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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

growing up grizzly.

  • as I thought about what to write this time.I was fliping the channels and ran across a person who has a love for life and Gods wild animals.dont know if you have ever heard of the man or not but I bet you have seen one or two of his animals in the movies.His name is Doug Seus. He and his wife raise orphon grizzly bears.Bart the bear was one.he played in alot of movies before his death of cancer about 3 or four years ago. one was the edge with Anothney dolittle and others but the names slip my memorie now. I watched the story of the new little Bart.but he isnt little any more.I remember seeing him and his little sister Honey bumps when they came to live with Doug and Lyn.they were soo small.and they had lost their mom to a loging attcident.well dont know how attcident it was.a logger cut down and tree and the tree fell on the bear.guess the bear didnt hear him yell timmmmber!!!but the two little ones found a very good home.Doug and his family take on the cubs just as if they were there own kids.they love and respect them and help them make aliving as well.and by doing so they help their wild cousins to have wilderness to servive in. Doug and his family have made a way for grizzy bears to have safe places to live.there are only about 1300 grizzlys left in the USA.they cover only a very small area out west in only 3 small Doug has gone in to partnership with land owners and others to put together its wilderness land for the grizzlys. I think its some place in or around Utah.I was soo blessed by the movies that Bart and his other family members like tank,honey bumps and little Bart were in.Doug plays as stand in for some of the actors.he stands in for Antheny Hopkins in the fight seen on the edge.on doc dolittle he is the bears tranner and gets him out of the truck.Doug is a remarkable man and I would love to meet him and his family some day Lord willing.I regret not getting to meet Bart before he grand sons and I loved Bart it was hard on us when we learned he passed away.we all were sad. some say its not good to have wild animals around.but you know if they all go ,soon so will we.I would love to see a wild grizzly in his wilderness home.O I know they arent pets.and I know they could kill me if they could get me.but I also know if I dont bother them they will leave me alone. I was happy to hear about the wolves being brought back to the yellowstone area .the storys of the things wolves were suppose to do were so blown out of just plain crap.they dont bother people unless they let them. and if they kill some thing then the goverment has to pay the farmers.well its ok if the farmers aint liers.what a way to make a little money if you get my drift?any way I wanted to share with you one of my heros.the grizzly bear Bart the bear and his Dad Doug Seus.if by chance you see this Doug Seus thanks for Bart.and honey bumps and tank and also little Bart.and for what you are doing to help the other bears to have wilderness to rome free on.thanks every one for reading. and if you havent seen" growing up Grizzly one and two" please watch for it on the animal planet channel. it will cheer your heart and give you a respect for a remarkable man and his animals. done in memorie of a wonderful bear "Bart" you are missed.
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Blogger Anna said...

We remember "growing up Grizzly" about tank, honey bump and bart, so remarkably what they can train animals to do, and that something so big and wild can be tame and sweet if raised from an young. Its cool what doug is doing. I worry about others who are out there who are making pets out of exotic animals though, it seems to be a new fad for the rich. Kinda scarey..

9:59 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

yes if you dont know what to do and just want to cage them and look at them its not fair to the need to love animals the way Doug does to be able to do what he does.and the zoo,s sometimes dont care for their animals well eather.animals are like up we dont do well caged.thanks for stopping Anna.Love you.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very glad and grateful there are people like Doug out there, and full of admiration for them.

2:04 PM  

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