who made heaven and earth knew us way before we were born.and He made a place for us in time.He knew we would be here in the time and place He made for us.
See heaven is a home.its a place God made for his family.a place where he can walk and talk once again with His creation,a place of perfect harmony and love.a place of beauty.peace joy happyness.a place where no one dies anymore,where lovelyness is all around.
But he needs to be sure that this time there is no one who chooses to mess it He did what He had planned.He sent Jesus to be our tickit to heaven.cause only Jesus lived a sinless life.yes ONLY Him.

There are firut cakes out there now saying all kinds of crap about Jesus.that he was married and all maner of lies.well they never read the bible or just read it and desided to lie any way.cause it says Jesus never married.He was waiting for us as his bride in a sence of the word,and we are his childern.when we become born again or saved from our sins.we are the childern Jesus was never able to have here cause He was never married.
Evil men try to make my Lord out to be nothing.well I know the Lord cause he saved me, and he healed me and he has changed my life and got it out of the pits I was I know the truth!!!and these men who say these things about Jesus never met him and know nothing about him!!!and they are liers.

If Jesus was what they say He was.we would all still be lost in our sins cause no blood would have been payed for our sin,s.
And the truth is Jesus came ,he died on the cross the way the prophets spoke of years before he came.and He did all the things they said he did.
And so yes Jesus is the messiah.but men have tryed to cover over the truth to keep their lies covered.
But it dont work cause day in and day out people all across this country and the world are coming to the saving knowlage of Jesus christ.they are coming into the kingdom of God at a record speed.

And even that is told of in the speaks of a time just shortly before Jesus calls us to come and be with him.that there will be a harvest of souls into the kingdom of God like no man on earth has ever seen before.

20 some years ago if one had a meeting to preach the gospel of Jesus christ.there would maybe be 100 come forward maybe only a hand full,maybe only one or two.but now if you have a meeting in a place nearly everyone comes forward.thousands of people are coming into the kingdom of God.
But you will never see it on the main stream TV channels cause they arent christians.the only place you see the truth is on the CBN,TBN,INSP,DAY STAR NETWORK or any of the others who tell the truth about Jesus.
I thank God for men and women of God who have given up every thing to tell others about Jesus.
Paul and Jan on TBN tirnity broudcasting channel.Pat on CBN,and all the rest like kenneth and Gloria Copeland who helped me learn my covenet rights as a child of God.

Had it not been for those people and so many more like Oral Roberts,Jesse Duplantis,Joyce Meyers,Paula Young,TD jakes. and so many more wonderful men and woman of God, I would be dead now.
Cause Id have never known how to fight cancer.or even be able to have heard the Lords voice in my hospital room that night. that He said "this is not onto death,but for Gods glory."
If I hadnt known my rights Id be dead now 11 years cause I wouldnt have known the truth about Isaiah 53.and the fact "Jesus bore our sickness and diseases upon himself upon himself so we dont have to."

We can if we want to.but we dont have to if we will take His word that says "by His {Jesus}stripes on His back we were if we were healed 2000 years ago by what Jesus did on the cross then why should I die of cancer?why should anyone?if we only believe as Jesus said we can have what He says.if we dont then it wont work for us. cause if we dont believe it dont work cause it only works by faith

Faith says this looks like it may not work but if Jesus said it I believe it and that makes it so!!!that is faith.
It believes the word of God ,is the word of God ,and takes it just as it is.{Faith is the substance of things hoped for the confident assurance of things to come.{Hebrews 11;1.} {faith comes by hearing,hearing by the word of God.Romans 10;17. }

In other words we cant believe unless we first believe Gods word is in fact Gods word,and second we most believe the word.
1 John 1;1-10 tells you alot in only a small little chapter.

I love the new is so full of Jesus it is like water to my dry and thirsty soul.I pick it up and see Jesus walking the dusty streets of the Holy Land trying to tell them that their Messiah has come.but just like it is now, the people who wont believe and didnt understand who He really was.

How it most have hurt his loving heart.I can see why he cryed the day on the hill over looking Jerusalem {Matthew 23;37-39.
How it most have just been almost unbareable for him to see his own people not recieve him.

I know I probbly wouldnt have known it was him eather if I were there.but when I did realize it would have killed it almost did when at 19 I realized it was in fact {my sins} that hung him on that I cryed I knew the love that it took for him to go to that crawl tree to save me!!!

For it took heavens best to be payed for a worthless sinner like me.the king of all ,left heaven to come here to pay a price of his own life and blood. to buy me and all the people who would believe in him.back from the devil and sin!!!!
I remember I cryed like my heart was broken in thankfulness for what he did and in shame that I had put him there.

but his words rang like sweet music in my ears.{"I did not come to the world to condem it, but to save it."}and my savior was saying "its for this I came to suffer and to die for you to bring you back home to the garden,and to be able to walk and talk with the father in the cool of the day once more."

thank you Jesus for the work you did on the cross for us those who have been blinded by the devil to know the truth so it will set them they may also know the peace of knowing you.Lord rip the vail down once and for all so all can we can get this place back to what you intended in the first place.

Our father who art in heaven Holy is thy name. thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.Matthew 6;7-15.talks about how Jesus taught us to pray.

thank you Lord that your word is true .even thow in this world people still lie about you .those who love you and know you ,can have your word to lead us.Lord we long for the day when all the liers will be no more.and their lieing tongues will be heard no more on the earth.and those who believe will live with you forever.
Thank you Jesus that the day is coming .when you will come and step foot again once more on this earth, in the Holy Land by the eastern lay down the rain of your kingdom for 1000 years.
Thank you Jesus for your love and for all you have done.but thank you most for what you have done for me personaly.
Cause if you had not sent someone to me I would be still living in darkness,or dead in sin long ago.thank you Lord.

Thank you for the lovely gardens you have let me walk in and hear your voice .for the cool of the day and the guiet times of prayer when I can feel you so close.for the times when you helped me so I wouldnt be decieved by you could lead me safely this far.Lord thank you.

Only a short time ago in my prayer time a call came from deep in my soul almost as a war came up slow at first then faster and faster.
Only the will of God ,Only the will of God. over and over it rang out in my soul.soon it was coming out of my mouth,over and over it came.softly at first then louder and more powerful.tell it rang though out my whole being.then as it came one more piece was added.

{"Only the will of God ,,Only the will of
God will be done on earth as it is in heaven.}
And I knew it was a war is the will of God for only His will to be done on this earth as it is in heaven.He wants for all to know Him .and know the truth so the truth can set them free.yes Lord let it be so.

thanks for reading.and God bless you all.

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Blogger ukok said...

What a beautiful garden, it looks like something my mind would conjure up while reading a book, it would make such a good 'setting'. How delightful!

2:25 PM  
Blogger The very nice man said...

Very beautiful (you are!) and so is the garden!!
Delivery to you is on its way!!

5:17 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

Great post Mom, I can only imagine what the garden must have been like for Adam and Eve, it makes me made too how they try to discredit all the facts about Jesus, but beleivers know the truth..
Tell Ethal from me that she sure was blessed with a green thumb, her flower gardens are beautiful..

3:53 PM  
Blogger cheated are the clouds said...

Very nice photos and I love what you wrote about the perfect garden

4:05 PM  
Blogger Lemon Lime Moon said...

Leann.. Gorgeous photos!!
What a magical garden she has.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks to all for stopping.I am so glad you liked the garden pictures.
I need to get ready to go to the this will be short.God bless.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Stephen Newton said...

Wow, talk about great gardens. Those pics are wonderful. How fortunate to be able to wander there.

Feeling better these days, thanks!

3:28 PM  
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