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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

my dry flowers.

these are some of my dryed roses and flowers I have saved over the years.
the basket I got from my friend Doris.she gave it to me when I moved into my new mobile home.

today was a good day to stay in.the snow was coming down pretty good.we seem to be getting more then they thought.I had been planning to go out to Anna,s but desided to wait.from what they figure we have had 24 inches from both storms.and with this it will be even more.

I love to dry flowers they last a long time.I have some that are 15 years old.I dryed some roses and they are still fine yet.these flowers I just add to them as I get more.but as you can see Im running out of room.

My mother in law gave me some lambs ears.they are a flower stock that looks just like lambs ears.they are a real sage green that is almost pastal.and they dry so well.I have had them for nearly 2 years and they are still perfect.Ill take a picture and post it.

cat tails dry very well to if you get them early.the small ones do the best.hang them in bunches upside down in a dry place out of the sun.then spray the heads with hair spra and they will last a long time.

there are alot of flowers and grasses that will dry and make lovely arrangments.

violets,roses,are my favorits.they keep their color so well.but there are others.I love to test diffrent ones to see.some press in books,some work better hanging.others dry well laying on paper towel.and they work good in bowels if you add sented oils to them.your whole house smells good.I picked wild roses with hubby 2 years ago and dryed them in a basket and they still have the smell of roses.and their color is so bright yet.we picked them in bub form.they were just about to open.and they worked the best for bowels and baskets.

well have a great week and if you dry some flowers let me know how they turn out.and if you know of any others that dry well let me know.God bless and thanks for reading.

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Blogger annie said...

Hi Leann,
Thanks for stopping in to say hi.
My grandmothers funeral flowers were hundreds of long stem red roses, all the kids took one and gave me one too... I brought them home and hung them by the stems in the window opening between the kitchen and den and they are still really pretty.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~Your dried flowers are beautiful. I have never tried that.
Thank you so much for your good wishes for my recovery. I am fine
just a bit tired as I didn't get much sleep in hospital. Take care, my friend, ove, Merle.

5:59 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thank you girls for stopping.

Annie nice to meet you stop by any time,thanks for shaing about your dryed flowers.

Merle my dear glad your on the mend.if you try to dry some flowers let me know how they turn out.

God bless you both.

8:49 AM  

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