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Thursday, January 10, 2008

peaceful winter night.

the snow is falling out side my window.

christian music plays sloftly in the back round.a feeling of peace and hope hangs like a warm fluffy blanket over my soul and heart.
the season is for all of us to feel the peace and love God sent us in his son.and this year is starting out so much better then 2007.
all I can say and be truthful,is 2007 sucked big time.there was more pain and sorrow,and sadness,and heart break for 20 years,in one.
I have never been so glad to see a year go and die as the year 2007.but as I sit here I think of it as a year of victory as well.cause I grew stronger in my faith,and was able to move on.
not every thing is good for you.there are times when things seem as if they will never look good you should give up and give in.but Iam here to tell you "dont".cause God loves you and He will take all the bad from 2007 and turn it to good on your behalf.
and if you were blessed this year and nothing bad happened then give God the praise He deserves.and be thankful you sailed through 2007 with calm skys.
I hear hope in the voices of the prophets and pasters.but I also hear it in my spirit.this is a new year and its a new begining.we have a fresh start and a new year.God is faithful.
I look back on the year and I do not know how I ever made.then I think,"I know how!!!"
it was Jesus...if not for him Id never have made it to this point.He carryed me some times,he took my hand and lead me,he did what ever I needed to make it.
at times when my faith was so low it was almost gone.he spoke softly to my heart and helped me go on a few more minutes or days till I could feel strong most comforting times were when I could forget my mess and pray for seemed to lift me when I prayed for the needs of those I ran across who needed prayer.
tonight on clement was speaking.and I had just turned on the TV was as if I needed to be at that place at that time.cause what he said was just what I needed to hear.
He said that God gives you a promise and you wait on him to recieve it.but for some reason something happens and it seems like it wont come to pass.but its not cause God doesnt intend to bring it to pass.its cause maybe someone who was close to you betrayed you or didnt obey.or did their own will instead of Gods.
and when he said it,it freed me.cause I knew it was just for me.alot of stuff was confusing this year.and one was the mess with hubby.and I had a very hard time understanding why all of it happened.but as Kim spoke I knew why.
someone can love a person with all their heart and treat them as if they are a treasure and valued.but you can still lose that person if they dont feel the can try to build a life with them,and long to have it turn out wonderful.but some times it doesnt.
and you cant stop dead in your tracks and give have to look at the truth and pick your self up and let God dust you off,and move on.God will turn what the devil ment for bad,to good...
God has a plan for me and He will bring it to pass.He promised me things long before hubby came along.and I know He will bring them to pass with out hubby being here.
I would rather eat bread and water with someone who loves me,then to eat a feast with someone who doesnt.Id rather share my life with someone who values and cares for me.then with someone who wants to be the center of attention all the time.
I dont need a man to be fullfilled or whole.all I need is life is in his hands and I know he will help me do what he wants me to do.if its alone with only him then its fine by me.
2008 is a fresh start for me.and I feel I have come a long way.and the time is here to fly.
some times I see some birds trying to get off the ground.geese are funny to watch.they run a little ways and flap their wings.then they flap till they get air born.and when they do its a joy to be seen.its effertless.they seem to own the sky.but when they take off or land its alittle bumpy.
I believe 2007 was my time to learn to get ready for the take off.I may not have had much practis in taking it was a hard time getting air born,I flapped around in alot of stress trying to get air born.
but once I let lose and made it the stress was gone.and the sky blongs to me now.will there be times when Iam grounded for a rest?yes even seasoned flyers need to come to rest.but I will learn how to take off and fly effertlessly.
bad things happen to good people,and good things happen to bad people.its how we react to them that counts.I chose to ask Jesus for help.and I know with his help no matter what I will get the victory if I do not give up.
I lost alot this year,but I gained even more.Iam not the person I was in 2007,with the Lords help Iam stronger.
thanks for reading.God bless you and give you peace.


Blogger audrey` said...

Dearest Leann

New year, new hope and new mercies from our Lord.
Wishing you a brand new year that's filled with God's love, joy and peace.

Take care, Leann.

4:12 AM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Leann,

Yes, it's a new year, with many new possibilities. And with God, everything is possible. Our adversities can make us stronger, and better, with God's help, mercy and guidance. May this new year of 2008 bring you many new blessings.

Peace, Love, and Happiness for 2008.

Your friend,


4:30 AM  
Blogger Nessa said...

I hope 2008 is really great for you.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stopping every one.God bless you all.

12:35 PM  

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