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I'm a follower of Jesus...I Love the Lord!Iam a artist,love to write,I have two grown daughters,4 grand childern.I enjoy traveling.this is my blog and I say what I think.if you dont agree thats dont have to read it.sometimes I deal with so much crap,I feel like a farmer.check out my new blog "willow in the mist."

Sunday, September 24, 2006

this is for my new friend Lloyed.never be afraid to tell other about one you love.that love comes to you from above.his hand is always on your life.he shows it by sending you a wife.he helps you all along your way and gives you sweet rest at the end of the day.he hears your problems calms your fears and makes all worry disapear.he takes your hand in times of need.and always your prayers he problem is too big for him,and to him your desires are just wims.he is with you not matter what and he has given you all the good things you have don,t be scared to tell your love after all it came from above.loving Jesus isn,t a weakness its our lifes blood.yell it to the roof top and all around so others can hear and be found.God bless you Lloyed may God give you the boldness to be what he intended you to be.the sky is not the limit with don,t limit him and you can do all things though him for he gives you strength. Posted by Picasa


Blogger cheated are the clouds said...

Thanks leann, I am posting a blog i have been afraid to post for a very long time, today is the day

12:23 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

note from Leann it was suposed to say your desires {aren,t just wims.} so you see Lloyed I make mistakes to, plus I can,t spell worth bean,s but praise the Lord he still can use me.and he can you to.Ill tell you later how my hubby has been having some of the problems you hang in there the Lord can heal and he can restore also.DON,T EVER GIVE UP!!!!also don,t feel bad I use to be scared to tell about my faith.see I was the only one in the family who was saved.but 37 years later with the LOrds help they are all saved and moving closer to the Lord.OH WE AINT PERFECT JUST FORGIVEN!!!and we still do some dumb stuff but we go to Jesus and tell him and he is faithful to forgive and clean up the mess.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

How true and what a beautiful picture and You are an awesome servant to the Lord.
Take care and keep the great posts comin

10:44 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

I agree with Blondie you are an awesome servent to the Lord, because of you many people have been saved, especially my little family... You are our church...

5:15 PM  
Blogger leann said...

thank you blondie and Anna.pray that he Lord can use me you two much.

5:30 PM  

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