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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

when I was a teenager a long time ago way back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.{that is what the grandkids say about me and G ma.}me and two friends headed down town to go pick up angora yarn and stuff teens need to servive.well we had finished and headed back to the car.there was anews paper laying on the as I slipped in I moved it and got smacked full force in the face by the biggest moth I had ever seen.he lit out of there amongst screams and people flying out of the car from all I sat there in complete shock.the two girls with me finely looked in to see if I was ok and the big mean moth hadn,t eaten my face off or killed me.they both cracked up laughing and I said "what!!!!??? they finely stopped their laughing and said to look in the I did,my face had moth wing dust all over it.and it didn,t feel so good if you have never seen one of these moths up close and personal then let me tell you they are big!!!at lest as big as my face.but he was pretty and I scared the poor guy.he was just trying to get out away from those screaming ninnys,and to be honest they didn,t do much for my ears eather.well let me tell you one more experience with a moth.thank God it wasn,t as big as this one but it made its presence known.I was laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep when in this big room one little moth desided to fly in to my if you have never had a moth fly in your ear you have not lived!!! I could hear him in there and he wasn,t happy!!!and I wasn,t to happy eather.I did every thing to get him out and stop the sound of him eating my brains out!! no he wasn,t but I was afraid that is what he mit do.well all I managed to do was push him in alot I called my grandma to drive me to the hospital,she said you have what in your ear.I said a moth!!! she said are you sure?? yes gram I can hear him telling me to free him and he is not too off we went to the we got in there and the nurse looked at me like I was some kind of waco when I told her there was a moth in my ear.she said "are you sure??yes lady I can hear him and feel him in there!!!so she looks at my ear.a foot away as if he would fly out and eat her face like alien.she says I don,t see anything.I said lady he is way she gets this long tweezer and puts it in my ear.nothing comes she says again there is nothing there.I said lady there is a moth in my ear!!!!!get it out now!!so she takes her finger and gingerly pulls my ear so she can look in and do what she should have before.and finely she see,s it and gets hold of was good sized to be in my ear.she looks at it and says guess you did have a moth in your ear.I look at her and think she is the I have moth dust in my you think the dust from the other one drew that one?sure hope not cause I don,t need no more moth dust for the rest of my life.Lord I love to see your creatures large and small but please keep them out of my ears thank you.well have a good day all of you and don,t dream about moths ok they do stay way ow guess the two that incountered me told the rest to stay away from people cause of all the people I told this to no one else has ever heared of anyone else having it happen so rest easy it was just a weird thing that happened to me.  Posted by Picasa


Blogger Lucy Kruze said...

its so nice to have someone who is there for you.someone who can take you as you are and love you and know just what you need at any minute in the day.

they are beautiful words

5:01 PM  
Blogger Blondie said...

Love the picture of the moth and the unusual story about one getting stuck in your ear. SCARY, but interesting!

1:58 AM  
Blogger leann said...

thanks for the comments on the blog.good to see blondie your up and running again.yes lucy they are beatiful words and they work both ways.but I have found the only one who can do that all the time is the Lord.because we as humans fall short of it.time goes by and things change we get tired and the newness wears off and and we wonder whats wrong.and then we go searching for the love we need.its in the Lord we find it.

4:01 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

I remember you telling us the story of the moth in your ear when we were little, I still get freaked when things get by my ears. I've seen moths like those they are so big.

5:03 PM  

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