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Sunday, September 24, 2006

well praise the Lord!!!!! mom may be moving to a place closer to home.but not in the way we thought.they feel now she may be able to get off the beathing tube and get on her feet and come home.they are sending her to a place where they work with you to get you on your feet.she will have to work hard so pray for her to have the strength to do it.anyway its a answer to prayers and we hope she can be home soon.10 months in the hospital is too long for anyone.YOU GO GIRL AND ALL OF US ARE PRAYING FOR YOU SHORTY.Iam proud of my mom she took this hardship with faith and a smile and never gave up even when the going got real hard.always a smile and a word of help for us when we were down.MY MOM IS A AWSOME CHIC!!!!she is strong and she maybe just a little chic but her heart is as big as any strong go mom and get out so you can give God the you G MA like the grandkids call herdon,t tell her I told you but this is her little sweetie.he comes in and dances for her and just makes her day.HEY ITS GOOD TO HAVE NICE SENERY WHEN YOU AREN,T FEELING SO GOOD and mom has had alot of very nice people taking care of her.Lord bless those minsitering angels of yours in the hospitals in the world.we don,t know how hard it can be for them to be around the sick and dieing.give them what they need to do their job with a smile and a prayer.thank you Lord for the good care my mom got and for the good care I recieved to when I needed it. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Anna said...

You forgot to mention all of her other little sweeties, like her Randy Travis look-a-like,every guy that comes in she says is her boyfriend, I told her to be careful or they would find out about eachother and she said there was enough of her to go around her old self is definnately coming back..

5:19 PM  
Blogger leann said...

yes she is on a roll and the Lord is carrying the roll.its one of those sweet rolls ha go mom those young guys love your you Anna.

5:35 PM  

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