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Sunday, January 28, 2007

me mom and Dad.

this was a happyer time in their lives.they were young and still in love.they had a little token of that was a wonderful time. my father was a farmer and jack of all trades and master of none.he is a very smart man and talented.but lacted the go in life to make it work for him.He had a blacksmith shop and welding busineness for odd came from miles to have their stuff fixed.I learned alot sitting in his shop watching every move he made.he would lift me up on a shelf near him and the old gray cat that watched him to.her and I would sit for hours just watching.its how I learned to fix things and how things went together.the cat and I could have taken over that shop given the chance.but she died long before and I didnt get to stay long there was a house wife and help mate.she did the milking when Dad had a welding job.she drove tractor cleaned barns and did the work of two Dad ended up taking addvantage of her because of it.she soon ended up doing the work he never cared aged her fast and caused her alot of hurt.she was a very good cook.her and granny were the best cooks moms home baked bread was the best.aint no one come close to her baking danghters are good but moms and grannys will always be in my memories.when grandpa died we stayed on to help granny run the farm.we lived upstairs and she down.the house was a large one.I look alittle like my mom and Dad.Im taller by almost a half a head then my mom.her 4 foot 11 inches was small.but she wasnt a little woman.she was stronge.if it hadnt been for her strangth when the divorce happened we wouldnt have made it.we were on our own.granny helped.and Dad sent 100 dollors a month.but it wasnt enough to make ends meet.but we made it with the Lords help and grannys prayers.  Posted by Picasa


Blogger Blondie said...

Gorgeous baby! Nice pic of your parents.

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