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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

meadow valley homes.

When hubby and I were still together we took a trip to his mom,s for the we drove along we came across a beautiful large log home by a big man made pond.we stopped to check it out.the place was awesome.I could have moved in and been in heaven.the way they had it layed out was just right.

As you walked in there was a stairway to your left that went upstairs.and a bedroom or office space to your right.
then you went into a great room and it was sooo cool.the kitchen was on the right and the livingroom and fireplace on your left.and there were big windows floor to roof.
I was just awed by it.there were two good sided bedrooms off the left side of the living room.and one of three bathrooms.
off the right of the kitchen was the master bedroom,and master bathroom.O what a place.the bedroom was soooo had patio doors,that went out on to the big deck.a fire place and big windows to see the pond.
the bathroom was big and had nice lay out.

my heart said Lord this is the kind of log home I would like.{but I know its way over my head so if its one like I will have then its all up to you to work it out.}

with the three bedrooms down stairs it would have been just right for me and the family.but this place had three bedrooms up stairs to. you walked up the stairs and to your left at the top were two good sized bedrooms.and small bathroom,then to the right a open loft like and sitting room,and another bedroom.or was sooo neat.

it was so guiet in the home.there was cars going by out side but you couldnt hear them.and it was a very hot day and it was very cool in side and there was no air on.but it was just right inside.I was very empressed.the fans above us helped to move the air around and worked well.

we went down stairs and looked at it all again and we both liked it alot.and desided this floor plan was one we would pick.maybe not as many bedrooms.but room for them if we needed them.but I still think about how wonderful that lovely place was.

one day Ill have a log home.and it will be a treasure to you know I been sharing with you my life long dream to have far back as I can remember I have longd to live in stepfather did to.he never got his dream.but Lord willing I will.

well hope you enjoyed the log home trip.if I had one Id put in it the same things they have here in these pictures.

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Blogger Raggedy said...

What a wonderful memory and log home. I would love to own one as well.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks raggedy for stopping guess no one else even seen this post.some times I wonder if I put too much on and others just do not see it all.God bless.

8:44 AM  

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