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Friday, December 08, 2006

the valley of desiding.

as I thought about what to write tonight I went to one of the blogs I found.and as reading His angel story.I ran across someone elses blog.its called {its the little things,}and the friends blog is {very nice man}you can find his on my last post.check him out.Oh and so all my friends know.if I knew how to do that link thing Id have you on my blog.but don,t know how.I said I am cumputer alliterate!!!so know your bookmarked in my thingie but the rest I don,t know.well anyway.the lady with the blog.told her story and its cool so is the angel story its cool to.but they both started me thinking.there are over 6 million people in this world and only a small amont of them are believers.Oh some of them believe only what they believe is going to send them to a very hot climit someday if they do not learn the I will make this as short and sweet as I can.there is a God HE IS REAL !!!he has a son named Jesus who He sent to die for your sin,s. yes sin,s He gave us the 10 comandments to show us His standerd,s.and none of us passed.we have all fallen short of those standereds.Jesus lived a sinnless life for us cause we couldn,t do was proved in the old testement that no one could do it.thats why He sent Jesus and the new testiment or covenet.Jesus died and rose again on the theird day.he payed the price so we could have right standing with God again after Adam and Eve blew it.all we need to do is ask Jesus to come into our heart and be our savior and the Lord of our life.and He does the that sounds simple.yap it is.God does things that way to confound the wise and learned in the world.He uses the foolishness or foolish to get His point across.the bible is true and it has all you need in it to make it.if you will only use says in the word of God."if you have boke one of the 10 commandments you have broken then all.}thats pretty plain.if you lied you did.if you used Gods name in vien,if you stole,if you looked at someone to lust after them you did.and there are more.all of us have broken them if we are honest with our selves.but even if by chance you think your says you still have one sin held agains,t you.and that will get you a hot climit too.its the sin of not recieving Gods way of salvation{JESUS}.yes not recieving Jesus is the only sin held agains,t you right now.see when Jesus died he took all the worlds sin on himself.and God is not holding those sin,s agains,t you anymore.but he is holding not recieving Jesus as your savior agains,t recieve him.why go to hell for something you don,t have to when someone already payed the price for you? its like this >your gilty for killing someone.and at the same time you stole alot of money,and you did alot more besides.well your in front of the judge and He is tee,d off big time cause your a real bad seed!!!He is about to throw the book at you and slap your sorry butt in the slammerand throw the key away.well in walks this man who you don,t even know and he talks to the judge.the judge gets this wierd look on his face and says let the prisoner stand there in shock cause you know darn well your butt should be frying.but they come and take the cuffs off your sorry hide and tell you your free.and they put the cuffs on the other guy and as they do he smiles at you with love in his watch him go with them in ask someone what just happened and they say Jesus took the rap for you.!!! Posted by Picasa


Blogger cheated are the clouds said...

Nicely said

8:17 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

Hi Llyod.glad you stopped.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

I agree totally.
Take care and God Bless

10:58 AM  

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