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Sunday, August 27, 2006

He restores my soul.

the vacation was just what the doctor ordered.I didn,t work on the book but I sure got to rest.and I also had fun watching Anna,s humming birds fight over the feeder.they did fight maneuvers to out wit their enemy who was trying to eat the food.I did get some pic,s and will see if I can put them on here.I was able to also enjoy a good ol summer thunder storm to.thank God it was only the rain and thunder kind.but in another state it was real bad.they got 15 was very bad.and there was bace ball sized hail.never seen so big hail in my life!!if you had been out in it you surely would have been hurt very badly.and guess some were.we just got some well needed rain.I lay there in bed and just listened to the rain on the was so peaceful I fell to sleep.the other nights I was able to hear the crickets and frogs in the pond.along time ago my grandpa,s sister moved off the farm and in to chicago.for nights she lay awake unable to sleep do to the sounds from the street.she took a drive home and took her big tape recorder.she sat it up down by the swamp and let it run all was the kind of reel to reel ones they frist had so you got about 8 hours.and she took it back to the big city and before bed she put the tape on and let it run just loud enough so it drowned out the street sound.and she never had problems sleeping I know what that is like.cause Iam a country girl to and going to stay in the country just revives my batterys.thank you Lord for giving the kids a time to get way.and for them letting me watch their home and was good to hear the beauty of a summer time thunder storm.and a early morning rain storm.the sounds of the crickets and tree frogs.the wind in the tree,s and for the hummers coming to feed and fight.also for the little yellow bird who scared the heck out of me as he hit the window next to me to let me know they were out of food!!!yes Anna,s birds hit the window to let you aunt had chic a dee,s that would do the same thing.birds arent dumb.they know where God sends them to eat.and when the one who is feeding them aint being faithful they let you know. so if birds are hitting your windows they are saying God sent us here for you to feed alittle bird feed wouldn,t kill you!!!same with cats.if you got mice get a cat.and besides petting a cat lowers your blood its good for you.


Blogger Blondie said...

Nice pic! Where was it taken? If you can't answer, it's ok. Glad you had a great time at Anna's. I love to live in the country and don't think I could live in the city unless it was absolutely necessary. Too busy, noisy and hectic for me. I'd probably be out in the country recording the sounds too. Take care!

9:23 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

the place is about 6 miles from us and we go there often.its a very nice place.think you may have gone there with us once.

10:44 AM  

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