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Thursday, March 22, 2007

the storm clouds move in.

Last night the storm clouds moved in,and the ligthing flashed across the sky.I could smell the rain coming before it ever hit the ground.the thunder rolled in the distance and the flicker of lighting showed here and there in the western sky.
I lay there in my bed and listened to the rain drops on the window,and the sound of the night time storm.

I love spring time thunderstorms.I have ever sence I was a kid.I use to sit in my room close to the window and watch the storm move by.I love to see the rain drops hit the glass.they make shapes and run down the glass in cool ways.
the days I could get to the barn before it rained were so wonderful.Id climb to the hay loft and lay on the hay and watch it storm through the big hay mow door.some times Id fall asleep just hearing the rain drops on the roof.

but the day I took this picture I could feel a storm coming and I knew it wasnt a good old spring time harmless was one that would change things forever for my family.
I didnt want to think about it cause there was already so much we had to get over. but the storm was coming anyway.
there was nothing I could do.

I sat there hoping that some how I was wrong and that the knowing I had inside was wrong.but it wasnt!the Lord had always warned me long before the storms of life were even able to be seen in the horizon.He warned me to pray.and how I had prayed.but the storm kept coming and soon the damage was done.

this storm wasnt the kind you can clean up after and go on as if nothing had was the kind that sweeps every thing off its foundation and leaves you with nothing to hang rips apart every thing you are a costom to and leaves you looking in vain for some since of truth.but you cant find cant believe it happened or even how it happened you just know it did.

you look for help to go on but it seems there isnt look for answers and none ache for those who were hurt by the storm but know there isnt any way to fix look for some thing to save from the storm.but you have nothing,your starting out fresh.ties that were once unable to break now mean nothing.and people you lived with your whole life are strangers and so diffrent you dont know them.once you could trust them now you cant even look at them cause the site of them brings nothing but pain!!

the storm has cleared a path of destruction.and some of the ones dont even see wonder how blind they can be?you see it clearly but they see only what they see and care little for what the storm destoryed.

you long for what is gone but its gone and you cant go back.and the future looks empty and go on hoping each new day will be better.then all at once another storm comes and knocks you down more.and you wonder what is going know you love God and you have done all you know to do.but the storms keep coming.your sooo tired you know if God doesnt do something you will no longer be able to go turn to him and confess you cant take anymore.

He comes to you and tells you he hasnt left you.that he didnt send the storms !!they came from a world that is as messed up as the people who do not follow him,or care what he says or wants for them.they care only for themselves and care little about what they do. as long as they get what they want when they want it.storms come for all kinds of reasons.but some come because of selfishness,and lack of respect for others.

but one can only do what they can do and hope that some how some way even if your dumped can still keep on keeping on in the face of dont pay to think sinners have it better then we do.they may look like life is better for them.but its decptive because there is a day of judgement.

I went through the storms and it wasnt easy.I thought many times about just folding and leaving.but I know that is not the answer.I know that things built on lies and decption and evil,will not stand,it will fall and raise no more.and the truth will come out.and those who did their best will have the victory.and the storms will come and the winds may blow but the ones who followed God will come out and shine.

I know that when the wind picks up and the storm clouds move in.I know the storm can only last so long.and if I hold onto Jesus and not take my eyes off him.I can walk on water.I know that if I do the best I can and keep on keeping on Ill make it.I know he loves me.and he didnt intend for me to be destoryed by the storm.he intended me to stand in the shelter of his wings and watch the storm move by.and when the clouds are gone and the sun comes out Ill be still standing.and I will have the voitory cause I trusted him.

I still love spring time thunderstorms.they are what bring the flowers.they water the tree,s and make them wake from their long winter sleep.if we never had storms we wouldnt have flowers or tree,s.we would live in a dry life less land.I believe tears wash away the lie,s of this old world and refesh us to be able to see the truth.

but if we refuse to see the truth even when God shows us.then we deserve to get what we get.I lived in relationships that werent good for me.I knew they werent good for me.but I didnt want to be alone.but when I could stand it no more then I made a is too short to live with someone who dont have your best interests at heart.or isnt able to be there when you need them.if you need to handle things alone all the time.then why not be alone?you are anyway.

I learned that if I have Jesus he is all I really need.if I put my trust in people I will always be disapionted,cause they are human and not perfect.but if I put my trust in Jesus I will never be disapionted or let down,and he will never leave me alone.

He is always there when I call.he is never tired,never says Iam too busy.never crumbles when the bottom falls out of things. He steps in when I cant go on alone.he is my strength when I have none.He loves me just as Iam.he came to find me when I was lost.I love him more and more every day.

some say He isnt real,some say all manor of lies about him.but they dont even know him!!!I know him cause I have some thing they dont.I have a history with him.I know him cause I spend time with him.I talk to him.I want to know what he has to say.I need to know what he has to say.

Heck I couldnt go on without him.I wouldnt know what way to go.the foot prints I follow are the ones who lead to the song says "I know Iam on the right path cause I just pasted the cross."

does this world or its trash mean anything to me?no!!!!what does it have that will last?nothing!!and I dont mean the earth.yes I love the earth cause my Daddy created it to bless me.and as a place for me to live.but the world sestom is a devil run devil planned mess.
it doesnt lead you to God ,it leads you away from this old world means nothing to me.

All I have is safe where my heart is.where moth and rust or thief cant break in and steal.{HEAVEN}where my Father holds all that is valuable to me for safe keeping.

I feel this tug on my heart more and more these last few years.the feeling of being more and more home sick for a place I have never been before.a place where tears will never fall.where loved ones will never leave.where love never dies or grows cold.where you can live forever and not have to move.where your home was built by loveing hands.and where the one who bilt it for you stands by his promises.and there are no taxes,no pain,no fear,no killing,no lies,no unfaithfulness,no saddness,sorrow,sickness,lose.

no this world holds nothing for me.I could leave now and not look back.O I love my family.but they can make it alone.I gave them all I know to make it.I gave them all I have to give I gave them Jesus in me.

One day Ill hear my name called,and Ill leave maybe today or a year from now.or it may be years before I leave.but the thing I want to be remembered for is that "in season or out I said the name Jesus to all."if you only got to know me then I failed.but if in our time together you met Jesus then my time here was spent well

I have met someone who is the love of my life.he is far better then silver or gold.he is the one who holds my heart in the palm of his hand.he has writen my name on his hand.he numbered the hairs of my head.he loves me like no other ever could.he came and promised he would die for me if need be, and he did.he went to make a place for me so where he is I can be also.he will never leave me or forsake me.he lives in my heart as I live in his.He is all I need.his name is sweet and runs across my lips like smooth silk.his love saved me and held me when no one else did.he is more real to me then my own face.he is more real to me then anything this old world has to offer.because I know he is real.

man can rant and rave and say he isnt real.but they dont know what I do.and they could take my life but they cant take my soul!!!and the real me is my soul.and its safe in my Jesus hands.

so let the storm clouds roll,I will stand in the shelter of his wings.and when the sun comes out Ill still be standing.



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Blogger audrey` said...

Hi Leann

Oh Yes!
I love the smell of rain too =)

3:12 PM  
Blogger Mountain Mama said...

You tell it girl!
My goodness you really have a lot to say about your love for our precious Lord. I agree with you. He is the most wonderful friend anyone can ever have.
God bless you Leann.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ A grear story well written from your experience.
Thanks for the comments.Glad you enjoyed the Hallmark writers jokes.
I am glad the dentist visits went well for you. None of us like going to the dentist. Take care, Leann,
Love, Merle.

12:05 AM  
Blogger marallyn ben moshe said...

shalom leann...i love the rain too...stay safe my dear friend...shabbat shalom

5:55 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

Been missing reading your blog for awhile now. Some great posts are here. I still have to figure out my new computer to put the pics on it that I took recently. Take care and I always love your posts! Miss ya.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks girls for stopping by.its nice to know someone is readying my blog and comments.I dont check the blogs evry day but I do go and comment when I get time and you know I do check.God bless you and have a great weekend.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Hi Leann,
I loved the way you described the storm that passed through your life. It was so powerfully described that I felt the devastating sadness and the fact that nothing would ever be the same as it was before it came.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks everyone for reading.and thanks for your words of love.its nice to have friends.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Beautiful post!

11:07 AM  

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