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Sunday, July 16, 2006

great american lake home.

I woke up this morning with rain hitting my windows and lovely storm clouds covering up the I took the time to shut off the air for a while.dont know how much we did recieve but Im thankful for what we did.thank you Lord,but send more please.a good alnighter would do long as it was slow and not more then we could use.the grass is dead in most places.only green where the sprinklers are used.while I was enjoying the guiet of not having the air on I truned on the travel channel.there was just what I needed.they were showing a program about lake I settled into my recliner and took a vaction by chair.I need one bad.but untell the Lord pervides this will have to do.these places were waaaaaaaaay out of my money range.but boy were they some hum dingers.I sat there and wondered where and how these people got the money to afford these places.they are simply out of this place is called Eagles rest,one Shady point,there was one called garnet loma on lake was soooo cool.the man that built it was a genius.he could build me one any day.the views were breath taking.much better then this one I took on one of our many trips.but it is a view I like.anyway I dont need a million dollor home just a home of my own.I dont need 26 guest rooms or 15 fireplaces.just room for my family and me.a lake view out side and the money to live there the rest of my life.the energy to keep it up and the hospitality to share it.and the blessing of the Lord on it.I love lake superior.its shores are lovely.twin harbor has a lovely place to look for agates.I had made a promise to a friend years ago I would take him to lake superior to hunt nearly 26 years later the Lord helped me keep that promise.we went and he found some and so did I.yes we are rock hounds.I have all kinds of them waiting for my own home.Lord willing I will put them in a rock garden.we found a place also where you can find crystals .the hubby went flippen wild over them.and so did I.he just looked around a while and saw something shiney in a hole in the side of the chiff and sure enough there were crystals.the hub sat for nearly 3 hours taking them out.small ones big ones.they were the neatest.I sat and cleaned them as he dug them was a day I will always remember.we worked as a team.the view around there was so pretty to.but just as I couldnt figure things could get any better.a whole flock of canadan hookers landed in a pood near was the end to a simply wouderful day.the hub and I have taken many wounderful trips north,south,east,west.we have been blessed to see way over 150 eagle siteings on our travels.bear,geese,ducks,coyotes,gulls,sand pipers,lounes(people and birds),fox,eagle nests,and so much seeing some of the most beautyful country in this USA.door county is sooo pretty.we stayed a week there in a was the best can go all over that place and never be too far from where you stay.the prices on the off season is very good.we went in october.we had the place all to our selves.the washington Island is soo guanit and old reminded me of some other country.the red bushes in their fall color were so lovely I simply had to stop and take pictures.the little homes and churches on the Island were pretty to.and every where you looked was the lake.some places the shore was calm and you could go rock hunting.but at others the waves hit the shore in big loud ponding was on one like that the hub desided to go look for was rainy and cold and he goes looking for rocks.I was afraid he would get swepted away.but he promised to stay close to the bank.but as I watched from the car I seen the beach being washed away near a home down the was being washed away at a alarming rate.I woundered if the people living there seemed no one was out and doing some thing about it.and it was only about 50 yards from their house and moving fast closer.big chunks of beach were going.and it didnt look like it would stop any time soon.but guess if you live by a big lake on the wind side you run the risk of loseing your beach.well the hub came back cold and wet and had a few pretty rocks for our collection.he was very glad to get in the car.he was so busy looking at the sand in front of him the waves had come up and got him wet.he was surpriced,scared him alittle to.well the clouds are still going over but no rain coming out.hope it does before they move on.its going to be hot in alot of places today.the midwest is under the gun poor people who dont have air.they say chicago and a few more citys could be they were telling the elderly to go to shelters where they can stay cool.I rememder one year hearing they were giving out fans to people who didnt have them.Lord help those who need to stay is my way to stay cool with out find a deep pan big enough to get your feet in comfortablely.fill it half way with cold water.and put your feet in it.then when you feel cool take them out ,if you get warm again put them back in.when the water gets to warm,get more cold water.I had to do this once when it was so warm the air didnt work.I started to feel sick and like I was going to pass out so I prayed and the Lord said to put my feet in cold I hurryed and got some.and it worked has gotten me thow some warm days in my life.if your water dont get cold put ice in that works good to.and a cool shower before bed does to.that way your body cools down and it takes a long time to warm up again by that time you are asleep.well God bless you and stay cool.hope you are having a great day.look for theLords little blessings.He sends them to show you He loves you. John 17;20-24 psalm 5;11-12 psalm 13;5-6 psalm 9;10.I like the living bible its easyer for me to read.the New International version is what these were taken out of.what ever one you have they say almost the same.they comfort and give hope.a day with out Gods word is like a day with out sunshine.the word of God is the food of your soul.if you feel hungery in your soul its cause you need Gods word.feast on the food that will nourish your soul. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Leann said...

O so no one gets the wronge wasnt canadian hookers it was honkers.there is a big differance.the honkers I could stand and look at and enjoy.the hookers I would have had to have a talk with about the condishon of their souls.and the dilivering power of Jesus.well I told you I have problems spelling!!!! and yes it does get me in dutch now and again.ha ha!! gave you a good laugh thow didnt it?

3:53 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

I so enjoyed reading about your trip rock-hunting and all the other things you have done. Sounds neat and I am glad for you to have had the opportunity to enjoy those things.
Bless you and take care!

9:05 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

canadian hookers? he he I suggest you proofread your work mom or maybe not since I got quite the laugh from your story. so wish you could have adventures like that everyday you deserve all the best that life has to give..Love and miss you tons wish this heat would quit so we could get together..

3:44 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

miss you to.the weather is going to get cooler soon.then maybe we can go on a addventure.aint been on one with the boys and you for a while.but when its like this Iam better in the air.ya didnt know canadian hookers could fly? me neather.well you live and learn.he he.didnt know they came in flocks eather.

8:18 PM  

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