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Saturday, January 06, 2007

the ice is melting Im standing on thin ice.

I came home form a nice visit to Annas.only to find more bad news in my mail box.the SSI has cut my check in half.and with that I will most likely have to move.and it may mean I will have to get rid of the blog and not eat or much of anything.I will not have enough money to live on.and they did it cause I was married to the hubby.well he is gone and living some place else so how do I live now?the whole thing has sent me for a loop.and if I wasnt already depressed enough it just sent me into a down hill spine.I was doing pretty good but then this.I do not under stand what the heck is going on.if I were sinning up a storm or being a jurk to others I could see being hounded for it.but I dont know what the heck I did to deserive all this crap dumped on me.last year was hell year.but this year aint starting out much better.I was so down tonight I couldnt even get my head up above the water so to speak.I called my son in law kruze to tell him something .and had not intended to say anything and it just spilled out.well I wonder how people live on the pittley ass amount of money they give us.I have no way of suporting my self do to my how do they figure people are supose to wonder people end it all with the crap going on in this world.I wasnt going to tell this all here.but I said I wouldnt lie to you so here it is.I feel like my husband has been of no help to me at all.when I loved him and stuck by him for nearly two years and at risk of my own sanity.when I needed him he crumbled and left me to handle it alone.then when I gave him a second chance to come back and try again.and I tryed to help him but he only thought about him self again as always.he refused to take his pills so he was at lest some what stable.then he got wierd again when the meds stopped .and I had to ask him to leave cause I couldnt help him.and he had broke his promise to take the pills.I had to borrow money so he could get pills to go live with his mom that he didnt take eather.and then My mom passed away.and all the rest of this crap.and much more that I will not even go into much is one person supose to take?????if I had a gun tonight I would have been at a place where it was not good.but I dont have one so dont worry.and i wont do nothing but vent here.I cant take any more.I did all I could do.I called for prayer.that was all I had strength to do.I wish the Lord would just let me come home to be with him.I dont have a man I can count on to stand with me.and Iam tired of being alone.but tooo dam scared to ever try life with another man again.I guess the Lord is telling me I aint good enough for any man.cause the ones who come only suck me dry and leave me to face the clean up alone.I know I know its my fault I marryed him knowing he had problems.but I honestly thought the Lord could heal him and we would have a life serving the Lord.but the truth is that his guy is a little kid and it will take him years to grow up if he ever does.and he is more into himself then any thing.I am sick of being a care taker for men who can berly take care of them selves then some one else.I have had to raise two girls alone cause the man who fathered them was too in to booz.and another one who was in love with some one else.and now the hubby pulled this.I think it will be best if I just stop writing this blog and just try to go on as best I can if I can after this check thing.why would any one want to liston to me tell how much the Lord helps me when every time I turn around I have problems.I dont want to be my self ,why would anyone be helped by my stinking life any way?Lord unless you do some thing to work this out for me I will not be able to do this blog any if you dont work it out Ill know this blog wasnt realy your will for me any way.what do I have to say to people any way to help them?all they see is problems.raise up some one who can help them.they need to learn from some one whoes life is going good.Im tired Lord and you say that you wont give us more then we can stand.well I have stood all I can stand!!!Im done.I have come to the end of my rope where problems are conserned.I dont have the strength to fight any more I have stood as best I was able for the kids through this crapy Im just tired.some times you get to a place where eather God carrys you or you dont make it.well I do not have the strength to go on in my own strength any more cause I dont have any.I pray and hope God will let me come home to be with is a drag for me.the hope I had of having some one to spend my life with has been ripped away for good with this last dumb mistake I made.and I have no hope of any thing else to look forward to.cause I waited 18 years for the hubby and look what I why ask for anything else, who knows what would come with it?I dont see any thing good coming.all I have seen the last few years is heart acke pain and sorrow.the bad has out weighed the good.the blessings seem to have gone away and the trash has been dumped in truck loads.I cant do any thing about it.I have lost hope.the only thing that keeps me going is my grandkids and the ones who have stuck by me this year.if not for that I would have just left.sorry to lay this on you but I said I wouldnt be fony and I will not!!!so if the Lord doesnt work this out I dont know how long Ill have the money to pay for the computer and the if you dont see any posts on here you will know what sorry I dumped this but dont have any other way to vent now.thanks for reading and pray for me I need all the prayers I can get.Lord this is my prayer.if you really do touch others through this blog then you work this check thing out cause other wise I will have to stop the internet payment.and unless you get my money back then I will have to move cause I cant pay the bills and eat. $467.77 isnt enough for any one to live on in this day in age.and with hubby gone why should I be punished for his mistakes?I want you to help him get the help he needs but am I supose to die to see him get help?where is my help?I want to be alone Lord!!!! men have ripped enough from me in my life.I have been stomped down enongh and used and abandened.I have learned my lesson Iam better off dont have to beat me over the head no more Lord I learned.from now on all I need is you Lord.I will know if I have to give up the blog that it wasnt your will any if you want it go on ,you need to do something.if not then Ill know it wasnt your will.and if nothing is done to help with the check then Ill know that its time for me to go.and I will pray accordingly.this is now your problem Lord I cant change any of this so its in your hands.and if you want me to have food this month then you will have to pervide.cause the money I thought was there isnt so its now your problem.Im a tither and was faithful to tithe.but now I dont have the money to meet my needs.and aint sure the money will cover what I did get.well that is my post. I know its not filled with good and it doesnt have much interest for any one.but its my life and its my hurt and pain.and its the truth of what is going on in my life.well only a little of the crap going on.there is more but its just too hard to deal with this to night, with out dumping it all here.all I know is I need sleep and wish I could crawl in to a hole and pull the cover over my head and not come out.Im glad mom is with you Jesus she is out of this hell hole.sorry I tryed to hold her here as long as we did.she didnt have a very good life here eather.I dont want to stay much longer eather Lord.the truth is I would leave today if you would let me. but every time I ask you say no its not time.well what earthly good am I doing here? Iam lonely and sick of being by my self.I longed for someone who could be there to stand by my side .but there isnt any one but you.the Kids have their kids.Anna has her hubby and the boys. Lucy has her Girls and even Kruze even though she screwed him over he still cares for her. but I have only me to come home to.yes you are here Lord but some times one needs some one with skin on. take the desire to have some one of my own hurts too bad to even feel the tiny little flicker way down deep in my heart.dose the flame completely. so I will not hurt any more. give me a new start and help me to have a reason to live again.or be kind and let me come home.have mercy on a old lady, who has seen too much of life here on earth and just wants to come home. rebuck the devil on my behalf cause Im in no codishion to do it my self Lord. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can they base your money on what you would get if your husband was still around if he's gone? that is so unfair. I hope you get it solved. An absent man doesn't support you. I'll keep praying for you.

11:05 AM  
Blogger cheated are the clouds said...

Leann do you remember back a few months, you helped me pray for the first time in many years, you have helped me out in the most unselfish way, your life is in Gods hands and we never know why things happen but our reward for staying true when all this seems worthless is a place in Heaven when our time is ready, God has not forsaken you Leann, You need to contact someone who can talk to the people who have made this desion to cut your check, perhaps they have made a mistake, or a mis calculation, remember you are only a number to them therefor you have to question there answers, do not let it go, contact them and fight your case, I hope you can work this out I will be praying for you

12:04 PM  
Blogger The very nice man said...

My prayers are with you, Leann and I am asking the Lord to send angels to comfort you.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Perez said...

Oh Leann how can I help you? I just wish there was something more I can do more than just pray...I just want to be able to help you when you have given me your words...Just don't give up...I hope everything turns out for you...How could I learn from someone with a perfect life anyways...Like you said to me I remind you of you when you were younger...I just hope you find your way and that the Lord will hear our prayers...I will be praying for you Leann-God Bless you and take care-perez

8:33 PM  
Blogger said...

I know to keep my mouth shut, but I just can't, so I'll try to keep it short. It is better to be alone than with a bad partner. You don't choose partners. You choose losers. Stop choosing. Maybe this is what the Lord is trying to teach you: How to be strong as an individual. I know you are in a mood and we all go there and I know its rough, but the one perk about when you hit rock bottom is there is only one place to go and that's up. So take a deep breath, (and another and another) and pick up your boot straps, take a fresh look and get on with what you need to do.
One more thing, stop fussing about Lucy and Kruze. Don't judge them. I know it's hard to watch. It breaks the heart, but this is part of their growing. It will make them stronger. This is their lives. You need to focus on YOU.
Hugs and blessings (Speaking of blessings, I've read everyone's blogs and you got lots of blessings, just as I know some people count you as one of their blessings.)

10:13 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thank you margi for your prayers and comments.God bless you and thanks again for reading.thank you to clouds for your faithfulness to read my blog and be a good friend.your words helped.thank you to nice man for your words of comfort and your prayers.all three of you show me that I have people who care about me.its nice to know there are people praying for me.thank you and God bless you.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

perez thank you so much for your words of help.God bless you.thank you .

8:30 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks Lucy I could say some thing to this but I will let it ride.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thank you FPN.your words and some of some other friends today have helped me look at things in a whole new way.thanks for your honesty.the truth is I raised my kids and now its their time to face up to the judge who judges all fairly.we do the best raising our kids.and I did do the best I could.and I know it wasnt good enough.none of us can do perfect.only God is a good father.but with what I knew at the time I did the best I was did my its time for my kids to take their shot.and its funny it will be their kids who judge them.thanks again for your honesty.I will take your wise addvice.Im better off alone with Jesus then with another person.He is the husband I can depend took a long time to learn but I did learn.yes Im not too bright where men are consured.guess its from not being around any good ones but my step father when I was a kid.thanks for stopping.God bless and thanks for calling me a blessing.its not me its the Lord through me.Im surely not much of any thing with out Him.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

margi lost your blog name and when I pushed on your name to get to it couldnt get to thank you for your kind words.please give me your blog name if you get this.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

Luc I cleaned the barn.

5:38 PM  

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