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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

on the road of life

as we travel through this life you never know what is around the next corner.bad things happen to good people.and good things happen to bad people.God sends blessings on good and bad alike.he is no respecter of people.he loves us all.he just doesnt like what all of us do at my life I have made mistakes and hurt people,and they have hurt me.but Jesus is always faithful.he has helped me to get back on track and do the right thing.even at times I didnt want to.things change so fast lately you cant seem to get one thing in order before the next comes.all I can say is Jesus Im so thankful for your help.God has made a promise to us.that He would restore what the enemy or devil stole from us.circumstances change,but God has a plan for each of us that never changes.and His plan is perfect.He can take a mess and turn it into a message.Isaiah 42;16.says He will lead us.He knows how to do that real well.sometimes I been in places in my life where I felt like my face was smashed up against a brick wall.I couldnt go over the dumb thing or around it over or under.and I would try.but finely the voice of the Lord would say.punch a hole .I would say Lord you are the stronge one here you punch it.He would say you do your part and I do I would hit it with the word and my faith.and I would look and here was this little hole.and little by little with the word and faith and the help of my best Friend Jesus.I would come through to the other side.but some people want to take the easy way.they back down and give up or give in.but you never get to the right place if you do you fight!you dig your spirital feet in and say devil you cant steal anymore from me!!!and you stand.if you have done all you know to do.and still your smashed up against the wall then say ok Lord I dont know what to do here but I know you here is my hand get me out of here and show me how you did it so I can tell others to help time I was in a dark time in my life.and I couldn ,t see at was like being in a cave where no light could get in.I didnt know how I even got in there.but like it or not there I believe me I was shaking in my boots scared.I thought good Lord now what do I do?and he didnt answer.(o I hate that when he does just means he knows we know what to do.but at that time I didnt know that.)so I sat and stewed a while.saying gee thanks a bunch Lord here Iam in this dumb cave and your off some place when I need you.but He was right there with me.and all at once I said enough of this and I lifted my hand up through the darkness to Him and said Jesus I dont know what way to go to get out of promised to take my hand if I was lost,so here it is.I had no sooner did it and I was out in the light.O the problem was still there.but the answer was on the way I just knew it cause I had this knowing inside and this over welming if you got problems and you been trying to fix them and you cant .then they are only going to be fixed if you turn them over to the Lord.the first step is to give Him your hand.if you dont know Jesus personally.just say Jesus I need you as my savior help me.he listens for those prayers and He comes on the may not feel any thing but believe me he is there.O and dont figure he will answer your problem the way you want.he will do it his just trust may say hey I aint even sure I have faith!!! well let me answer that.YES YOU DO cause He said you do cause he gave it to every one.( it says in the word of God he gave a mesure of it to you have it.and you may say hey it feels very small right now.well Jesus said with faith the size of a mustrurd seed you can move (mountains) this is how big a mustrurd seed is (.) see that little bitty dot? well you can move mountains with speak to the mountains in your life with your faith and the word of God.get your bible(its that book in your closet with the dust on it,or on the coffee table,yah the big black one.your aunt sue or grandma so and so gave you years ago hoping you woud read it.but you aint had time to.well today you do!) get a word that pertains to your problem and hit the problem with my God will pervide all your needs according to (His ) riches in glory by christ Jesus.and unless your dumb you know He aint poor and heaven has all they need and more.they want to get some of the more down here to you and me.but its like any good wear house you have to put in your put in your may not come the instant you ask but dont get your panties in a bunch it do I know?cause I been there done that.I aint gotroom here to tell all the testmonys.but there is going to be a I didnt say it God did.I laughed cause at the time I couldnt even read or spell worth was just after I was saved.had me a big bible on my lap trying to find out who this God was who just came to live in my heart.and I couldnt even read it,I was crying and said Lord how will I ever know you if I cant even read your word.He said just start.and I will do the rest.that was 36 years ago.and he told me then I would write books.I thought He was alittle touched or at lest had more faith in me then I did.but you see he knew my hearts desire was to be a writer and a author.well two books sit in my closet just waiting on his timing.but this blog is His and as you see He is speaking through me to you.I give Him and Him alone all the glory for what is said is His hand and guidance and love and faith in me that has gotten me this far.sorry this is so long for those who hate to read. (I been there so I know how you feel so I say to you just start and He will do the rest.) to you I say Jesus is the answer to any problem you the rest of you I hope this helps you in your every day walk.God bless you richly as I know he already does and have a GREAT day.leann Posted by Picasa


Blogger Blondie said...

Love your blog and your everlasting faith. If I can only learn to hand more of my troubles over to the Lord my life would be so much easier... you are right about that. I am working on it.
Blondie (Anna's friend)

3:28 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

hi blondie good to hear from you.I remember that blonde hair running around my house.and if I remember right you were daughter 4 or 5.I know I had two kids but at times I wasnt sure cause there were more running around.its like the cat who ends up with more kittens but just says oh what the heck six eight who cares the more the marryer.those were good days.only wish at the time I knew more to help my big family.more about faith.and more of alot of things hope what I did know helped in some way.hope you and yours are well and enjoying this summer time beauty.thanks for your comment on my blog.was surpised to see someone other then the family on it.I was hoping others were reading it.that is why I got the computer in the frist place.I figured some of my messes and how the lord got me out just may help others.I dont know all yet about the Lord and faith and alot of one will.we just do the best we can with what we have.and that is not much most times.but thank God he has all we need.nice to hear from you blondie.God bless you and family.leann

9:47 AM  

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