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Sunday, September 10, 2006

fall in the midwest.

there is a story in the bible about a son who came to his father and said.father I do not want to live under your rules or in your home no more.I would like to get my inheritance and go off on my the father loved his son and didn,t want him to leave but the boy was old enough to make up his own mind.and the father gave him the the right to use his own free the father gave the boy his share and told him he loved him and watched as the boy walked away.for a long time the boy walked,far from his home and the loving arms and care of his home and the ones who loved him.soon he came to a big city far removed from the life he knew.and soon he was doing things he would not have done at home.he had friends who were close to him and stuck by him.they enjoyed his money and the life that money could bring.and the boy felt like he was on top of it all.well all to soon the money started to run out and he begin to lose friends.soon the end to the money and the friends came.and he was left all alone.he had no way to get more money or even help he went to a farmer in the country out side of town and asked to feed the pigs to at lest have a place to stay.the farmer let him feed the day after livng there for a short time the boy was dirty and hungery and lonesome .for people do not hang with you when your down and out.the boy feed the pigs and as he did even the pig slop looked good to him.just as he was about to steal some away from the pigs he came to himself and said "why am I here even my fathers servets are treated better then I am here! why don,t I go back to my fathers house and ask to be a servent,because I do not deserve to be his son!so the boy started out to go and beg his father if he could work as a servent so he could at lest live.but back home the father had been looking every day waiting for his long lost son to come home.morning and noon and night he would go up to a high place and look for the one who was gone.and on the day the boy came home his father was looking and seen him coming and ran to tell the servants to kill a calf and make a feast for the returning son.he also took a clean robe and a family ring and shoes and ran to meet his son with open arms.the son was sad and as his father ran to him and took him in his arms he said father I have sinned against you and do not deserve to be your son,please let me just be a servent so I may at lest live.but the father put his arms around the son and said you are my son and you will always be my son and I love you.Iam glad you are home and all is forgiven.and they walked to the feast and the son who was lost was restored and found again.the father is God the son is us who have gone astray and who come home.its always best in our fathers house.the world is cold and has nothing to give but pain.sooner or later it will leave you starving lonely and ashamed and looking for home.come home to a father and family that loves you.let the pigs feed themselves.this has always been a story that has blessed me.but there is alittle more to it.there was a son who had stayed home with the father and he got mad because the father throw the boy a party.he said I stayed here and did as you said but you never held a party for me!the father said son all I have is yours,you could have had a party any time you wanted.because all I have is yours!!but here is your brother who was dead and here he is restored to us alive rejoyce and be glad for he was lost and now he is found.yes its hard some times to see some one who does dumb things get forgiven by God in a hurry and returned to the family.that is unless its us who need you see we all need to be forgiven.we all ran off and were feeding pigs.we all need a fathers love.God does just as this father did.cause its a story of God to show you how he one gets away with sin it comes home to roost ,and soon you are feeds the pigs and are longing for home.when you see the pig turn and run home.your father is waiting.we all make dumb mistakes none of us are mental giants.but we don,t have to stay you all and hope this little story will bless you and give you a clearer picture of God and how he works and his uncondistional love for us.


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