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Sunday, March 16, 2008

a sign in the sky to remind us of a promise.

( I will never disstroy the whole world again with another flood.I will give you this sign to remind you of this promise)
and every time you see this sign you also know there is a God.
I dont know about you but I love rainbow,s.I love the color and the way they look after a storm.this picture is from a few years ago.we were coming back from visiting mom at the hospital.we all were feeling a little low cause she wasnt doing so well.
and we came around a corner and here was this lovely rain bow.the colors were so lovely and every thing looked perfect. it was almost as if the Lord was saying every thing will be ok.
I worked on my story most of the evening yesterday. and as I did I desided I am going to cut back on blogging some.I have some blogs I love to read they are up lifting and so lovely.and they make me feel happy when I read those I will still be visiting.
but there are a few that have been hard to read and hard to know how to deal with.these people believe in sex before marriage and I dont want to get roped into that mind set again,(I was there done that and learned my leason) ,or are into things Iam not, and believe in things I know are not true, and others are just too indepth for me on things I have no interest in.some have too much stress and its because of choices they make.
I have been able to find some very nice blog friends.and they are like hidden treasure when you come across their blog.they share things to help others and care for every one it seems.
but the others are hidden heart aches waiting to last night I prayed about it and went down the line with the Lord and deleted the ones cold turkey.I just have to stop.its not easy when you get to know some one and care what happens to them.but some times its best to just keep away.
I was talking to someone the other day and asked them how people can be so blind and not see their own mistakes. she said "well then they would have to face up to it and do something about it".and its true you can tell someone what the problem is but if they dont see it ,its a waste of time.
I know I make mistakes every dang day.I say things and do things that I know I shouldnt.and then I say Lord see!!!!I aint cut out for need to get someone who is!!!!
I wish I could just be like some people and just over look every thing.but then I am not like that.
a while ago I had a friend who was having some problem,s.she was so low I was afraid she may do something dumb.I tryed in every way to help as best I could.but she never took any of my one day when she was complaining and saying she didnt understand why God was doing this to her and her family.I said he isnt, its your choices that are.
she got real mad at me and wouldnt talk to be for a I just let it go.her other friend was always telling her it wasnt her fault she was having all these problems.and so my friend
stuck to the simpathy voice.and those who would pat her on the back and say your doing good.your so smart and so strong and bah bah.and it was a lie of corse.but it feeds a ego and if ya dont want to change, lies are what you want to hear.well thats ok if ya are in fect doing good.but if your not who do you want to hear the truth or a lie, or keep on making the same mistakes over and over?
me I want to hear the truth and deal with it.when I was at Anna,s we were talking and watched a movie.and there was something said on it.and when we were talking about things Anna said "mom that movie had some thing kinded wise.and she said the guy said some people dont think they deserve love.and you were married to men who where in love with other things instead of you. one was in love with his ex wife.and the last one with himself.
thats why this time with the Lord and Anna helped me to see my choices in men was my problem ( I am going to change).and my choice in some blogs.just like its best to get free from hubby its also best to go cold turkey from some blogs.(I could of gotten mad at Anna but what she said made sence.and because I know she loves me she wants to help.)
thats why if I dont show up on some blogs they will know why from this post.I desided the less stress I have the one needs to watch someone else self destruck before their eyes.and once some one said."your not to blame for the pain of someone who doesnt take the addivce you give them".and its can try to help and try to help, and if they dont liston then your not to blame for when they fall on their face.
that is my biggest fault I am a fixer.I try to fix things that are broken or messed up.but when I cant I feel so worthless.but I need to understand some people or things cant or dont want to be that is something I need to pray help the ones who do want help and to let the rest make their own mistakes and learn the hard way.
I was on a blog with a 20 something girl about a year ago.she was a lovely and smart caring person.she was having alot of problems with her boyfriend and her family.she would say how hurt she was by the way he treated her.and he was a drunk to boot.her family wasnt very supportive and acted like she was dumb.
I talked to her for a while and told her she was young and lovely and deserved better then the guy she was with.I told her how hard it had been for me when I had married a it had hurt not only me but my children and my whole family.I told her that this guy sounded word for word just like the man Id married.
I said please dont make the same mistakes I made.I said you can do better.she listoned at frist then she got mad at me because she said" this guy was nothing like the guy I married," and she was mad cause of my faith. and because I didnt liston to her sad story of how bad she felt cause of how this person treated her over and over.and she told me not to come on her I said ok have a good life.
well one day I was going down my list and saw her blog was still on my I went over to see if she was ok and doing better.and praise God she was in a new town miles from home,and the drunk was gone.she had a great job and she was doing good.I felt proud of her cause this girl had the guts to change a mistake in to a new life.she changed and she desided she wanted better.thanks Lord for giving her a new start and a new begining now please help her find a man who will love her the way you do..
I am not perfect and I know at times I come off like a know it all or what ever.someone said that to me a while back "you act like a know it all." I felt bad about it for a while and went to the Lord.I said Lord if its true that I come off like that then I am going to just keep have given me alot of things that helped me and I like to be able to help others.but if that is all they think then Iam failing you and myself.
the Lord said if you dont share what I have showed you to help you,then what kind of a person or friend are you?I said Lord they dont want to hear it.he said the one who told you
"you come off as a know it all" is a person who wanted to be like you because of the relationship you have with me.he has enveyed your walk with me for a while.
I said Lord it doesnt make it any easyer to know my heart Lord and that I want to help.but Iam not good at it.the Lord said I didnt say I wanted perfection I wanted willingness.I am able to use even your mistakes to help others.cause people themselves make all kinds of keep sharing and caring and Ill send the ones who want to hear.and if they dont then we move on to those who do.he said I give every one their own free will.
what they want I let them have.if they dont want what I have done for them I will not force them.
so Iam moving on from some of the blogs.doesnt meen I dont care or wish the best for those people I just meens its time to move on.I tryed to help but I know I can only tell how the Lord helped me.and I aint very good at it, but I do my best.the Lord knows my heart and thats all that matters to me.
have you seen that in the last few years there has been a haterd for the Lord and christans.I find it on the blogs and some web sites.(yes some christians give me a pain in the drain to.)
but I mean these people are just full of hate and is hard to see people hate a loving God so much.
one blog screamed "there is no God or Jesus".and I thought how sad this person is all alone in more ways then one.and he or she will never know the love that God has for them.its so sad.
I couldnt make it a day with out him and his love.I am so thankful that when two christians came up to me and said "you need Jesus in your life". I was smart enough to liston and do some thing about it.( I remember when I read this in the bible "the fool says in his heart there is no God.")and I thought aint that the truth! I knew what a fool Id been before I met I knew full well just what it met.
well this is hard to do but its some thing I need to do.I will pray for the others but like the Lord has to do some times, you need to let people have what they want.
the man who is the father to my girls is still a drunk.he still has a family but his wife lives in her own place and he lives in his.the kids are shy and with drawn and scared.just like my girls had become while we were with him.I am glad I moved on for my kids sake.they deserved better.
I told him once when I saw him "God gave you a new chance,dont blow it."
If I have come off as anything other then some one who cares.then for give me its not my intention to look like a know it all or what ever.I know I by the world standerds am not real smart.schooling was not my strong point. so my spelling and some of my writing is not up to all the high IQ people out there.and some people have a problem with people who arent as smart as they are.just like some people who dont like people of color.
but I care about people and want to help.if I saw I was doing no good at all Id stop this blog and do some thing else.but for some reason the Lord aint done with the till he is Ill do the best I can.
thanks for the blog friends who have stuck with me.and you who believe in prayer and a loving God of mercy,grace,hope and forgiveness and so much more.please pray for me so the Lord can help me be better at this so I aint wasting his time and mine.or anyone elses.
and pray for people who are headed for hell and suffering and dont believe it or see it.only God can reach them before they slip into forever.
also please pray for a family I know they have to make a choice soon and it will change things for them and their kids forever.also for my cousin mike who is a paster and is very sick with the flew.
God bless you all and have a great day and new week to come.sorry so long but havent learned how to shorten my writing.


Blogger travistee said...

You're a good person Leann. Don't think for a minute your words don't stick somewhere you might not know they're sticking.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Leann,

Beautiful testimony of your strong faith in the Lord! And beautiful picture of the rainbow. I am glad you are back, loving as usual, but wiser. God bless you, dear friend. Always stay who you are!

Love and Blessings,


5:39 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks travistee.I hope your right, I would hate to stand before the Lord and have him say I blew it.I would not be able to handle it.the good you see in me is the Lord with out him I am worth dust.thanks for stopping by.

renie thanks dear for your words of love.I realy at times dont know who I am.I know what I want to be, more like Jesus.but I fall so short.there are some things I hate about me.and dont know how to change them.have to ask the Lord all the time "please make me the person you intended.

love and peace to you both.


8:49 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Dear Leann ~~ Beautiful rainbow pic.
Proof that our Lord loves us. Bless you Leann for all the good advice you offer us and the love you share.
Good idea to get rid of any blogs that you do not enjoy. You cannot help some people. But I am sure you help a lot of us with your enduring
faith. Take good care of yourself.
Love, Merle.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

Hi merle.always good to see your smiling face when I get on my comments.I am blessed and glad to have you as my blog friend.thanks for your kind words God bless you.

11:34 PM  
Blogger audrey` said...

You're a very caring person, Leann =)

6:24 AM  
Blogger ancient one said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog today! I love rainbows, too!!

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Leann -

I wish you still updated! I found your blog a while back. I've loved reading it over the past year or so. Thanks for sharing your journey with the world.

You'd be amazed just how much you write sticks!

8:22 PM  

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