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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Erik{ the Very nice man}

They say we may be in for some snow and wintery condishens this weekend.I for one am looking for spring.and think many others are today Iam going to give some pictures of warmer weather.
yesturday was a nice day weather was warm and wish it would have was in the 40,s and some places it hit near it was wonderful.

But I had to go to the dentist so I didnt get to be out in it.but I thank God the visit went well.althow I got the shakes from the shot they gave was funny cause the girl working on me thought I was cold.
I said no just shakey for some reason.I shook almost the whole time.then just before she was done it seemed to stop.I have never had that happen.felt sorry for her,she seemed to think it was something she did.but it was the stuff they used.
my gums hurt some when I got home but soon it was ok.

And when I came home I had a very nice surprise.{a very nice man from across the big sea.had sent me a wonderful gift.}
I rushed up to my apartment to see what was in side.I opened it and in side was the prettyest wrapped gifts.lovely pastel mint green wrapping paper and pastel mint green ribbon.and nice notes to say why he was sending them.

there were two books from a lady I respect alot.{Joyce Meyer}one was her book Battlefield of the mind.that I had been wanting to read.{I had picked it up for the hubby and he had been reading it while he was here,and took it with him when he left.}so I hadnt been able to read it.the other gift was Joyces book Battlefield of the mind dayly devotional.

Now I know that when this dear friend picked out these gifts his hands were guided by the Lord.cause I love dayly devotionals.they are smaller and easy to take along with you when you go visit ,or just carry so you can read.and the Lord knows I like to take them with when I go to visit.its easyer then carrying a big book with.
Now this dear man doesnt know me very well yet.and he lives way across the sea and he has never seen me face to face.but he with the Holy Spirits guidance was able to send me just what I would have picked for my self.

Do you see how good God is to lead his kids to be able to bless someone they hardly know?well I guess I better tell you he is a follower of Jesus he is in fact my brother in christ.
His gift and thoughtfulness made my day.I almost cryed as I felt the love and the encouragement that dear man was sending to me.I was truely blessed.

Just for the record this dear man "Is truely a very nice man."not because he sent me the gift but because he has a heart for God and the Lord can guide him.
I was listoning last night to one of the lady preachers .she was on TBN.she said we have favor from God.that we will see people God picked to bless us.
People we dont even know or they dont even know us.she said God gives us favor with other nations.
well do you see that lady was speaking the truth.a dear man of God who I barely know, and who barely knows me. blessed me with a gift that was just perfect for me. yes we are in the time of Gods blessings and favor.His childern are being blessed in new others can see and know its Gods hand on them and not just by chance.

thank you my dear friend for your thoughtfulness and made my day and my year.God bless your giving with the things you need most what ever that are a very nice man.

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Blogger Erik said...

Feeling very humbled, slightly blushing and undeserving of such kind words. If the gift blessed you then God was lifted up!
All glory to Him alone!

I don't think I ever had a blog post featuring me, heehee, so this is new! Very nice, though! Thank you for it!
The very nice man!

3:26 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

How wonderful! That is such a great thing to get gifts in the mail. And with a special meaning. Glad that your dentist visit went well. Hope all is well for you and yours. Take care!

6:14 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stopping by Erik and Iam so thankful for a dear friend like you.and the books are so good.I been busy reading the dayly is helping me.have a great weekend.O and a man who can blush, havent seen one of them for a long time.God bless you.

Blondie thanks for stopping by.hope you and yours are doing good to.God bless.

7:04 AM  

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