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Saturday, October 21, 2006

hubby and I stayed in most to yesterday and desided later to go get some food and take a ride down by the river.we stopped and got some double chesse burgers and mickie D,s and some frys and hubbys strawberry shake and away we went.when we drove in to our spot the gesse were over to the left in a little cove.we could barely see them.but to or right the ducks were in the bay playing and eating off the bottom,so we got when ducks moon you its cute.they have cute little bottoms.but every one else can keep their butts covered if you get my drift.any way we sat and just enjoyed the nice evening.there was no wind and we could sit with the windows open.the sky was so pretty with glory rays streaming down from the clouds.them as we watched I could see something coming in the was moving fast and it wasn,t very it got closer I could see it was what I thought was a coot.but the closer it got the more I could see it wasn,t cause it wasn,t looked like a small duck but it wasn,t that hubby is trying to look it up in our bird book.the little guy was all alone and I felt sorry for him if he did,t have a mate.but way out in the river I seen another wake and here came one more.they came close to each other and moved off down river.the air was so nice last bugs cause the frost killed the nasty skeeters off.thank you Jesus for frost.there wasn,t anyone else down there so we had the place all to our was a peaceful time.a little wood picker was busy on a tree next to us.he was a small one.he was busy getting bugs.and there most have been a lot in that tree cause he was in it all the while we were there.the river was just Like a mirror it was sooo smooth.I love the reflections on the surface when its like boat came thought with a family in it.they looked like they had been fishing.I enved them and their boat.i love to go out on boats but its been years sence I been able to.Id love to have one of those canoes with one of those silent moters.Id love to go up river and see how many wild life we could sneak up on.Lord willing some day.oh hubby found the name of the little bird.he is a [pied-billed grebe] with his winter plumage.the gesse flew over and sang for us as they went by.they are doing their flying exersises for when they leave.the young ones need to build up their flying muscles for the trip.some canadian gesse range from alaska baffin lsland south to california,northern mexico and gulf coast.their fly way is over us..witch is odd cause we aren,t even guess we are special.cause we live close to where thusands of swans come every year to.and that is something to time my mom took me for my birthday to see them.they were was a day I will never was after I was finely feeling better after cancer and was getting my strangth back.the swans were a blessing for me.they were coming and landingon the pond by the hunderds.the sky was sunny and the clouds were lovely that day.and wouldn,t you know it NO DARN CAMERA!!!oh well at lest I was there and have the mental pic,s stored away in my mind. Posted by Picasa


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