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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

rain drops on the pood..

the rain drops are hiting my window.the sound is so good to hear.and my windows needed to be washed.maybe now they will be clear.I use to let the window washers do them ,that is tell they came in and broke my shades and took one down and didnt put it from then on I said I didnt want them in my apartment.those darn mini blinds aint cheap!well for the frist time in days the air is off.its peaseful.I desided to just sit and post some thing before I start my dishes.guess every one is gone today.lucy called me today guess it was a miss mom day. then sar bear called me guess it was a miss nana day thats ok I missed them both to.the rain moved on and the sky is clearing alittle.hope it stays cloudy for a while.I ran out earlyer to get a few things at the store.desided to make soup.I love soup of any step mom makes the best beet soup think its called borscht.Ukraine is where she came from when she was about 2 years old.the story is so cool how the Lord provided for them the whole way.see they had to flee for their lives.the russians killed her two uncles and were coming back for the rest of the they left with grandma grandpa the mom and Dad and the two girls.helena my step mom and her sister .the family had a hard time but praise the Lord they made it to the USA.they make their home in the midwest and one day she became my step mom.but she is more like a sister or friend to me.I also got a sweet brother James and now a sister in law and little niece and thank you Lord for my family.the Lord can take hard times and turn them around.He is so faithful.I will ask her and maybe I will be able to tell her story on my blog. every time I hear it it gives me the goose bomps cause I see how the Lord helped them to a new life know we all have a story to fokes came from Germany on my fathers grandmothers father came before she was born.I remember her speaking alittle German to me.guess the frist was how they said you see He was in my life way back as a child.I remember looking at the German hymnal and bible at the words.they intreged me.and I new the bible was something inportant and valued.because granny took tender care of grandpa use to put me on his lap and we would listened to {back to the bible broadcast on the radio.}I remember him and I doing the bible studys together that they sent was my frist studying about Jesus.I was about 2 or three at the was just shortly before grandpa went home to be with Jesus.19 years later I gave my life to Jesus and the prayers my grandpa prayed for his little smokey were answered.he prayed in the basement just a week before his death to recieve Jesus and for his whole family to be saved. and one by one we been coming never give up on anyone.cause if you put them in Jesus hands He will bring them into His kingdom.I never found out why grandpa called me smokey.guess I will have to ask Dad.and there is a verse in the bible that says bring up a child in the way of the Lord and when they are old they will not bepart form it.and so you see Iam living granny would tell me things about Jesus are like sponges they listen to people they trust.that is why you need to be careful who they are around.because not all people can be trusted.this old world has alot of wolves in it and I do not mean the wilderness be honest I would trust a wolf more then some of the teachers in collages now or high schools or churches.if they arent believers you can hear alot of just plan crap from them!!! and even some times there are some very miss guided men in the preisthood.just cause they are in the church dont mean they can be trusted!!!they are after all men.guess they figure if they mess around with little boys it isnt a sin.well think again boys thats what God calls it.only He uses a harsher word.its a stink in His nose!!!! you can get a child ready for the world, but if you dont get him or her ready for this life and the one after, they have been jepped.wish I had known more to help my kids with.but the Lord is faithful He steps in and does what you dont know if you trust Him to.the storm clouds are moving in again.hope it cools way down and I can open windows. Ephesians3;20. 2 Corinthians 9;8 Acts16;31 psalm 91 . these are some good word to stand on.they have helped me .you stand on Acts for your whole family to be saved.God bless you and yours as I know He already does. tell we chat again . Posted by Picasa


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Another good post! Had some time to catch up on my reading.

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