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Monday, December 04, 2006

winter has come to the midwest.

the snow came and covered the ground.the cold north west winds carryed with in a canadain clipper.and we got the frist snow cover of the season.its always pretty and I love to see it.but this time it wasn,t as wonderful.the thought of christmas with out mom is not appealing at all.wish I could fast forward it and get to spring.but that is far too much to ask.wish I could go back just one year and stop all the junk that happened and do things over.but that can,t be done I will make the best of it.the family is getting smaller and it seems so odd.and now Iam the oldest one left.that makes me feel very I was driving home the other night from Anna,s.I stopped to think about my passed at 75.that leaves me 17 or 18 years if the Lord doesn,t call me home sooner.Iam ready to go I know.but I was thinging about my kids and grandkids.that don,t leave me alot of time.and time slips by so seems like only yesterday my kids were young and now they have kids in their was a young woman ,yet she had wanted to be here to see the great grandkids have kids.but that is a tall order.I never thought she would leave before christmas.but then she will spend christmas with Jesus and Dad this year.that blessed girl !!!christmas in heaven wow!! I guess no one could get a better go girl,and you enjoy your self there with the one who made christmas in the frist place.we will have a good time because we know she is there and not in the ground.that is after all just her tent or shell.the real mom is her spirit and it left her body and went home to says in the bible "for the child of God to be absent from the body is to be home with the Lord."so I have no dout where she is."she went home."that is what is on the stone above the grave."gone home."this old world and death can,t hold the believer.cause death has no says in the bible" death where is you sting ?,grave where is your victory?"some one once said to die is like stepping from one room into another.and its I read a comment to one of mine I left on someone elses blog.the person named lenin,said Jesus was a mith.and a bunch of other things.I feel sooo sorry for people who are so desived.the devil has them right where he wants them.I told him what I tell others."you may not beliveve in Jesus now but you will two seconds after your in hell!!it says in the bible "the Fool says in his heart there is no God!!"now that pretty much says it all.I was a fool for a while.I to believed the bible was a commic book.I hadn,t seen a miracle or any thing to prove there was a God.I had gone to a frozen chosen church with no power.and seen no change in the people who went I thought it was a joke.well one day I seen my father in law healed by two christians who prayed for him and through them God healed him. they told me I needed Jesus in my life!! I said I go to church I been sprinkled .but they said "you need to ask Jesus into your life."well about 3 weeks later I did.and you know He came in like a big ocean wave or a mighty rushing wind and washed me clean from top to bottum.I never felt so clean in my life.and one by one he saved my family.see you can say all you want to some one who doesn,t know the truth.but you can,t pull the wool over the eyes of one who has already met who ever you are mr you better think long and hard cause it doesn,t matter what you believe, there is a Jesus and there is also a hell.and if you don,t believe in Jesus then you aint going to make it to heaven.Jesus said "no man comes to the father,but by me!!!"Jesus is the bridge between a holy God and a sin filled man.and it says in the bible "all have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory."that means none of us will make it with out what Jesus did for us on the cross.and our recieving I didn,t say it Gods word does.Jesus has already forgiven us of our sins. its just some of us don,t know it yet or won,t recieve it.the only sin held against us now is not recieving Jesus. now no one would willingly go to hell if he or she knew the truth!!so that is why I will tell who I can.that way if they refuse Gods salvation they can,t blame me cause I tell who will liston. I asked the Lord what to write tonight and guess this was it.God bless you all and hope you are ready to meet your maker in case you go .cause none of us know when its our didn,t know that she would wake up in heaven that morning.none of us knew she was it payes to be ready.if your not sure where you would is a prayer.say it and mean it in your heart.and God will do the rest.{Jesus forgive me Iam a sinner,I have done things in my life Im not proud of.I need you for my savoir come into my life and help me live for you and serve you all the days of my my Lord and show me what I need to know.thank you Jesus for coming into my life.I am now a child of God and when I die I know I will go to heaven to be with you."if you said that prayer Id love to know.and all of heaven is rejocing because you are saved.God bless you all and thanks for reading. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It's an odd feeling to think that you're the next in line to leave this world.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

didn,t really think I would be the next one only thought Iam the oldest now.and it made me think I need to be sure I do the things that need to be done.thanks for stopping.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

God bless you and AMEN! I love your blog and it renews my faith in Jesus Christ as my savior. You are a comfort to me and always have been. Hope you are doing alright and I think of you often. God Bless you and take care of yourself!

2:24 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks blondie glad I touch your heart and renew your faith.if I do nothing else in this life that in its self is a blessing.Iam doing are the kids.but it will be a odd christmas with out mom.thanks for stoping Blondie.Love you.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Keep up the great posts mom, I hope many said that pray at the end. You reach many lives on this blog and in your everyday life. Without your faith and dirrection The hub and I would be lost. Because of you I AM CERTAIN I WILL BE WITH JESUS. This is a fact I know....
Love you.

7:06 PM  

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