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Sunday, December 17, 2006

memories from the past.

one year I wanted to give my Mother and father a nice christmas gift so I started to think it over.a gift they would not get for themselves.I had time yet so I looked around and could not find anything that said I really love you and am glad I have you.I was getting very upset cause it was very close now to christmas and I still hadn,t found what I wanted.well when I drove past a place I caught something out of the corner of my was a horse and the ctest little looked like cinderella,s was all white and sooo pretty.little lanturn lights on both sides and it just said" this is it!!!"I drove in and talked to the owner.he said it was $ 2'50 a person for a 15 minute I went to pick up my girls at school and when we got done with supper I told them to go get ready and dress they went and got readyI told them I had a surpise for we pulled the horse and wagon was just pulling in.the girls loved the horse and asked his name.we got in and were off on our was a nice night not too cold .it was sooooo nice to hear the sounds of the woods.the horses sound on the road and feel the crisp winter air on your face.we enjoyed it so much and were sorry when it was over.and I knew it was just right for mom and Dad for the next day I called them and said they needed to come out so I could give them their gift.we eat supper and then got ready to go .the girls stayed home cause there wasn,t room for all of us.I drove down to the place and the horse and carage were just pulling up.and it was sooo had just turned dark,and it started to snow lightly.and the bells some where were playing.and some where someone was playing christmas we came though the little woods the snow fell more and it was so pretty. mom said this must have been what it was like years ago. when My mom had to go to the place down the road up north with her carage.Dad just looked out the side and said its so pretty with the snow falling like this.the bells on the horse jingled and sounded so charming.for a minute or two we just sat and took it all in.I thought how wonderful it would be to have a carage and a horse to do this all the time.but all too soon the ride was over and we were back in the car heading left a warm feeling in side to know I gave Mom and Dad something that gave them good memroies.we all had wanted to go for a ride on a slaugh on a winter night.Mom had said it more then once after our ride.but we never did get to.alot of good christmas memroies will come out this year as we get together.or maybe it will be too soon. thanks for stopping and hope you enjoyed my memories from christmas past.I would love it if you shared some of your,s.peace and good will to all. Posted by Picasa


Blogger FPN said...

That scene sounds just beautiful. You asked us to share, so I'll share my last Christmas. Sometimes, family get togethers have more stress and hard feelings and the spirit is more down trodded than lifted. So last year, I planned a trip for Christmas morning with my husband and daughter. We went to Palm Springs and for the fist time road the tramway high up into the mountain. We took a light hike and walked through the trees and rocks and found the frozen streams. Saw beautiful views and relaxed in nature. So nice to get away from the crowds. A couple of hours later it was time to head back and we couldn't have timed it better. As we headed back, in came a flux of thousands of people from the trams. Our hike contained us and about maybe 5 other families spread comfortably about. The hiking trail wasn't that big. All those people on the trails would have meant hiking single file. I can't even imagine what it would be like. Down the hill we went. It was such a pleasure knowing what we had and what we could have had if we had gone up later. So I gave thanks for the many blessings we received that day.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thank you fpn for stopping by and for being so kind to share your christmas trip with me.seems your the only one who read the bottem.lots of people don,t like to read long drawn out posts I have been told.but I read long ones all the time.some are so interesting people can write so have a mery christmas and a happy new year.

7:41 PM  

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