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Sunday, December 03, 2006

last christmas.

the pic at the bottom of this post is of mom last was so glad to be with us.she always loved to sit by the woodstove where it was nice and warm.well the funeral went well.everyone who should have been there was,and a few we didn,t even know.she touched alot of people in her life time.she babyset alot of kid,s and helped them become good had a giving heart and she gave away alot of money to help those who needed it.and she gave to those who were just useing her.{those people will pay for it one day.}mom was a looker when she was a young chic.she looked alot like Natilie wood.she had dark hair and pretty hazel eyes.she was also very short,witch won her the name {shorty} from her grandkids and great grandkids.she was 4foot 11 inches.but don,t let the size fool you she was a big woman inside.she could hold her own with anyone.I remember the time some woman broke up our family.and mom found out my father was running mom had tryed for over a year to get him to stop.when she finely seen he was cheating on her she found out who it was and went to visit the walked in the door and the bag hit the floor.the woman was taller then mom by alot.but mom made her see my mom was no little woman.the next day mom filed for a divorce.she said she didn,t desrive a man who cheated,and she was right.she met my step Dad and he was three times the man my real father was!!!he loved my mom with all his heart and was good to had a long good life.but lot of it was hard to.Dad died 5 years ago and mom was lonely with out him.she loved us and all.but you need you could feed people like Jesus did.she would make food for four and company would show up and there would aways be enough.and she was a very good home made bread was the best and it was home made to,not that frozen junk!!!she could bake pie,s like no one else.her swiss steak was sooo good.and I will miss her easter ham, was funny too.she would crack us all up by just saying our name when we were being goofy.and her jokes made our day.when she would say Lucy in the way she did lucy would crack up.Anna would say grandma!!!when mom would get after had a way about her.Oh he wasn,t perfect,but then is any of us?but she lived 5 year,s and se done alot of good.she belonged to Jesus so we know she went home to be with that made the day we said goodby easyer.if she had not been saved it would have been hell!!!but knowing we will see her again helped to say was a nice day when we all said goodby.the sun was shining and the sky had little fluffy clouds in it.the wind was alittle cold but we stood there and said our fairwells.the paster gave a salvation service becuse some of our loved ones aren,t ready to meet their maker yet.he let them know mom was!!the four guys kruze Eric Tj jake and two others carryed her casket to the the tree,s some birds were singing.chic a dee,s and a blue jay.the paster said a blessing and dismissed us all.I thanked everyone for coming in case I had missed anyone.and we headed for our was hard to know that was the end of a life we will miss very much here.but it was good to know it was only the beining of the life that would last frever ther in heaven.this is what itsaid on mom,s notes nd card,s.there were autnmn leaves on the this is what it said inside. {do not stand at my grave and weep:Iam not there, I do not sleep.Iam a thousand wind,s that blow.Iam the diamond glint on snow.Iam the sunight on ripened grain.Iam the gentle autumn,s rain.When you awaken in the morning,s hush,Iam the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight.Iam the soft stars that shie at not stand at my grave and cry: Iam not there,I did not die.} "Home at last" {The road may have been long,and the path rocky and filled with mountains and hills to climb.And you may have felt weary from time to time.You may have wondered if you could make it at all,but today in paradise you stand healthy,straight and tall.The beauty around you fills your spirit with awe and wonder,as down golden streets you wander.Then yu see a face as bright as the summer sun,and you are filled with joy to see its God,s own son.Jesus says welcome home child,come lets set and talk a while.across your mind runs a million questions to ask,and now you have the time at last,you look up into His face and all questions are erased...}I wrote this poem years ago 2001 for a friend who passed works just as good for today!!!thank you for your comments and prayers and words of kindness.


Blogger cheated are the clouds said...

Thanks for sharing with us, your words and poem, your mom sounds like a special lady, and I am sure your memories will carry you threw even though you will miss her

4:50 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks cheated,she was a special lady.the memories we have will keep us tell we see her again.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

Thanks for sharing with us your poem and I love what was on her program/card. I know that you will meet again and God will take care of her til you see her and your great stepdaddy. Take care and I miss you.

2:14 PM  

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