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Monday, March 19, 2007

Big sky country

My sweet grandson came to stay with me for the night.he called up thursday and said Na can I come stay with you.I was happy to hear he was coming.I was alittle afraid cause I had been feeling down so much that he wouldnt have a nice time.

but I said come and stay.he came friday about 4;oopm.we talked a while and I said Id get us some calvers burgurs.he desided we would go for a ride.he wanted to go to the water.he loves to fish.
I had to think where the water would be open.the ice was still on some of the lakes and rivers here yet.but I figured the river would be off we went.I knew a spot where hubby and I use to go eat our lunch.
We drove along out of town and along where I told him I had lived before his mom was born.and his Auntie was only a baby.
the place doesnt look the same any more.its hard to see cause they put up a levee cause it use to you can hardly see the house.its high enough so it doesnt flood there.but I remember having to take a boat to get home there one spring.

We soon came to the parking lot by the was a perfect day.we got out of his car and looked at the river.the sky was filled with the prettyest fluffy clouds.and the river mirrored the is so pretty.the wind was mild and it was just right for our time together.I told him to be careful,he had desided to go down the bank and it was snowy yet.

I said dont fall in cause Id never get to you as slow as Iam .and Id probbly end in the drink my self.we laughed.and I said I wouldnt be able to get back up the bank so we would be in deep trouble,and I didnt think he wanted to carry his old fat grandma.we laughed again.

He told me he would be ok and he headed down the bank.he said he backed his butt into a rose bush and guess that helped him go down the bank alittle faster.O ya that helps alot been there done that.I remember sitting down on a branch of it once with out knowing it was there.O yes I remember well.I was picking rose thorns out of my butt for days.

he got his fishing pole ready and I looked and thought it was the best was beautiful.{BIG SKY COUNTRY}the kid was enjoying himself.and me I was begining to feel the blues drift away.I sat there thinking of all the beauty around us.the crows flying over in sreach of food.the lovely clouds.the snow and the color of the river.and my sweet grandson.

life has come full circal,where once I took him on addventures he was now taken was fun to see he loved me enough to come and take me for a ride.and to stay over night to keep me company.after all he is 17 and has friends of his own.and he could have done something with them.but he came to take his old NaNa for a drive.

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Blogger Gene Bach said...

Dang, now I want to go fishing! Would loved to have joined him.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

What a sweet grandson you have. At age 17 so many of them wouldn't have done that.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Beautiful post and picture!
What a great day for you!

10:52 AM  

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