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Friday, July 21, 2006

the ducks and a peaceful place.

I left early to go get a few things at the store.when I was done I didnt feel like going home right away.the air was cool and some clouds were keeping the sun from heating things I made my way to the park.the ducks were in the little bay.they were splashing and swimming along just a few feet from was peaseful and the air was filled with bird song.I closed my eyes and tryed to just enjoy the day. I could feel the Lord in the peacefulness.but my heart was still sad.what do you do when you cant fix can do it when your kids are little.its easy then.they get a problem and you can fix it or at lest make it all better.but when they get older its not so easy.and its at those times you have to turn it and them over to the Lord.I have always prayed for the best for my family.always believed the Lord would keep them safe.and for the most part He has.but all people have free will.and with that free will comes the problems in life.we can make choices.I heard about a young man who got in a fight with his mom.I dont know what the mess was about,all I know is he stormed out of the house and was going at a high rate of speed.and he wrapped his car around a who was to blame?some would right away blame I ask you how can you blame Him?he was suppose to come down and say johnny you cant get in your car and drive 100 miles an hour down the I will throw you on the floor and put my foot on your kneck so you cant go!now if God were to do that we would not have free was the mom to blame? well I do not know what the fuss was about.but she didnt drag him to the car and push him behind the wheel and say drive 100 miles an hour and wrap your car around the tree down the road so every day for the rest of my life I will have to drive by it and feel it was johnnys fault.he got mad he got in the car and he wrapped his car around that tree.he let the devil steal his life away because he made a dumb choice. when we make dumb choices we get in trouble.if you speed sooner or later you get a speeding ticket.if you drink too much sooner or later you will lose your family.if you smoke your health gets bad.if you take drugs you will eather die or be hooked on them and do all kinds of bad things to get them.if you make the wronge choices in live you will pay.God is not happy about a young man loosing his life.but He is not to blame.I heard about another mother who blamed God cause her son was drinking like a fish at a party.his sister tryed to stop him from driving home.but he would not liston.he drove off and got in a bad car crash.he is not right to this day.o he is alive and better then they said he would be.cause people prayed for him.but the mother stopped believing in God.she says it was Gods Iam sorry lady but its your fault.your son watched you and your husband drink all day day in and day out.tell he grow up and was able to do it himself.God did not put the booz in the kids mouth you did.children learn what they see.hopefully that lady will get her head out of her back side and come to her sences before its too day we will all stand before a holy God and I know we will not have the guts to use the lame a-- excuses we use now.Id like to see someone blame God to his we have to take and be honest with our selves and own up to what we do.if we dont we can never get the help we dad run out on my mom.and for years he had the nerve to blame her.he was a cheater from the very first.its just my mom never new.but when I was old enouph I set him straight.I told him he ran out on her not the other way around.he could not lie no more cause I was there and I knew the truth.he finely had to face up to it.he had said to me dont you want me to be happy?I was 14! I said dad this woman your running with is married and has 5 cant even take care of the two you have.she will drop you flat when she see,s mom doent want you any more.and shorty there after that is just what happened.sin never gets you any place but hurt and stolen dad tryed to come crawling back to my mom.but mom has brains.she could see he was only trying to get back what he hadnt valued in the first some times people do wise up and I have seen God put marriages back together.and they work good or even better then before.but its only with people who own up to the truth and change.there are a few of my friends who have had problems and they worked them out.with prayer and hard work.a wise man said there are always those who think the grass is greener out there.and most of them never find happyness again after that.God can turn things to good that the devil ment for to distory.but its easyer to not get into the mess in the frist is hard and gets even harder if you make dumb choices. I dont know why I felt like writing about this tonight.guess maybe I needed to get it off my chest.dont blame God for peoples dumb chooices.if your world seems like its falling apart then go to the Lord He will take you by the hand and lead you to a safe place.I know cause He did it for me.I have had my world fall apart alot in the years I been here on this old earth.and I been down so far it looked like up to me.and every time I called on the Lord he took my hand and lead me.I prayed help me be part of the answer not the problem.I could have let the messes in my life make me bitter and it did for a while.but then I said Lord let this make me better instead of bitter.dont let your past hold you back.if you came from a broken home do what ever you can to see your kids dont have to go though what you did. if your family drank dont you.if you do your part God does pay for your mitakes.believe me cause I know cause Iam paying for some of mine.what you sew you reap.but God can turn around a mess and turn it into a message. Posted by Picasa


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