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Friday, March 23, 2007

A picture of Anna,s garden.

It was so nice today I couldnt sit in the house one more minute.I got dressed and headed for a ride.
I cashed my check,and stopped to get gas.and then picked up two frys and cheese bugers
and heaed to Ann,s.she didnt know I was coming.she was waiting for a call from the Laywer
we have,who Iam sorry to say aint the fastest person on the planet.she is as slow as
oil in winter!!!!
I drove along slow and just enjoyed the day.there werent any eagles to be seen.or much of any thing to really catch my eye.just one of those lovely spring days your glad your alive.
I thought about the junk going on and the things that have happened.and I just enjoyed the drive.If I couldnt get out now and then Id go buggy.the driving has always calmed me and helped me think.I have found alot of answers to problems on long drives with the Lords help.
there were horses in the fields here and there.they were enjoying the weather to.the cows were suning themselves on the hills by Anna,s.a little calf was laying near his mom
sound asleep.his mom watched him sleep as she lay suning her self.
as I came to Anna,s I seen she had her shades pulled.she always has them open to let the sun in.when I got in the house she said she felt low because of the junk going on.

we talked about some of the junk.and just let it roll off our backs.its nice to have someone who will liston even if you just need to talk.

we eat lunch and and she hung some clothes on the line.I love the smell of fresh washed clothes off the line.I didnt stay long cause she had to go pick up one of the boys from school.TJ was going to stay with a friend,and Jake needed a ride home.we hugged before I left .and she headed to hang a few more things out.

I drove home slow.I felt better just talking to her.she is a good kid.she trys real hard to be there for everyone.and she has alot on her shoulders.the Lord helps her cause she is strong and trusts him.

she has helped me alot in the years.taken the loud off my shoulders when I needed her.took wonderful care of me when I was sick with cancer.and took me into her son in law picked up my recliner and put it in their livingroom.and they gave up their room for the time I was there.they will never know just how much it ment to me.if I would have had to go in a nurcing home Id never have made it.
I got to know my grandsons better while there.

early in the moring Id watch cartoons with the oldest boy.we would be real quiet cause everyone else would be asleep.Id sit in the recliner and watch the birds in Anna,s feeders.and it blessed me so.and me and TJ would talk.he is a smart young man.he was younger then and I could see how smart he was growing up to be.he has a good head on his shoulders.{I love both boys very much}
I remember the day I knew it was time to go home.I felt inside that I would be able to do for I packed and was getting ready to leave.when TJ said NaNa dont go who will I watch TV with in the morning?he looked like he would cry.poor little guy.

Jake would give me shots about 5 times a day.he seen the nurce who would come to give me she left him just the shot with out the needle.I said boy Jake NaNa is sure glad I dont have you as my doc,Id be a pin cushon!!!he,d smile and give me another shot and say.this will help you get better NaNa.and you know he was right.all his care did get me better.Anna and Id hide the fact we would giggle over things he would do.sweet little guy.he would have a snack and get one and bring it to me.those were good days.

I dont remember all the bad stuff from that time cause I have all the good memories to remember.the day all of them came to my apartment to see me after I went home.Lucy,Em,and new born only 3 months old sar bear.TJ,Jake Anna.I will put the picture on my you can see that was the day the devil got kicked in the face.he thought he was going to kill me off with cancer.
and the Lord healed me and I had the picture to show it.
{I told the old boy{devil} months before that day"that he messed with the wrong fat chic!!!cause I was going to get better and I was going to tell everyone I could about how Jesus healed me of cancer.and if he messed with me again Id do the same."}so you see Iam ture to my word.THE CREEP MESSED WITH THE WRONG FAT CHIC!!!

the drive home made me think of a few things I needed to get at the store.and it was way too nice to be I headed over to the dollor store first.picked up some shampoo,tea something or other from vo five.a back scratcher {as you know mine moved back home to his mother.}this one dont work as good but causes alot less stress if you get my drift? some shower hats,to keep my bean dry in the shower.some stickers for my journals.some fabric spray so my sinking chairs smell good.and some other stuff.
I had heard about this store from a friend who said check it out they have some good stuff.she was right they did.

I left there and desided to head to the park for a while.didnt feel yet as if I wanted to go I drove down to my spot and parked.I couldnt go down to the places where hubby and I use to was hard at frist.I made a big mistake by taking him to all my spots.cause when he left I had no place to go where a memorie wasnt.but I have sence taken them all back.and Iam ok.the memories are not so painful any more.and thats ok.and I dont feel bad about sharing things with him.some day he will understand what he gave up.and maybe he will know what it did to me.I dont think he understands how people feel.he is to busy thinking about him self to understand that.he is a nice kid and he has some nice things about him.but he has a long way to grow up yet.I gave him all of me and put my all into this relationship.but it didnt just wasnt ment to its best it ended as it did.

I sat by the muskrat den and watched the water.didnt see the muskrat.but two ducks came along and I took their picture.they were fat and healthy looking.the male was ahead and showing the female where to go by the ice.she followed along going the same places he did.
she seemed to trust him.hope she picked a better mate then I did.I use to see two ducks flying and Id feel sad cause I didnt have someone.but I have to remember I have Jesus.he is always in the seat next to me.

I layed my head back on the head rest and listoned to the birds singing in the tree,s near me.the air coming through the open window smelled fresh from the rain we had the night before.I could smell the pines next to me.and I felt at peace as I sat there.I was almost ready to fall asleep I was so relaxed.but figured I better get home and get some thing done.
the day had washed away the junk of the passed months.and the it was far from my mind.I left the park feeling that I was glad I had the Lord and Anna to talk to.

as I sat at home this evening the sun was going down in the was another beautiful sunset.the clouds were pinks and purples and the sun was one big orange ball on the horison.I wondered over the years how many of those lovely ones I took pictures of?and how many I was too busy to even see.
{it was a good day was a refresher for me.thanks Lord.}


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Blogger audrey` said...

God bless you too, Leann =)

Have a very blessed weekend.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ Another good post. I am so glad tat Anna and her family helped you when you were ill. I had
breast cancer many years ago, but was
spared and it has never returned. My family were a big help at the time.
I loved the swing in Anna's garden.
Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.

8:16 AM  
Blogger ukok said...

Hope that you're having a great weekend Leann :-)

8:22 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Dear Leann,
I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you--that God will carry you and those you love, through the storm. He is our stronghold in times of trouble--a very present help.
With love,

10:09 AM  
Blogger Penless Thoughts said...

Leann - About the counter...go to my side bar and click on the bottom where it says Neoworx it will take you to their site.

11:31 AM  
Blogger it's the little things... said...

You are so charming, Leann. I am always grateful you found your way over to my blog somehow and led me to yours.
Glad your family takes care of you, that you have survived all that you have, and still maintain an eye for the beautiful and lovely things in this life.
I'm most proud of you that you traded in your back scratcher.
This new one seems like a lot less work.
I'm heading over to the Dollar store now...

7:28 AM  
Blogger Stephen Newton said...

I do enjoy reading your posts from the American hinterland, Leann. You spread a message of hope and unity that is refreshing.


7:47 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks everyone for your words of love and for stopping by.its nice to see when you pore out your heart and share there is someone who is able to be touched by it.God bless you all.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Another wonderful post!
Beautiful memories.
Bless you.
Huggles and Love,

11:15 AM  

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