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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

this post is for you raggedy

I was born and raised on a farm.and when you are you have to have a sence of hummer or you will go flippen you look long and hard for the funny in life to keep you going.well this is where most of the hummer in my life comes from.and some times it falls by the way side cause I forget it now and then under pressure.but today Iam going to do my best to bring it out of the closet so to speak.the freckels thing came from "been there done that".when I was a kid on the farm I loved to be any where my Dad was.Id sit on his bentch and watch him weld for the blacksmith shop he had.or Id be out haying with him.or down siting on the ditching machine as he dug out the swamp and made water was a life of wonder and beauty the frist few years of my life.and I loved it .no one had the life I did as a young child. I learned alot at the side of my Father.but not all good.but that is for another time.well one other place I loved to be was in the barn at milking time.I loved the cows, and the kittys that lived there and would come to drink milk as Dad would squirt it in their mouth right from the utter of the cow.and those cats had good eye milk contect.they never lost a drop.they would get full and slink off to a sunny window and lick clean nd take a nape.I loved to clinb up to the hay moew and lay in the sweet timothy and bromb grass my Dad said was good for the cows.I would lay and liston to the sounds of the farm and burn their memories into my mind.well to get to my after noon I came running to the barn.I was so full of child hood joy I was busting out just plain happy.I looked at the sky and saw the pigeons who adoptid me the summer before as one of their own.they were flying and coming down to say hi we still remember you.and my calf was mowing for his milk.he new I would feed was just one of those days when you just know some thing is going to happen but you just arent sure what.well I rounded the barn door and was headed to the milking parller and down the path and turned to be just behind the I had done this many times before.and had always noted the signs to be careful but it was just too late.the cow I was right behind coughed and at the same time had a very juicy bathroon call.she knew I was in trouble and she felt so bad by the look in her eyes.but it was just too late.I was covered from head to toe.I looked like a freckle covered kid with out the red my Dad stepped out to my ewwwwwww scream.!!!!!!and fell down laughing his fool head I was hummlated already but he couldnt help it I did look a fright.but it was the straw that broke the camals back.I started to cry and ran to the house.well now its funny.and I can say the words to the wise.but then it was anything but funny.but it taught me to laugh when you feel like crying and just make the best of it.I got all cleaned up and tryed to regain my joy.but I just wanted to get even with the old man for laughing.well come to find out I didnt have to.the kid who was helping us that summer desided it wasnt funny Dad had laughted at he took a fresh pile of the same poop and through it on my Dad.well the crap was flying like you wouldnt believe when I can back out to the barn.I peeked through the barn hole door.and OOOO what a mess I seen inside.those two fools were covered worse then me.but the barn walls were covered the cows who were wondering what the heck was going on were covered.and I cracked up laughing so hard cause they looked so funny I had to go change again cause I peed my pants.I still remember that mom got sooo mad she had to clean crap covered clothes off me, she went to the barn and cleaned a few clocks if you get my drift.and she was no one to mess with when you got her steamed.the barn was blue when she got done and the two crap covered fools had to visit the creek to get clean.and walk back to the house with only their undies on.the other clothes were never seen there Raggedy is the story I promised.hope you enjoyed it.and anyone else who may read. so if your cows have colds stay away from their back sides and dont sling crap if you dont want your barn blue.God bless you all. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Raggedy said...

Wow! Awesome story!
Thank you so much!
In the words of Paul Harvey I finally know the..."rest of the story."
What a beauriful setting you described it in a way that I could picture the beauty of where you were. I sipped my coffee at the wrong time in your story. Many times with my children I have to bite my tongue and run outside to grab something from the car just so I can let the burst of laughter out from something I know they don't think is funny. I think if I saw my kids getting spewed by your coughing cow I am not sure I could contain myself. Thank you so much for sharing. I am honored that you dedicated your post to me.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

2:57 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

I like the cute little picture of the kitty you use for your posts.and the kitty you do with the hugs and your name.its unic.thanks for stopping by.I promised to tell you the story only didnt think it would be today.God bless you.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

FUNNY, This one made my day. You are such a poet with your posts. Raggedy is right about feeling like we were there and how you describe it all.

8:45 AM  

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