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Friday, September 08, 2006

bonsai tree from my mom.

this is the little bonsai tree mom got me one time when she was in town with Anna and her hubby.she payed alot for it.guess its cause she loves me and she wanted to bless did to.I have had it now for over 4 years.its doing good on my window.the blue glass is as you know my collection.well part of it any way.hubby and I headed up north to a store we like to go to.its by a lake we like .any way the store has all kinds of goodies.and it just so happened some new blue I got two cute little dessert cups.just got the two for now ,will get more Lord willing next time for the rest of the family.see I have been trusting the Lord to get us into the home He promised us.and then all my family will come home for christmas.and I will have all the plates and dessert cups for what ever we make.that is my desire to have my whole family home in my own home instead of not having a home of my own.this apartment is way too small to have anyone and hubby bearly fit.but we will not be here Lord willing for long.Iam having a real hard time today cause my right arm is giving me a bad time.I can,t lift it over my head and moving it to even type is very uncomfortable.lets just say Id reather be having a baby then this Iam sure you girls under stand what I mean!!! took two pain relief and it hasn,t kicked in yet.all I know is it Hurts!!!!!hubby and the kids prayed for me and I have done all I know to do so I will stand tell its healed.I had a spell like this with the left one a while I know the Lord will heal the right one to.hubby had to make the corn today cause I wasn,t able to even brush my own hair he had to help me.boyI feel like a big baby!!!!!I have house work to do and can,t cause of this dumb if anyone out there would pray to I would sure be thankful.all I know is thank God sweetie came home when he did.cause I wouldn,t be able to do some of this as for blogging it will have to be just this unless the pain goes God bless you all and have a wonderful day.sorry this so boring but when Iam in pain I aint too funny.


Blogger Anna said...

Looking forward to the time you two are in your house, and so is James the neighbor cat who wants me to let you know he would make a good house cat for a big log home, he said he would gladly do all your mousing, snuggle up next to you while your watching t.v. and greet you when you come home...Going home for Christmas would be so awesome, that has not happened for way to long (we are praying and beleiveing for you)

10:59 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thank you Anna for your faith and the rest of the familys to. it helps me keep believing to.the house you saw when you saw the guys by the dock fishing is a way of the Lord saying its day we will be in our home and the whole family will be there not one you Anna.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

I hope you feel better by now. I haven't been able to check your blog lately because I have been having technical difficulties with my computer.
I will pray for you about your log cabin and your kids coming home. Love the blue glass.

1:32 PM  

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