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Monday, February 05, 2007

some more of my treasures.

today is very I checked the blogs for fun monday and commented.and then desided to sit and do mine.I was glad I was able to stay in.I talk to Anna and she said the boys had school off cause it was so cold.I canceled my dentis appointment for tomorow cause I surely do not need to be out in the cold.
I guess no one got around to checking my blog or going to Anna,s today.but I m glad cause Im tired.I stayed up most of the night changing over to the new blogger thing.well let me tell you its surely not easyer.the dumb thing kept telling me I dont know my own pass word or that my password and user name dont the time I got done it was three something in the Iam not a happy camper.Im begining to hate to deal with this junk.and for the effort is it really worth it?I have a few who come on but today makes me wonder if it is worth it.
now onto a lighter note.I have been speeding time in the mornings with the Lord.I pray at night for the people on my prayer list and talk to the Lord before I go tosleep.but the mornings I spend time and let the Lord teach me.lately He has me reading in one of the books someone told me to read.its called {rediscovering the kingdom}by Myles Munroe.this book is helping me understand some very important things about the kingdom of has helped me understand when Jesus came and did what he did.we were able to get the garden that is good news!it says that we were able to get back what we lost at the fall of other words we are able to walk and talk with God again.just like Adam and Eve did before the that is good news.see when we recieve Jesus as savoir and Lord of our lives .we are returned to being son,s and daughters of God.not cause of anything we did but
because of what Jesus did for us on the much of what this man says just hit my heart like a hot iron.and my spirit just sucked it all in

He backs up what he is saying with the word of God.and my spirit witnesses that its true.the Holy Spirit in there to help us know if its true or hog wash.but you have to have the Holy Spirit in your heart to have that witness.when you recieve Jesus the Holy Spirit comes and takes his place in your life.and does the changing in your life.He teachs you what the Lord wants you to know.He comforts you Like Jesus said He would.He becomes your companion and He is the one who has the power to help you become who God intended ,His son,s and daughters.

that is way Jesus told His followers to not leave town without Him {the Holy Spirit}!!!He said go wait in the upper room tell you recieve power and the Holy Spirit has come upon you.its all in {first and second Corinthians.}they stayed there for the time and then the Lord filled them with His Holy Spirit and they began to speak in new tongues as the Spirit gave them alot of people seen it and heard them so I know its ture becuase of that and becuase it also has happened to others and most of all because it has happened to me as well.

but I say all that to say this.the churchs of today arent much different from the ones in Jesus day.they teach that God doesnt heal any more,and that He is way off out of reach of man.but that simply is not true.after Jesus came God was able to come and speak with people again.that is if they would liston.all it takes is a change of heart and a simple prayer.but the church for what ever reason doesnt what people to know that.they tell you "you cant talk to God !!!" you have to go through this one or pray to that one to be able to talk to God.but Jesus said "you have asked nothing in my name,ask the father and He will give it to you so your joy may be full."now that tells me God wants to talk to us.and He wants to bless us by giving us our needs met.

I have wondered if its because of money that the churchs dont want us to know the difference?if you know you go right to God and deal with dont have to run here or there to have someone pray for just go in your own room and close your door and talk to is good to go to helps one have a family of believers around you.but if they dont teach the bible as it should be then your better off not going there.Jesus didnt beat around the bush.He layed things out so even a Idiat could takes man to make it hard.Jesus said it takes the faith of a child to enter the kingdom of God.what He ment was if you tell a child something they believe,if they know you are truthful to them they believe.little kids believe in Jesus when they are little.heck they believe in santa because they were told there is one.but the difference is one day their patants have to tell them that there really is no santa.but the Lord is real.and a little kid will know it in their heart that Jesus is real.

when I was a kid I knew God was real.I could feel him.I grow up and time and things got in the way.the divorce of my Mom and Dad,having to leave the only home I ever knew.all things that made me guestion my faith. and if there was a God why did he let all these bad things happen to me?I turned from Him cause I didnt know the whole turth.I didnt know I hadnt asked Him in my how could He help me?my father had opened a door to satan to walk in and rip the family fathers affair with another woman was the reason the bad happened.not something God did or didnt do.and the fact I didnt know my rights as a child of God yet.

but when I learned at 19 that I needed to ask Jesus to be my savoir and Lord,I did.then I had the right to ask Him to come in to my life and get things back on track.people blame God for all kinds of "God killed my baby,or God took so and so,or why did God do this?"well God doesnt do bad things.He is a good God.He has no evil in Him.

If you take the name God and add another o you get {GOOD}.and if you take the word devil and take out the D you get{EVIL}

now there is no evil in God and there is no good in the devil.

you take all the good things that has happened in your life and put Gods name at the very top. and give Him all the credit for all those good things.

then take all the crappy things in your life and put the devils name at the very top and give him credit for all those things.cause he can only do bad things.

then take all the Good that comes out of those crappy things the devil did to you ,and thank God for taking what the devil meant for your harm and turning it around for your good.

God is a good God
. and the devil is a bad devil.

GOD wants to give us a future full of hope and good
. but the devil wants only bad for us.

JESUS said the thief comes to steal to kill and destory,but I come to give you life and that life more abondantly.
so you see JESUS told us who does the bad things in our lives .
and it sure isnt God!!!

the book I been reading helped to teach the kingdom plan God has for all of us.the bible is

B bacic
I instructions
B before {BIBLE}bacic instructions before leaving earth.
L leaving
E earth

if you have time and would like to read the book it will help you.its easy to read and its not too long.I been out lining the things that stand out.and some of this stuff I learned as life leasons.the Lords been working on me for 37 years.He has a long way to go with me.

BUT BABY I HAVE COME A LONG WAY!!!He took me off sig,s,cleaned up my life,helped me to get from where I was to here.and has been with me every step of the way. and I thank Him for all He has done. without Him I would never have made it.

today my bible reading was in Psalms 144. Psalms 40. Psalms 41. there are good promises in them for times of trouble.

God bless you and give you peace.and I plant the seeds of His word in your heart.I pray
they will find good soil to grow in.
have a great week.

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Blogger LostRoses said...

Leann, the more I hear about the new blogger the less I want to attempt it! Sorry it was such a pain to switch over but your blog looks very nice and you have some gorgeous photos.

Aren't you clever to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day early? I just went onto Godiva's website last night to send a couple of Valentine treats and I see I wasn't a moment too soon to get them delivered in time. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

6:36 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

lostroses thanks for stopping.God bless.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't comment often, Leann, but I do come by to check now and then. Keep it up, Eagle Lady! :-)
I can help you some with your blog if you ever need help with it.
I don't care for the new blogger either though...

God bless.

1:13 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stopping Alexa.and thank you for the offer of help.God bless.

8:19 PM  

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