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Thursday, April 17, 2008

spring rain brings the flowers.

its over cast today and mild.they say the rain may come in about 3:00 or so.
the birds are singing in the park.and for a long time a cardinal sat on the big maple tree and chirped his little song.guess his is looking for a mate.
the men are working in the park yet.they seem to be putting in some pipes for something.there already is water in the park so I am not sure what they are could be to house electic lines.
they have christmas lights up for christmas and maybe that is what they are doing.some times people steal the lights off the tree, maybe its a way to stop it.
the air smells fresh this morning almost like it rained some place close.I would love to hear some thunder and see some flashes of lighting.I see the storms move in from the west and its so cool.
A few weeks ago it was snowing and you could hear thunder and see lighting flashing.we call it thunder snow around here.
when I was a kid on the farm I loved days like this.Id go for a walk to the little lake or to the creek.the wild life would be busy making nests or singing in the bushes trying to draw a mat.I would be careful not to scare them off.
the robins were the ones that always hopped around on the ground showing off their bright red big belly,s.and the sand hill cranes would call from the swamp.the frist time I ever heard one it scared me.Id never heard a sound like that around our farm before.and if you ever heard one it sounds wierd.
I walked slowly to the place I heard the sound and looked around.soon I saw three big birds fly over me.they were so big I was shocked.when I finely got home my Dad said they were sand hill,s.and they hadnt been on the farm for a long time.he was shocked to see them back again.he also said dont mess with they when they are nesting.cause they have some pretty big sharp bill,s and they would pock my eyes out.
now I dont know if its true or not cause I never did mess with them to find out.but guess what Dad told me helped a noisy little kids to keep her eyes.I wouldnt have found their nest anyway.cause they nested over across the swamp near the old pine Island.and there was no way to get over their cause the road was too wet and the path had long sence filled in with swamp grass and cut weed.
I remember the day I was walking down the path past the ran along the edge of where the old cabin use to be .it was where great grandpa first built when he came to live on the land.there were alder brush ,black willow, oak tree,s and elms along the could hear the ducks splashing and qwacking in the creek.when I got close they flew off scared.
I sat down by the bank near a old badger hole next to a old oak tree.I lended my back against it.I was in a small dip and around me was soon I was able to see the ducks come back.they didnt see me behind the grass.but I could see them.I sat and felt good cause I was able to see the ducks and enjoy them.they splashed and played together.there where 4 or 5.
then a blue jay flew over and called out when he seen me.he cryed for a few more times to "say stranger in the woods". but no one payed any mind to him so he flew off.I desided to move on before my granny would call for me.
I was just coming to the start of one of the ditches my Dad had dug out with his ditching machine.and a voice said be very quiet and peek through the long I walked very still to the long grass.and was ever so careful to part the grass.and there in the water no more then 5 or six feet from me was a mother swan and her yearly and the father.they werent scared cause they didnt see me.
they swam around eating bugs and keeping the young one away from the shore.I stood for a long time just watching them.that was the first time I knew God liked to bless little kids.even ones that didnt belong to him yet.cause it would be years later till I asked him to be my savoir and the Lord of my life.
but the day He showed me the swan,s I knew it was his voise.many other times as a kid He showed me things that blessed me.and one other time He saved me from getting hit by ball lighting.I was walking along near the fence where it met at a corner.the Lord said run and stop away from the fence so I did .about 5 feet away from the fence I heard the wire making odd nosies.and looked at the top wire.and along the top a odd looking ball of asid green was dancing along and jumping over the came at a high speed and when it came to where I would have been standing it jumped out about 5 feet and dispaired.
I stood there wondering what the heck it was.and knowing if I had been standing there I would have been in its path.I found later it was called ball lighting.but I wondered if it had been caused by electec fence on.but I never seen anything like that before of sence.
have any of you have something like that happen to you.or have you heard of ball lighting.if so please tell me.
have a great weekend and God bless you all.


Blogger Mountain Mama said...

I've never seen ball lightning but I have heard about it. Maybe you can do a google search to learn more about it.
I love reading stories about your life, and especially when you tell how the Lord has spoken to you and taken care of you. These are wonderful testimonies and bless every reader.
I hope you have a great week end Leann.

8:29 PM  
Blogger deborah wilson said...


I've never seen ball lightning but my paternal grandmother said that she did once. According to her, she and a sister had went to the well around dark and a ball of lightning rolled by their feet, off into a field. I got the impression that it scared both of them. I don't recall if she said there was a fence or anything near by or what color the lightning ball was.

Everything that I've read about it points to a mystery - plenty of theories around, but no one really knows why lightning balls occur.

Here is a good page on Wikipedia:
Ball Lightning

I think lightning balls are more natural than people realize, only they don't occur that often and/or within plain sight of the human eye.

Good story about your day in the woods! No big birds around here so far but crows and owls. My tree frogs are back trying to crawl in the house via the doors and windows.


3:06 PM  
Blogger audrey` said...

Hi Leann

Here's another lovely flower =)
I'm a flora person.

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Wireless said...

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Blogger fifi said...

I love your description of all the beautiful birds and their calls. I would love to see robins and cardinals one say, they sound so colourful and pretty. And swans, well, I love them, we have blak ones here with red beaks, when i see a white swan, it makes me think of a fairytale.
Ball lightning? You were lucky it didn't land on you by the sound of things.
Hugs to you!

2:29 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks for stopping everyone and for your help on ball lighting.
mountain mama.
God bless you all and have agreat week.

9:36 AM  

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