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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the hot and stickys are about to hit

and because I love you all I will give you a little winter wonderland walk to cool you that cold air on your face .and the freshness of the crisp clean snow washed breese.oh I love arent sweating your butt dont need ten gallons of deo under your arms to be able to get close to anyone.your hair dont get looking like someone stuck your finger in a light socket when you were can sit on anything and not get a major case of swamp butt (saying from a sweet girl named kings daugther.who spent a stint in the hottest places for that air force bab.) any way you can put on lots of cute snow bunnie clothes.and go out and feel just fine.but summer you can only take off so much with out offending the neighbors and getting arested.and believe me you dont want to see me in a thong swimming suit no believe you just dont,take my word for it.the words hideous,dont even come close to cover it.and hey by the way what the heck with those things anyway.I have sent my life trying to keep my pants out the crack of my big butt.and now people get all hoped up to buy the dumb that I say hookers use to be the only ones wearing them.a butt was ment to be covered up.I get so mad when some dumb chic who has a ego problem sticks her fat a-- on my I would never do that to her.I have enough brains to know what I look like back there to not hang it out.just take my word you thong wearing chic ,s out there just be thankful me and my spanking stick aint on the beach the same time you are.cause honey your a-- will not be red from a sun burn!!!!!! its called the granny patorl .Lord knows those ladys should be out in force all over this world.where women have no morals or the common sence God gave them.just for the record I dont want to see your ugly aaaassssssssss unless its a donkey get my drift??????now that I have that off my chest lets go on to more in lighting and much more enjoyable things.winter the time of great joy our savior Jesus was lights chestnuts roasting on a open fire (no thong clad bimbos running around.) oops!!!! christmas trees in the parks and every window.(No big butted Bimbos stuffed in a thong .)christmas songs on everyones lips.marry christmas comes out of everyones mouth,all except the workers in big chain stores.they dont want to offened anyone.well it didnt stop them from knocking down some of our buildings.and we do have the right to worship like we want right? we are the home of the free arent we after all we gave them the right to come to a God fearing (respecting)nation.if they dont like christmas too bad.He came He died for their sins to.they just dont know it yet.snow ball fights hot cocoa with whipped cream on top.warm fires burning in the wood stove or fireplace.the smell of wood smoke in the air on a cold night as you look at the stars.your breath comes out in little noses and cheeks on little kids.(no skantly dressed bimbos running around.)oops!!snow on the trees and blue winter nights where the moon shines on the snow and everything looks like dimonds were sprinkled there by God to bless birds on our feeders.getting together with loved ones old and ing christmas dinner with everyone.visits to you really like from people who really thought before they bought.crawling in a comforter laydened bed on a cold winter night with your husband or wife.going into check on your grandkids to see they are covered up nice and moms favorite thing sitting in a car in the warm sun reading a book.I do that on warm winter days.not on hot summer days dont want to be brain dead if you know what I mean.pitty those poor dogs who have owners who dont have brains!!!oh yes lets cook the dog honey in the car or van that way we wont stink up the oven!!!!!! I dont leave anyone or thing in a hot car,van RV. my mom didnt raise no dumb kids.well wait a minute my brother came close!just kidding. yes winter I love it.with the hot and muggys and 90s hitting the midwestern states people will be thinking of the cool days of fall and winter.that is all but you camels and desert rats out there who can set in the sun all day in 190 degree weather and your butt dont stink or sweat more power to you.its saves more energy for me and my air condishner.let me warn you thow you are going to have wrinkles that you can hide a dog in or small child.and you will look 400 at the age of 30.and honey wrinkles aint cute.use the self tanners bab and keep the ugly only got it to flant for a short time so dont do damage to what God gave you by worshipping the sun.worship him it will save your skin and your soul.oh yes winter I love it.if my kids wouldnt disown me Id move to that state wish I could see it frist hand.someday Lord willing.well enjoy your winter get away,and stay cool this was my etempt to help some.God bless you .mamaleann Posted by Picasa


Blogger Blondie said...

I agree about the thongs. I can't stand 'em. I do love the dog days of summer, though. I have always felt most comfortable on the real hot sticky days. I know I am strange, but I just enjoy the hot weather. I can't stand being cold or dealing with the roads in winter. I do like snow and Christmas and all the things that come with winter, though. If you care to visit my blogspot, just click on my name and you will be directed to it. I haven't posted in awhile, but I will tomorrow.
Take care and keep postin' It is sure nice to chat with you through your blog.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks blondie was about to ask you for your blog.wasnt sure how to get on know this is all new to skinny people can take the heat.I was able to better when I was young and still skinny.but old fat chic,s need our air.thaks for for the comment.nice chatting with you to.mamaleann.

8:24 PM  

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