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Sunday, March 04, 2007

this is the view stright ahead .

This place is called buena vista,I just call it the bluff. its along the mississippi river,on the wisconsin and minnasota line.
and its a place to go and see big barges go through the Locks.the bluff is way up there in Gods country and you can see for miles on a clear day.I spent a vaction up that way.I stayed in a little motel for three days.and went up to the bluff with a lunch and just watched the people and the wild life come and go.

one day the park was,nt busy and for hours I was all alone.the turkey buzzards flew over on the up drafts.they surely arent much to look at but they can sure fly.I watched as they sored and glided on the wind.the song birds sang for me in the forest and along the bluff by the rocks.
gray squirrels ran here and there feeding on the acorns and some other kind of nuts I couldnt figure out what they were.
crows came from the farm fields behind me to see what I was doing,and then flew off some place to the north in hope of finding food.

every so often I could hear the train way off in the distance {I love to hear the train whisle its a neat sound.}.then soon it would come through town below.there are alot of trains going through.I was surpprised at the time I was there at lest 5 or 6 went through.

the breeze was lovely and kept me cool,under the huge oak tree I was parked under.I sat there just enjoying the peacefulness of the place.the clouds were moving across the sky on a lazy pace.and I almost fell asleep a few times.I read my bible.and the places I was lead to read, seemed to go along with the place I was. it was as if the Lord was refreshing me and giving me a trip with in a trip.

As I sat there a shadow flooted over and I looked up, it was a very big frist I thought it was one of the turkey buzzereds.but it was more graceful and shaped I got out of the van to check it out.I had never seen a bird that frist I thought a young eagle who hadnt recieved his white head and tail.but it was far too big for a young eagle.and the coloring wasnt right.

This old boy was golden I figured it most be a Golden Eagle.I didnt have a bird book at the time so I couldnt check.but later that day a man and his sister came along and I talked with them.he said it was in deed a golden eagle and they were all around there.they even nested on the bluffs walls now and did the bald eagles and turkey buzzereds.I was so happy to have finely seen a golden eagle with my own eyes.{I thanked the Lord for it.}

alot of people came and went for a while some I talked to some I didnt.and if I got the chance I told them about Jesus and what he had done for me.some were believers to and shared their love of the Lord.some just gave me that look.{the one that says O your one of them!}and they hurry off on their way no where.some are interested and are like sponges and suck up every thing you say.and recieve it gladly.some just hurry off and stay clear,they are the ones who saw my bumper stickers {one said Jesus on it}.but I prayed for them all.

I came to be a blessing and be blessed,so I let the Lord guide me.He sent alot of neat people up there while I was there.but he also gave me alot of time for just I eat my lunch I felt what it most have felt years and years before.when Indains walked this country.I could almost see them coming across the ridges and coming along to see the mighty Mississippi River.and standing there to look across its waters and feel very small in this great country.I could almost see them camp along the ridge to be able to watch the sunset.or to just watch the river as they eat their evening meal,and sat around the campfire.what wonders they most have seen back then.

some times I feel I was born 200 years too late.I think it I had been born back then I may have been a horse back preacher.I have had dreams of things like that when younger.but now I ride a van and travel to the wilderness anyway.only its not the same wilderness.its the "worlderness"the place where people are far removed from their creator.I believe the Indains knew God more clearly then the white man frist thought.they saw his handy work more then we did.just cause they didnt dress like us or look like us didnt mean they didnt know who God was.they may have called him some thing else but they knew there was people have been taught tht clap trap junk about Darwin.and it makes me mad!!!but the funny thing is that people believe that junk at only need to step out side on a clear star lite night to know this all didnt get here by chance.that is if your smart.

as a kid I knew there was a God,not just cause me grandpa believed.but because as a kid I knew he was there with me.I could feel him .he showed me things and lead to places where I would see wonders.swans,ducks,eagles,fox,mink,muskrats,bear,doves nesting,and so many wonderful I knew there was a it amaizes me to see young people now who dont even know there is a God.they have missed so much.I walk out into the wilderness and feel him all around.

well this is the pictures I promised to share.and alittle of the trip to the bluffs.hope you enjoyed it.there are three check them out .the foot path leads down to this start at that picture from this weekend and and go up and you will bewalking down the path.GOD BLESSS YOU ALL.and thanks for reading.

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Blogger Max Inclined said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have some wonderful photos. I like the snow and the river ones

1:34 PM  
Blogger Kathy Finfrock said...

I know what you mean about feeling God's presence when you were a child. I did too. I had taken classes in the Catholic church in first grade, but I was to young to take any of that in. No attention span at all. A couple years later, in another town, a Jehova Witness came to the door. I had to be maybe 7. They talked to me briefly and then it hit home. That's what I was missing. It was like giving God a name and I wasn't just imagining it. :-)

8:52 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks Max for stopping by.God bless.

thanks you Kathy for your comment and for stopping.its nice to have people stop and leave comments.
have a great week both of you.

10:22 AM  

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