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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

come on in sit down lets just talk about times gone by.

I desided today Id tell you about some more of my life on the farm.
when I was very young I had a chance to be with my grandpa Jack.he was the kind of grandpa every little girl wants.some one you can trust and look up to as a role model.
he was kind and caring and fun to be around.
O Im sure he wasnt by any means perfect.after all he was human.but as a child he was pretty perfect to me.
I remember one day we went for a walk to the creek.the corn was high and drying some, so it must have been high in the fall.and the road was dusty and the grass dry.
the air was cool and had just a hint of colder times to come.the birds were busy singing on the fence lines and grandpa and I just walked along enjoying the day.
we walked slowly so we could see the wild life if they were near.but that day I dont remember seeing any.they may have been there only it was grandpa I remember most.
he told me storys and made me laugh at things he said.he called me smokie and I was his only grandchild to date.others would come along but not for a while and by then he would be gone.I was about 2 and ahalf.and soon I would lose the person I felt the closest to.but today was a good day.

we got to the creek and walked along the water.the frogs sang and the draggenflys flew by us with their wings shining in the sun.they looked like fairys to a young child.I love draggenflys almost as much as I love eagles.the butterflys were on the mud that was dryed and cracked along the creek bottom.their pretty yellow wings folded up made them look like lovely pettles from some flower cast off from some unseen hand.I remember watching them as they sucked up the mositure.the red wing black birds sat on the reeds and bull rushes along the shore singing.their red flashs on their wings always amaize me.a turtle jumped or dived into the water off the shore.and glided across to the other side.
and slowly climded out on to the shore under some cat tails to sun himself.
my grandpa loved wild life and Im sure that is where I got my love for the wilderness and animals.we stood by the creek for a while just looking at the beauty around us.
you may say Aw I dont believe this chic could remember back that far into her child hood.
well you do when those were some of the best times of your life.and I believe God puts memories in a little girls heart to remember a grandpa who would be gone soon.
yes I remember grandpa Jack cause he loved me like Jesus does!!!

the day was so nice we must have lingered alittle too long .cause we heard the car horn that granny would honk if she needed someone to come.or she would just leen her head out the door and yell the name in this high pitched yell that sounded like would sound like a high pitched note at the end.
and believe me as I grow up I laughed about it.and years later so did my own children.
I remember my Dad getting so darn mad at her.he would just get to his trap lines in the swamp.and he,d hear this high pitched "Pauuuuuuuuul!!!and he would high tail it home cause he figured she needed him.and he would get the miles back across the snow and she would just say I was worryed about you.
O yah that made him real happy.finely he took a whistle with him and if she yelled he would whistle .he said that saved him from ringing her the lady but she more then once had me running home and I didnt have to hear her yell.Ill leave that for another day.

we started back slowly not wanting to end the wonderful time we walked by the corn grandpa was talking and telling me things. wish I could remember all he said but I dont.all I know is he was asking me things and telling me things.well he asked me something and I was telling him the answer when I heard this I knew it was him so I said papa.its you aint no bear. he had slowed down and hide in the corn behind me.he laughed his head back laugh and said yes its me smokie I can never fool you!he picked me up and hugged me and put me back down.and we walked back hand in hand.he was guiet and so was I, we just basked in the love and the beauty of the day.

some times Id see a worryed look on his face.and would wonder day we were playing in the livingroom.he was giving me a piggy back ride and he just went limp under me .I pulled on his hair cause I thought he was teasing and he came to.he said smokie you saved me.I didnt know what he was talking about tell much later in life.he said dont tell your grandma or she wont let us rough house anymore.but he told her himself.later that night.

He said smokie pulled my hair and brought me grandma looked scared.I remember grandpa playing with me and sitting me on his lap as we listoned to back to the bible on the radio.we would do the study with them on the papers they sent us.grandpa would make sure I answered the guestion frist before he wrote it down himself.and I was pretty good.and years later that word would draw me into the kingdom.{bring up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.}

grandpa was sreaching for the Lord these lovely days,and he found him on his knees in the basement of the farm in my childhood home.he was praying for his soul and the souls of his family, in that basement.and his prayers were answered 16 years later for his little smokie long after he had gone home to be with his savoir.

I remember some time later my father come and waked me from sleep early in the morning.and carry me to grannys bedroom.there where my sweet grandpa use to lay,was my cousin mary.she wanted to make me feel better but what she said would cause me great harm for years.untell the Lord could reach me and tell me the truth about that day years before.but today a sweet lady said what she thought would help a little girl to weather the passing of someone dear to her.

she said through tears and the sound of grannys soft crying."Jesus took your grandpa home!"I looked around the room looking for him.but grandpa or Jesus werent there.I felt all eyes on me to see what I would do.I remember feeling I needed to be strong for granny even thow I didnt understand one tear ran down my face and I wiped it away and was just still.I dont remember much of that day.but the days that followed spoke of the fact Jesus was with us.

I remember the day he was buryed.and granny was up stairs with mary.I was dressed in a pretty dress and my hair was all fixed in rag curles.and I walked into the room.and as I did I found myself saying,"you ladys dont want to cry,grandpa is safe with Jesus and he is ok."my grandma was so shocked she just sat there.cause I was bashful and wouldnt speak much as a kid.granny took me in her arms and mary said "out of the mouths of Bab,s He shell lead us."then at the table with a full house I stood up to say the Lords prayer.and granny was so surprised.and she had right to be,cause if you knew me like she did. you would know when I stand up in front of alot of people my brain sets down!!!so the Lord spoke through me again.

a few days after grandpa,s body was layed to rest.granny and I were walking back from the old horse barn where the chickens were.and as we neared the old motal T ford grandpa drove. I stopped dead in my tracks.there was someone in it.I pointed and both our eyes were fixed on that looked like grandpa was there.and our hearts jumped for joy.but all to soon the sun shown in and old bill seen that we were coming and he jumped out to come and greet us.grandpas dog missed him to and had some how getten in the car to feel close to him.the night grandpa died the poor old dog had howled on the porch.Dad said he knew when it happened and howled this sad mornful cry.Dad said it almost made him cry for the lose the dog felt.

but we loved old bill and I said granny if it had been grandpa in that old car Id have locked him in it and never let him go again.tears came to grannys eyes as they are to mine now.and we walked to the house.
many years have passed since my beloved grandpa left for heaven,and many more years since my granny winged her way there,and only a very short time since my step father and my sweet mom left.but I feel as close to them as if they were in the next room.cause I know where they are and I will see them again soon.
time passes and the lose is healed and only the sweet memories of them remain to link up with their love.and we know they arent really gone cause their love is still in our heart.and when we think of them a ribbon of love tugs our hearts. and I beliveve also tugs theirs as well .to let them know we are thinking about them and them us!

the years as a child on the farm hold alot of wonderful memories.ones that held me and carryed me through the hard times ahead.some of the other memories were not as good and surely didnt do me any favers.but made me the stong person Iam today.not cause Iam so strong but it lead me to my strength {Jesus.}

If you enjoy my storys from the past .then tell me and Ill keep telling them now and then when my heart lets me.these storys bring tears of joy and hurt some to.its been a long time since my grandpa hugged me and my granny.and I do miss them.but if you enjoy them Ill keep telling them.not all of them are tear dont worry.

thanks for reading and let me know if you would like to hear more?I will write the story of my life one day Lord willing.but who knows when? so till then we will have to do it here.God bless.

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Blogger Belinda said...

I love reading the stories of your past Leann. You have the gift of taking someone there with you. I loved the walk with your granpa when you were so small and all of the details of beauty. I felt as if I was there in that day with you.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks belinda for your comment and for stopping.God bless you.come any time

2:33 PM  
Blogger SongBird said...

What a wonderful part of your life to share. I miss my grannies and granpas too. They were such wonderful people.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Leann ~~ Wonderful story and do
keep writing more of your early life.
It is so nice to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing. Take care,
Love, Merle.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Hi Leann, yes, keep writing! I love sharing in your memories...

8:08 PM  
Blogger it's the little things... said...

Having not had grandparents really, I LOVED this story. This is exactly how I imagine things to be in perfect world.
You were lucky! Are lucky!

7:40 AM  
Blogger Blondie said...

I love reading the stories of your past, and you definitely have a way with words. I like the way you describe the setting and scenery. Keep 'em coming!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

thanks everyone for your comments.Ill share more as I can.God bless you all

7:26 PM  

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