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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anna,s flowers.

these flowers were so pretty I just had to take a pic of them.I sat out by Anna,s garden when I was there.soon I saw a humming bird fly by me and hover over the glads and soon he was gone.sometimes we are only given a short time with some things to enjoy when they are here we must saver the time we have.people have come in and out of my life.some were worth the time some werent.but all have a part to play in our person I knew was a compulsive lier.I didnt know it at first,but when I started to see it more and more the friendship started to fall apart.and soon was gone.then there were the trouble makers.and those you distance from even faster.but the ones who make a place in your heart cant be step father was one,my granny,my grandpa,jenny,a teacher named mr chapman,and a study hall teacher whoes name skips my memorie,all people who went out of their way to touch my life.then there are those you think are good for you that arent.and they come and go need to spend time with the people who are worth your time cause know one knows how long you have with grow so fast and need our time.soon they are grown and its never the day your playing with them and the next they are bringing home their kids.yes anyone who has grown kids knows what I mean.I know my father couldnt under stand why my brother and I didnt come to visit him ,we came to visit my step mom.she was the one who kept the lines father had run around on my mom and payed little if any mind to us as kids.then he couldnt under stand why we had nothing to give answer "you get out what you put in,if you put no time into your kids you get none back."I forgave my Dad but we have never been able to say more then a few words to each other most of my life.there isnt the bond there that my step father made with me.I called him my Dad cause he was.he was there and he loved us and made a home for us.but wish my father had cause my life would have been much better.but the Lord is good He sends people along to stand in where others your kids and teach them to live as if they only had one day to live with the ones they love.and do the same your self.cause one day all of us will leave sure you gave the ones you love a reason to remember you loved them.there is nothing or no one worth loseing the love of your kids or loseing the time with them.I had those in my family who loved me grandpa was one.he let me know I was on his mind.he walked with me and talked with me.and I was only 2or3.but as young as I was I still remember him and the fact he loved me.he died when I was 3.the times I spend with my grandkids is good when we are all together.but its even better when we are one on one.cause you can give them your all.I remember holding them as little babys and being afraid cause its a blessing from God to be given a child to love.and its God saying I have faith in you dont blow it!!!I was so afraid when I came home with Lucy.she was small and I wasnt sure I was going to be a good mom.and I prayed Lord you need to help me.and He did.Oh I know I made big mistakes,but I did the best I could with what I knew.and God did the rest.none of us will do it all right.we just need to do our best and ask for help where we screw up. life is short use your time wisely.know one will remember how many days you worked,but your kids will remember the time you spent with them.dont wake up some morning and wonder where the time went. and your kids are grown. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Anna said...

I agree mom time does go by fast, you turn around and your kids are growing up driving getting jobs and your still seeing them as the children they were. Its funny how they remember the little things. I hope when my kids are grown they remember the times spent with them on our little adventures and take there kids to do little adventures too. Speaking of adventures it would have been nice to have Nana with yesterday when all of us went, we missed you, we even went to visit your eagle spoting place T.J. said this is were Na took us to see the eagles, the girls realy liked it there we looked for rocks and and had a lunch by the water..

7:06 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

Anna Iam having problems with my blog.can,t put pic,s on and doesn,t seem to be taking the comments and showing hope this will show up.yes wish I had been with.its been a confusing time trying to figure what is going on with this thing.

10:52 AM  
Blogger leann said...

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9:24 PM  

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