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Friday, July 14, 2006

beside still waters He restores my soul

today was a long day,I turned on the news to see what was going on in the world.the heat was talked about and the lack of rain still is a problem in alot of places.but the thing that stuck out to me most was that there is fighting in the holy I know Jesus said there would be no peace there tell he came I know there will be cant have peace when you live next to people who want to get rid of you all together.that land was given to Gods people the jews long ago.and he has not taken it away from them.many have tryed in the past.but God always stepped in .so its no different now.God said to the jews "I will bless those who bless you,and cruse those who cruse it is wise to pray and help our jewish friends.they should never have given up the land they just did.they made a big cant give a part of your land to terroist and figure you will live in just does not I feel sorry for the palestieans who are just looking for a place to live.the ones who are just people like you and me.but I have seen how some of them act.and I know they cant act like that and be good peace loving people.they burned the churchs and things people held dear.and laughed at our sorrow at the time of 9 I wonder how anyone can say they are peaceful.sence I been alive that area has been fusing and how could anyone think peace would come.and the other countrys arould Israel are just as bad.Iran and Syria support terroists.Lebanon has hezobollah terroists.its one big snake pit over there.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the president of Iran is the devils boy of today.just like Hitler was long ago.the Iran pres said he wanted to get rid of the who do you think that sounds like.yes we are in the last days.with the news following almost word for word the bible in revelations.its time to be sure your ready for the Lords return.too many nuts out there with too much power and no brains can make this world a hellish place.its time to pray and ask God to once again bless us with peace loving countrys around us.and ask him to pertect us from snakes we willingly let into our country.its sad when people say they are peaceful but talk about killing us off in their so called I believe in letting people come here who are decent peace loving people .who just want raise their kids and make a living and enjoy the american dream with us.but when they want to make this grand old lady another Iraq or afganistand then I put my foot down.enough is enough.why did they come here to enjoy our country if they wanted to mess it up?they left their countrys cause they arent good places to now they want to go back to being trapped?seems pretty dumb to me.for the record your welcome here untell you try to take my freedom away.then you got a fight on your hands.I dont want to live like those poor people lived.I enjoy my freedom.I dont want to be treated like they treat their women.I enjoy what Jesus did for me.and he is the only one who is alive.all the people who believe in mear men are just believing in a empty promise.Jesus is the only one who can save a sinful soul. I know because he saved go on a plane that is going down and the only name you hear being called for help is Jesus.buttah ,mohamid,or the devil cant save you.only Jesus can.all those others are this may ruffel your feathers thats ok,cause if it wakes you up to the truth good.cause I dont want to see anyone burn in hell because of stupidity.and whats this trash about these young men believing there will be seventy virgins waiting for them.if they would read the bible they would see we are spirits in heaven not flesh and blood.and Iam sorry but I seen some of those boys, aint no woman would want them.who wants some man who kills inocent people just wanting to get home to their familys.the heros were the men and woman who took fight 93 to the ground to save inocent people the terroists were going to hit.they were the heros, that took guts.those are the ones God was with.not the terroists.they are not in heaven enjoying 70 virgins.they are where murderers and terroists belong (Hell.)so a hero is someone who saves lives not takes them.these men were cowards.they killed inocent people!you are decieved and you need to wake up and smell the skunk behind this kind of thing.his name is devil,satan,the dragon.the snake,the father of lies,the enemy of your souls.Jesus is the only name under which man may be says so in the bible.and if you dont believe the bible then your lost.and if your lost no one can save you then if you refuse Gods salvation through Jesus work on the I cant make it any plainer.I will just pray you who need to hear this will.there isnt much time left to get right with God.and maybe even less time for you.none of us know when our time is could go tosleep tonight and not wake up tomorow.or you could walk out your door and be hit by a one knows the days he or she has dont screw around with your soul.forever is a long time in the wrong place.(Jesus I need you please save me and show me the truth so Im not decieved.I dont know if this woman knows what she is saying or not.all I know is I want to know the If you are real and if you can save me from this messed up life then please do so.I know Iam a sinner.your 10 commandments prove I need a savoir please be mine and help me live for you.fill me with your Holy Spirit and power so I can become your son or daughter in Jesus name I pray amen and amen.)Jesus help those who need to see this find it.then use it to get them saved.I pray this in your sons name amen. I pray for peace in the holy land for your people.for peace in every home and on the streets on jerusalem and all of Israel.fight their enemys Lord and show the world our God is God.I praise you for your mercy lasts forever.I praise you for you and you alone are worthy to be are mighty in battle and stronge on your peoples hear us when we call to you with sincer hearts.Lord one person can only do so much.please I pray the Lord of the harvest to send in the workers to bring in this harvest of souls in Jesus name I who believe as I do pray for peace in the holy land.pray also for the countrys where people are stopped from knowing the freedom of believing in Jesus.right now there are countrys that will put you to death for believing in Jesus.that is why we are in Iraq and those people have the freedom to hear the truth.if they choose not to, at lest they had the chance.this country was raised up to free those who are inslaved no matter how they are.Russia was given the chance and she is still open to the gospel of Jesus.but one day she will close down again but by that time all who were coming in will be in. china is another.if you saw a persons house was on fire wouldnt you tell them? or would you be afaird you would offend them?no you would do what ever it took to tell them.well there are people all over this world who,es lives are burning up and if they dont hear about Jesus now it will be too late.I dont want to get to heaven only to find you didnt make it cause I didnt tell you so I tell you.if you listen great.if not your not on my I aint writing this to just the few who read this now.but I hope it touches them to.Im writing it to those who will read it in time to come.I aint some great writer or famous person.just a house wife with alittle time on her hands.guess that is way the Lord layed this blog on me.He can use anyone.He gave us a great commison.yes us!!He said go yee into all the world and preach the gospel to all people.yee is you and me.ya you!! and me.we have the ablity to reach people.and we are able to do it.we can send money to help those who will go to the other countrys. and thereare good men and women out there who will go.Jesse Duplantis,kenneth Copeland,Benny Hinn,Paul cruch,marilyn Heckey,and many many more.and dont say those people just steal your money.cause its a flat face lie.the Lord is useing them.dont you think He is able to stop the ones who are doing wronge? he already did.some are gone.but those who are doing his will are stiil going stronge.find your way of going and go.dont get to heaven and be ashamed when Jesus says how many souls did your reach? Posted by Picasa


Blogger Blondie said...

AMEN! You sure know how to put it all into words. Love reading your blog and always feel so inspired to spread the word and the faith.

8:59 PM  

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