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Monday, August 07, 2006

two eagles in the tree,fall last year.

the hubby and I were on another drive to see what the Lord would bless us with.and as we came around a corner I saw these two full grown eagles in the tree.hubby pulled up as close as he could and I got out and took these pics.they stayed there tell I got pretty close and then they desided I was too close and they had to fly was awesome to see them fly.they do it so well.wish I had kept the count of seeing them up.but I know it is way over 200 siteings by now in the last 3 years.this morning I was talking to my step mom,and the eagle was flying past so close to my window.I told her and she thought it was sooo cool to see them so much.she said Dad is doing much better.he is in a new room and he called her last night to talk a while.but keep him in your prayers cause he still has muersa.not sure on the spelling?its a staff infection in his lungs.he is healing from his operation thow thank you Lord. today I finely made the soup.I put leeks,carrots,potatoes,onions,cabbage,ham,garlic and some good spices,dill ,cloves,alspice,and one knoss veggie soup mix.I boiled the ham bone from easter,and took the meat off then cut up all the veggies and cooked them in the broth and now its in the frig to get the fat to come to the top.I will take it sure smells good,hope it tastes as well.last night it was cool enough to shut off the air,and I slept better then I have in a long was able to keep it off tell late in the day. lucy headed back today,the girls stayed with Auntie Anna for few will start soon so its now or never!this summer has sure gone fast.but me Iam looking forward to good old fall.that is my favorite time of year.the colors and the smell of the air,and the aroma of the moss and leaves is soooo good.walking in the woods and stepping on poople leaves sends up a fragrance you just cant beat!!!wish they could bottle it.they have tired but they havent done it yet to suit me!!!the fall hubby and I got married was the most beautiful fall I ever remember.but then it could be just cause I was in love.but it sure was pretty.we followed the color across the states.and were blessed with glorious pics.but dont have them on my blog cause we were still useing the old camera.we called the one day "glory day."it was sooo pretty.the colors were so vivid,and we came around a bend in the road and there were four poople trees in the middle of green trees.the pooples were this lovely bright yellow and the sun was shining on the looked just like God was out lining the trees with the sun.the sky in back round was the most beautiful neon blue.I made hubby stop so I could take a pic.there is more to this story but I will leave it for the book.the little cabin we stayed at was by the water.and our view was of the lake out our bay window.there was one sugar maple across the lake in full was the only red along the whole shore.we just stood there and marveled at its beauty.the time spent there together was the most fun I had in years.we had a banana split and shared it as we watched the moon come up.we danced on the dock by the bloat landing to our song as the moon drifted in and out of the clouds.we drove along the shore of the whole lake just to see what it was was a time I will always hold in my heart with warm memories.yes fall is my time.I love to set in the woods as the wind blows the leaves down around you.or I like to drive along and see showers of leaves blown in the wind.the air has a hint of winter in it and smells so fresh.the canadain geese fly over.and the swans land in lakes and ponds here and there.its the time of year God paints His best pictures.everything is in its finest attire.I remember one fall just after I got out of the hospital after cancer.I was feeling much better and it was close to my birthday and Mom desided to take me and the kids for a ride.we ended up by this place were the swans come before going to where they winter over.they were coming in to land.there were thousands of them there.and no one had a dumb was the most miraculous day!!!it was as if the Lord had Mom bring me there to restore me.cause as I sat there my soul was strenght was restored and I was soo blessed I just sat there and thanked the Lord.the sky was so blue and the sun on the water made every thing look like a dream or alittle like I think heaven will look " perfect"!!! the kids and Mom just sat there and remarked about how awsome it was.those swans were the best meds I could have had.and being able to share it with the ones I loved was priceless.but wish they had all been there.I can feel the same feeling now as I tell it.thank you again Lord for that day,and for all the other ones you blessed us with on our addventures. I know some one calls days like that "God whinks".and that is a good name for them.tell me about some of your "God whinks "please!make them short cause of the comment place is small.but I would love to hear. I have had alot of lovely fall was when Dee and I went to a cabin north of us.I rented it and she brought the food.we stayed for a was a awsome cabin right by the lake.we saw eagles and gulls and we enjoyed our selves so much we hated to go home .we took a ride all over the lake on a was so cool.I did some art work it relacked me so much.I have to be in the mood.the Lord worked it out for me and Dee to go a few more times before she got sick.Mom and Dad came up to stay a few times with us .so that is my post for today hope you enjoyed it.sorry so long.but you cant say much if you dont say much!!God bless you as I know he does. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Blondie said...

Just wanted to share a God wink with u. I took Mike, my nephew Joshua and Deanna out to lunch the other day. It was beyond hot, but sunny. We walked around the mall and window shopped and then decided went to eat. We had the best time laughing there. I think we laughed more than we ate. Then we went home and sat in the living room talking (in air conditioning) and I felt sooo blessed because we had such a great day and we all had a good time.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

OOPS! I meant to say decided it was time to eat. My grammar is so bad sometimes.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for sharing your God wink.

9:34 AM  

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