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Thursday, December 14, 2006

home sweet home.

its nice to visit,but so nice to get home.Anna her hubby and I been getting the stuff out of mom,s apartment.not so fun.its hard to do it knowing its fineal.that she will not be back there.and its odd seeing someones life being devided up to who ever wants it.and if no one does it goes to good will or some play liked the things she had.don,t we all?but you know that the things we like others may not.I treasure the things the Lord has blessed me with.and I got to thinking some day my stuff will be gone through.and a good lot of it will go to my family if the Lord calls me home before the rapture.and so while we went through the stuff I picked out the things that will remind me of the times mom was here.I surely don,t need the stuff I have too much in this apartment as it is.but I just can,t see mom,s stuff go with out me or the kids taking some to remember her.some was given to kruze, Em,and sarah.and some to lucy.kruze got the bed and table and a few other things.he hadn,t recieved much from Dad when he passed away so we made sure he did this time.lucy got some baskets she had made for mom and some other stuff Anna and I thought she may want.she did,t come to help so we did the best to be sure she got some.the two girls got their grandma,s doll loved Indain dolls.Anna was tired and had sooo much to do today and so it was hard on her.but there was alot done in the last few days.all the stuff was boxed and every thing taken to the place where they took it.the only thing now is the big stuff.and that will go out next week.I feel bad cause I ain,t much good anymore.Iam not as young as I use to be.and I have too much weight on me so I get tired out I wasn,t much good to Anna.I did the best I could.and her hubby helped with the rest.they make a good team.wish I had found a team mate who would stand by me when I need it.but that has not happened.Iam proud of Anna and her hubby.they have been married a long time and they stick by each other.Anna and Eric came and helped me get my stuff in the house.I told them they didn,t have to but they wouldn,t liston.I tired to get as much unloaded before they came but they beat me to it.any way I got alot put away but I feel it I took a big brake.they had to go to a game with Jake and TJ.but the Jakester couldn,t play cause he broke his rist the other night.poor kid was in alot of pain.we prayed for him before he went to the hospital.but he had prayed when it happened.any way this has been a long busy week.I called the hubby to tell him merry christmas .wanted to cause I will be gone around christmas..he is still having problems.I know we will not be together as man and wife no more but wanted him to know I still hope he makes it ok.any way some day maybe Ill look back and this year and be able to find something good to say about it.but for now its not the year I want to remember.2007 will be a year of miracles I hope.thanks for stopping.{o I tired to post on a few of your blogs and wasn,t able hope I can figure out what the heck is wrong.}God bless you all. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Blondie said...

I am sorry that you had such a hard day. I am sure that it wasn't easy going through her stuff. I pray for you all everyday and hope that it will get easier as time goes on, or at least not quite as painful because time heals all wounds...
Take care of yourself and May God richly bless you in 2007.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

10:58 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for your prayers and for stopping blondie.Merry christmas to you and your family to.things are getting better its just you have so much to think about that needs to be done.

8:51 PM  

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