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Thursday, March 01, 2007

was lost but now Iam found.

you ever lose something that ment the world to you?well I have more times then Id like to remember.I have had things stolen from me and lost valueable treasures that cant be replaced.and it hurts.but I have soooo much more to be thankful for.{my family and friends,health,my apartment and so much more.}

This picture is one of my treasures.I picked it up at a sale one day .I know none of us know what Jesus looked like .other then some things said in the bible.
they say he wasnt handsome or desirable to look at.but then who was saying it?
as far as Iam consurned he is the best looking man I ever saw.cause I dont look at his appearance but at his heart and his love for me.looks are no judge of the person.

the story that goes with this picture is the 23rd psalm.and also the one sheep that was lost.{Luke 15;4.Luke 15;9.}
if a shephred has one sheep that is lost does he not leave the 99 and go to find the one that is lost.see the little sheep in his arms.thats me.

I was lost and he left his home in heaven where every thing is lovely and safe.and he came here in this place of pain and sorrow and loss.and he found me in the pit I was in.and he died so I could be free.people who dont really know him.or know what its like to have him as a shepherd.
say being a follower of Jesus is boring or no fun or just plain trapped.

well I been with out Jesus and with him.and believe me "with" is better.look at those sheep.they aint looking at the lost one.they are looking at the shepherd with love.and thinking about the time they had been lost and He found them.

but did you know some people dont want to be found?yes its ture,they would rather stay lost in the pits of the mess they are in then to go to the Lord for help.they think if they go to him they will lose some thing.or miss out on something really good if they come to the Lord.
but they have been lied to.the truth is when you come to the Lord you finely have someone to help you with the junk you been trying to deal with have a person who loves you more then his own life. and who wants to help you have all the devil stole from you.

If they were only able to see the peace of one who has met Jesus.they could see they need him.but the devil trys to keep them blinded to the truth.he says to them you dont want to hang around those sappy christains.they dont have have it better then them.if you go that way you will be cut on and laughted wont have no fun anymore.
you wont be able to swear anymore or drink tell you get so drunk {you cant drive and you run into a tree and end up with your face all messed up}.but he leaves out the last part.

he says you wont be able to take drugs with your friends and have fun{Till your so messed up you want to die but you cant,and you want to get off them but you are trapped}.he always leaves the truth off the end.

he also says you wont be able to sleep around with every one you want to and enjoy all that is out there{and get aids or any number of diseases,or end up losing your family and all you held dear for just a sin}.

he never tells you the end resault when he whispers tempation in your ear.he just slips you a thought and lets you run with it.

a little boy desides he will go just one more block from his his dear mom has told him over and over.Johnny stay by the house.cause your safe here.please do not go past the two big oak trees.Johnny has listoned for over 6 years never going past the two big oak to the right of his home and one to the left.they stand like two big hands of the hands of God.

But today the devil whispers"look down there at the corner its safe if you just go down there.see there isnt anyone down there.and if you hurry your mom will never know.

so Johnny hears his moms words in his head "dont go past the oak trees".but Johnny thinks he is missing he goes on his bike and heads for the corner.he makes it down and back with no problems.and he thinks well that wasnt so bad.

but the problem isnt today or next week its 4 weeks from today.when he not only goes to the corner cause he is getting daring but around the corner.and on that day a man just let out of prison for taking little kids ,and doing unspeakable things to sitting at the stop sign.and this day Johnnys luck runs out.the man doesnt want to go back to jail so he does something he shouldnt .he takes the boy but desides he wont leave him to be able to tell who it was who took him.

Johnny didnt know his mom was trying to pertect him from just what he ended up facing.but because Johnny didnt liston to the one who loved him and wanted to keep him safe ,he lost more them his freedom and his life.{now the mom should have been out there watching him.a kid is a kid.but she trusted Johnny to follow the rules.but she should have still checked on him long before this to be sure he was following the rules.}but its too late for that to.

this kind of story is played out over and all kinds of ways.God puts safe gaurds up for us so we can be safe.but we think we will miss some we run head long into pain and sorrow cause we thought we were missing out.

but the devil never tells you what your missing out on.

Its not easy to be a follower of the takes gots.and it takes a deision to trust him to do as he says.even if it looks like it will never happen.

this day the mom was standing in her kitchen and the Lord said go fast and check on Johnny!!! the mom dashes out the door just in time to see Johnny go around the corner.and she gets to him before the man can even get out of his car.he drives off and Johnny is safe.this mother knows Jesus and has asked for him to pertect Johnny when she isnt able.Johnny or mom dont know about the man.

but Jesus did,and mom today a good thing happened.where the devil had planned for something else.but today Johnny will sit on his bed and when Daddy gets home he will get a spanking for not playing by the rules.and that spanking will tell him that he was wrong.and it will hurt alot less then what would have happened.and it will be easyer to follow the rules next time.

it says in the word" spare the rod and spoil the child." and it is true.look at the generation who were raised by doc spock!!!

well I got the willow switch a couple times for not doing as told.and it surely didnt kill me.I respected my Dad when he said do this.I would mind what he said.I learned to be responcable.but if you try to reason with a child its usless.have you ever tryed to reason with a two year old?well let me just say its much easyer to get the point across by appllying the bourd of education to the seat of knowlage.

God sets up lines not to cross and he does it for a reason.TO PERTECT US!!!!but if we dont liston is he to blame?NO!!!!we are!!!

He tells us what to do to stay away from the mess sin can cause.if we liston fine.if not then we pay the price.its not his fault if we dont liston.he trys to warn us but if we still dont liston then its our many times has the Lord said dont do that!!! and we do it anyway.

even common sence tells you not the first time you put a sig to your you know darn well ya dang near choked to death.but ya didnt want anyone to know you didnt really like it.but everyone was doing it and it looked so grown up and sooo cool.cause the devil had been saying for a long time look how cool ,look all the movie stars do it,your friends do it.and soon you were.

yes the devil told you and you thought about it,but you were the one who did the old "the devil made me do it " wont cut it.he may have tempted you but you were the one who did it.

the shepherd is there to pertect the sheep.its the same with Jesus the shepherd of your soul.he doesnt want to hold you under his thumb,he wants to help you.the devil traps you, Jesus sets you free.

Its nice to have someone who loves you looking out for you.its darn hard alone.I would rather be a sheep with a shepherd,then one who had to be on guard for the wolf all the time.and besided I dont know this pasture very I need someone to guide me.

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Blogger audrey` said...

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound...

All thanks and glory be to our Lord =)

3:03 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

Hi Audrey thanks for stopping.

I guess I better say that I know about the things I was talking about,like smoking cause I use to be a smoker,and the Lord delivered me.
I had drank but hadnt thank God become a drunk.but one day I tryed to get smashed and I drank and drank,but nothing happened.
finely the Lord said you cant trust in anything but me!!
and so I stopped,the thought came if "I can turn water into wine arent I able to do the reverse?"
I figured if I was drinking water why bother.
and I also did the sleeping around thing so I know about it and how the Lord helped me out of it.

6:20 AM  

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