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I'm a follower of Jesus...I Love the Lord!Iam a artist,love to write,I have two grown daughters,4 grand childern.I enjoy traveling.this is my blog and I say what I think.if you dont agree thats dont have to read it.sometimes I deal with so much crap,I feel like a farmer.check out my new blog "willow in the mist."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

love the colors in the sky.

well Iam back up and running.finely found out how to by pass the "mess "and blog.its harder then before but at lest I have a way to post.the flowers were the last pic,s I was able to sorry I havent been on for a while but I been trying.lets just say the thought to pitch this computer out the window did cross my mind a few times!!!!but praise the Lord where there is a will ,it will find a way.Jesus you are a awsome God thanks for helping this dumb chic get back on line.the Lord has helped me sooo much in this last few weeks its so cool.he helped me forgive someone when I wasnt able to myself.and he worked out a bunch of problems I couldnt do anything about.see one thing I learned about myself is I was trying to fix the things.yes I have been a fixer all my life.if its broken I will try to fix it.and I learned if I can its my job.if I can,t then its Gods the way you do that is you drop the pesky problem in Gods hands and "leave it the problem is not in the dropping it in his hand its the "leaving it there.see I have take it back syndrome.I say to myself gee Lord are you sure you know how to handle this?after all I been dealing with this for a long time and maybe I can just get a handle on it now if I just try one more time.and I struggle some more with it and get all messed up cause I cant do it and I put it back in the Lords hands.and he is able to I know Iam a slow learner.yes I should know by now when I cant do something.but the Lord loves me just as Iam and he just lets me try and then when I wake up he says."now will you let me handle it?you see he made us so he knows us.and he deals with you right where you again I say thank you Lord for your help in all the things .and please help others to learn about you through my mistakes.I pray they will ask you into their hearts and know you closely as a friend.and feel the same peace I feel being friends with you.God bless you all.sorry I wasnt able to be on and post.I missed being on and sharing my heart with you.hope some how you get help by seeing how the Lord helps me through my problems.


Blogger Lucy Kruze said...

Its a great post mom and you really do have a special relatonship with the Lord. I'm glad you called the other day I love you and I hope your blog doesn't cause you any more problems...Love Luc

7:14 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

Love the picture! You have such great talent! I tell the girls they should put their pics in magazines and you should too. God Bless You and yours today and everyday

8:42 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks lucy and blondie for the comments.they didnt show up on my blog tell I pushed reload.but when I did there they were.I still have problems with the blog this butten but Iam sure some how the Lord will fix it you to lucy.but give the credit for me calling to the Lord.matthew6;33new living translation.

9:34 AM  

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